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We want to spread an entrepreneurship culture around the world and show that it's possible to build a company right after college or even during a college degree. For us, age, genre, location or professional status aren't obstacles but opportunities to create companies and change the World. There are many ways to change the world and we at Startup Pirates picked entrepreneurship as the way to do it. ​Our goal is to create one-week startup schools around the world. By making the perfect match between the academic world and the entrepreneurship environment, we want to bring together the latest discoveries done in terms of business models, marketing management, Human resources management and the latest achievements in the technological field. We believe this mix is the secret sauce to make startups successful.

So, join us at Startup Pirates, give us feedback, organize your own startup school, with our help or be an attendee at one of the upcoming events.

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Startup Pirates - Global presentation

  1. 1. Startup Pirates
  2. 2. The Startup Pirate SpiritLife challenges you every day. You can ignore it or you can jump on board.We are a group of rebellious and determined young people who believe thatsmall steps can change the world. Why are we pirates? Because being an entrepreneur is an adventure and it doesnt matter if we travel in turbulent waters.We believe in transformation. We believe we can revolutionize the rules andbe the change. We can turn the world upside down and conquer the earthand the seven seas.
  3. 3. The Startup Pirate Spirit We aim to help and foster new ventures that are going to be game- changers, capable of breaking the rules set in their markets. This way, we are creating an inspiring and informal environment, together with a great curricular plan and fantastic experts on the subjects. We expect to open minds and to provide the tools to come up with, and to develop some AWESOME ideas. We want to support irreverence and independence. We´re pirates after all!
  4. 4. Startup Pirates Startup Pirates is a 7 days event where every people with an entrepreneur spirit are very welcomed. It is an program where participants can attend workshops about what we call the “Survival Toolbox for Entrepreneurs”, such as marketing management, ideas generation, business model and much more. During the week, participants will pitch an idea and get the tools to develop it till the final presentation in front of a fantastic jury panel. Startup Pirates was developed to take attendees away from their comfort zone and to make them think outside the box and we want Startup Pirates to be an incentive to boost entrepreneurship and creativity. The program is all about teamwork, critic thought, learning, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  5. 5. Startup Pirates The event in numbers… • 7 Days • +30 Participants • 30 Guests (including Mentors, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Press) • 8 Workshops • 14 Working Sessions • 2 Sessions "Ask The Mentor" • 3 Entrepreneur Talks • 5 Other Activities = One remarkable experience!
  6. 6. Sponsors
  7. 7. Global Sponsor
  8. 8. Pirates Code
  9. 9. Article 1: Every member of the crew must be an entrepreneur.He shall be an activist, revolutionary and make the most of the opportunities.Article 2: Each Pirate shall be bold, love the new, change the whole thing aroundand be always ready to fight.Article 3: No Pirate shall talk of giving up their way of living. A Pirate seizes the dayand fights for happiness.Article 4: Every single member of the crew has to commit with learning, becauseeverything changes and constant learning is the only way to succeed.Article 5: Every Pirate must fight for what he believes. But if they defraud thecompany, they shall be marooned! None is allowed to quit,so, none will be marooned.
  10. 10. Article 6: A Pirate doesn´t find limits nor in the sky, neither in the sea.The one that doesnt follow this shall suffer the same punishment asin the former Article.Article 7: A Startup Pirate meets people in every docking port.Article 8: A Pirate follows the map, because although plans can change, havingone is important.Article 9: Every Pirate shall be Passionate. The passion for what we do is whatset us apart from surrenders.Article 10: Every member of the crew must be bold, open-minded and bright.Work hard, party harder.Be brave, be crazy, be a Pirate!
  11. 11. Contact us, if you have any questions!Send us an email to Lets talk!