Spearhead Systems 2012


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Spearhead Systems 2012

  1. 1. We focus on technologyso you can focus on your core business.Spearhead SystemsCompany ProfileSpearhead Systems provides innovative technologies for the management and protection ofnetworks, systems and users by delivering high performance computing, server, storage and datacenter solutions as well as professional services. We are a value added partner for the world’s mostunique and efficient IT solutions with a strong focus on stability, lowering the total cost of ownershipand enabling our customers to achieve high performance technical computing.Our customer oriented approach of IT is asensible methodology for using IT as a toolto get more performance and stability from Quick factsyour unique business. We focus ontechnology so you and your clients can Company Established in 2011.focus on your core business. Took over operations of Spanning/Veritas-IT (active since 2004)Spearhead’s solutions are unique.We have the experience and knowledge tointegrate some of the most complex We focus on:systems from dozens of different vendors. • High Performance Technical ComputingWe help our clients focus on their core • Datacenter Technologiesbusiness by efficiently using Information • Cost OptimizationTechnology.
  2. 2. Products, Services & TechnologyHigh Performance ComputingHigh Performance Computing (HPC) is all about solving big computation problems.HPC is a multidisciplinary field including digital electronics, computer architecture, system software,programming languages, algorithms and computational techniques. Integrating the best of scale-up computing, Spearhead Systems enables its customers to maximize their productivity and generate breakthrough results. Spearhead Systems provides hardware, software and professional services for the deployment, management and operation of HPC solutions.Examples of HPC technologiesIn government and research institutions, scientists are simulating galaxy creation, fusion energy, andglobal warming, as well as working to create more accurate short and long-term weather forecasts.Energy Research & Education Digital Media • Data Acquisition and • BioSciences • Digital Cinema Mastering Quality Control • Computational Biology • Render Management • Seismic Imaging • Chemistry • Television Broadcast • Reservoir Management • Mathematical Modeling and & Production • Data Management Statistics • Visualization • Earth/Physical Sciences Manufacturing • Weather, Climate, and • ComputationalGovernment Environmental Forecasting Electromagnetics • Deployable HPC • Computational Fluid • In-Memory Database Apps Internet & Cloud Dynamics • Network Centric Operations • Computational Structural • Signals & Imagery Intel Financial Services Mechanics • Multi-Disciplinary Simulations
  3. 3. Products, Services & TechnologyNext generation Eco-Logical Data CentersThese solutions address power capacity, space constraints and application usage of the moderndata center. In today’s world, the data center can be a typical brick-and-mortar building, but also bemobile and modular.Modular data centers offer a method of providing portability and expandability to data centercapacity. These are alternatives to traditional “brick and mortar” data centers that can be placedanywhere capacity is needed. Being modular also has the benefit of expandability so that you maygrow you data center along with your IT needs.Some of the benefits of modular data centers are: • Leading Efficiency • Compelling IT density at industry leading PUE (>=1.02) • Cooling Efficiency • Advanced monitoring and support • Quick and easy deployments • Afility and flexibility • Lower costs of ownership
  4. 4. Products, Services & TechnologyIT Infrastructure Monitoring Obtain Peace of Mind With Our Industry Standard Monitoring SolutionSpearhead utilizes the world’s most powerful IT monitoring solution, Nagios XI to offerunprecedented insight into the IT infrastructure.We provide highly configurable reports, trending and alerting information so that you are nevercaught off guard. If problems are detected they can be handled automatically via our customdesigned event handlers or escalated to the proper level of support. • IT infrastructure monitoring • Web/application monitoring • Network element monitoring (router, firewall, switch, etc.) • IT infrastructure network monitoring (dns, dhcp, etc.) • Server monitoring (usage, trends, history, etc.) • Renowned Nagios platform
  5. 5. Products, Services & TechnologyProfessional ServicesWith knowledge and appreciation of your distinctive enterprise, Spearhead Systems will assist inanalyzing your needs and implementing an ideal solution for your organization.We provide planning, design, implementation, training and support for your IT infrastructure.Spearhead Systems offers both standards based and customized solutions that cater to specificcustomer needs.Our specific areas of expertise are focused around the IT infrastructure, telecoms/datacommunication and cloud computing architectures.We are knowledgeable and have solid experience in: • general IT support and system integration (administration, maintenance, set-up and configure) • networking and communications for small and large infrastructures • security services for the infrastructure (firewall’s, identity management and single sign on, log management) • virtualization, consolidation and cloud computing technologies • modular data center services (site survey, planning, installation, maintenance, operation) • high performance computing (scale-up, scale-out, large storage infrastructures)
  6. 6. Our PartnersNakina Official Distributor, Integrator VMware Professional PartnerSolutions of Network Integrity Management for Virtualization and cloud infrastructurethe telecommunications industry worldwide who customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT byenable service providers to introduce new services reducing complexity and enabling more flexible,and grow networks more rapidly and with fewer agile service delivery. Cloud models thatoutages by automating the discovery of network addresses the unique business challenges of theequipment, reconciling with inventory systems, enterprises and help organizations of all sizesauditing software in the network, and centralizing lower costs, increase business agility and ensuremanagement of network security. freedom of choice.Balabit Partner SGI Premium PartnerInnovative information security solutions, with Products and services that are used by theprivileged activity monitoring, trusted logging and scientific, technical and business communities toproxy-based gateway technologies to help solve challenging data-intensive computing, datacustomers be protected against insider and management and visualization problems. SGIoutsider threats and meet security and systems access, analyze, transform, manage,compliance regulations. visualize and store very large amounts of data in real or near real time.Veeam Pro Partner Nagios Business PartnerInnovative products for virtual infrastructure Nagios is the industry standard inmanagement and data protection. Customers can enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring.reduce costs, minimize risks and fully realize the With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide,promise of virtualization. Nagios is the undisputed champion in the IT monitoring space.
  7. 7. IBM Business Partner WatchguardIBM’s character has been formed over nearly 100 Affordable, all-in-one network and contentyears of doing business in the field of security solutions to provide defense in depth forinformation-handling. Nearly all of the company’s corporate content, networks and the businessesproducts were designed and developed to record, they power.process, communicate, store and retrieveinformation - from its first scales, tabulators andclocks to today’s powerful computers and vastglobal networks. Red Hat The leader in enterprise Linux and the most recognized open source brand in the world, serving global enterprises with technology andJouleX services made possible by the open source model.Leading innovator in sustainable energymanagement for the enterprise. The JouleX EnergyManager (JEM) automatically monitors, analyzesand controls the energy consumed by all devicesconnected to the network - without agents,hardware meters or changes to your network or Symantecsecurity. Solutions that help consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Symantec software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored.References
  8. 8. Spearhead Systems S.R.L.64th Matei Basarab Street, Bucharest, ROMANIAPhone: +40 21 322 5757Fax: +40 21 322 2522office@spearheadsystems.rowww.spearheadsystems.ro