Grading the Mall

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Check out these ideas for improving the shopping experience at several well-known stores!

Check out these ideas for improving the shopping experience at several well-known stores!

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  • 1. Let’s Go to the Mall!
  • 2. Let’s Go to the Mall!Case 1: New York & Company
  • 3. Report Card:Ambience ADesire to Stay AFun Factor A-Courteous Staff BShiny Things ASale Prices B-____________________Total Score: LOVE!
  • 4. OPPORTUNITY: Measurement Match• Design an APP that shows which items in the store fit a customer’s specific measurements• Save shopping time; guarantee fit!
  • 5. Case 2: Best Buy Mobile
  • 6. Report Card:Ambience FDesire to Stay FFun Factor FCourteous Staff CShiny Things BSale Prices C____________________Total Score: BARF!
  • 7. OPPORTUNITY: The Chat Chair• Create a welcoming, home-like environment . . . ( to emulate where people spend time talking on the phone).• Avoid the visual barriers that separate customers from friendly staff.• Allow each phone series or brand to have its own comfortable chair that a person can use to experience the phone’s features. Think cozy nook meets High-tech interaction
  • 8. Case 3: Francesca’s
  • 9. Report Card:Ambience ADesire to Stay AFun Factor ACourteous Staff CShiny Things ASale Prices B____________________Total Score: ADORE!
  • 10. OPPORTUNITY: Sensory Test Drive Card: Report Ambience A• Create a more engaging sensory experience Desire to Stay A Fun Factor A • Staff members should welcome guests Staff C Courteous • Mirrors should be around to try on jewelry and Shiny Things A Sale Prices B accessories ____________________ • There should be “test” models of kooky items Total Score: ADORE! that are otherwise confined to their packaging • There were few, if any, examples of outfits pulled together from the clothing and accessories available – build desire in your customers through demonstrations
  • 11. Case 4: Learning Express
  • 12. Report Card:Ambience CDesire to Stay CFun Factor ACourteous Staff BShiny Things CSale Prices A____________________Total Score: OVERLOAD
  • 13. OPPORTUNITY: Clear the ClutterReport Card: Ambience C Desire to Stay C• Customers are blocked by the entryway, and Fun Factor A Courteous Staff B there’s no way you’ll fit a stroller in there! Shiny Things C• Visual overload with floor-to-ceiling toys Sale Prices A ____________________ means no displays for hands-on shopping. Total Score: OVERLOAD• TWO CHOICES: Reduce inventory or expand the store
  • 14. Case 5: JCPenney
  • 15. Report Card:Ambience CDesire to Stay DFun Factor DCourteous Staff CShiny Things CSale Prices B____________________Total Score: NAUSEA
  • 16. OPPORTUNITY: Style ID Kiosks Report Card: Ambience C Desire to Stay D• In the entryway, provide kiosks where customers Fun Factor D can create a “Style ID”: a profile of theirThings clothing Courteous Staff C Shiny C attitudes, likes, dislikes, color choices, Prices Sale fabric B ____________________ preferences, etc.• The Style ID kiosk then points to collections, Total Score: NAUSEA brands, or specific clothing items that cater to their preferences.
  • 17. Case 6: Gymboree
  • 18. Report Card:Ambience CDesire to Stay CFun Factor BCourteous Staff AShiny Things CSale Prices D____________________Total Score: SANTA
  • 19. OPPORTUNITY: Santa’s Lap Report Card: Ambience C• Since the store is set on a Christmas theme, Desire to Stay C let’s take advantage of it! Fun Factor B Courteous Staff A• Immediately outside the store is the mall’s Shiny Things C Sale Prices D Santa display and photo station. ____________________• If parents buy a Christmas outfit atScore: SANTA Total Gymboree, their child goes to the front of the line for a picture on Santa’s lap!
  • 20. And the Winner is . . .
  • 21. And the Winner is . . .
  • 22. And the Winner is . . . The End