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Tech trends


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Published in: Technology
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Tech trends

  1. 1. Technology Trends and HowThey Impact Your Business New ideas. New solutions.
  2. 2. Technology TrendsPay-as-you-use technology model  Cloud computing  eBackups  Software-as-a-service  DR-as-a-serviceEnterprise mobilityBYOD (bring your own device)Technology dependence New ideas. New solutions.
  3. 3. Implications Complex set up Security threats Integration issues Downtime New ideas. New solutions.
  4. 4. Common IT StrugglesLonger time to resolutionNo standard for delivering maintenanceWork requires higher level of knowledgeFire fighting – Little time to focus on strategy New ideas. New solutions.
  5. 5. The Impact on Your BusinessA company that experiences a computer outage lastingmore than 10 days will never fully recovery financially.70% of small firms that experience a major data loss goout of business within a year.On average, firms spend $700 per user per monthwhen all IT expenses are factored.Impact on U.S. Small Business of Natural & Man-Made Disasters, A compilation of public and private sector intelligence; Presented by HP andSCORE: Counselors to America’s Small Business; 2007., Inc. New ideas. New solutions.
  6. 6. Proactive vs. ReactiveAnalyzeStabilize BreakMonitor FixPlan New ideas. New solutions.
  7. 7. Benefits of Managed IT ServicesImproved productivity & efficiencyReduced security & data riskAccess to technology experts New ideas. New solutions.
  8. 8. Benefits of Managed IT ServicesPredictable IT costsTechnology plan aligned with business needsFull management,support, andAccountability“One Throat to Choke” New ideas. New solutions.
  9. 9. New ideas. New solutions.
  10. 10. Strategic PlanningDrive consistency throughout your CompanySynch technology investment to Business PlanLeverage newer technology for ROIBusiness Continuity planningImprove Network SecurityLong-Term Budgeting StrategicBest of Breed Practices Planning New ideas. New solutions.
  11. 11. Capital Planning & InvestmentEstablish milestones for technology upgradesForecast IT needs for future yearsAnalyze headcount growth patterns Capital Planning & Investment New ideas. New solutions.
  12. 12. Network SecurityAnalyze entire network:  Firewalls  Domain Controllers  Security Groups  Password Security  Current Security Updates Network  Security Holes Security New ideas. New solutions.
  13. 13. Hardware HealthEvaluate condition of:  Servers  Desktops  Copiers  Mailing systems  Phone systems Hardware Health New ideas. New solutions.
  14. 14. Firewall Effectiveness Firewall configuration Appliance connectivity Internet connectivity LAN Browsing Multiple virtual servers on separate ports DNS resolution Firewall Analog Backup Modem Settings Effectiveness New ideas. New solutions.
  15. 15. Email Spam & Viruses Detection of the viruses listed in the current in-the- wild list Detection of the viruses in the ICSA Common Infectors Test Suite Detection of ICSAs Polymorphic Test Suite Detection of macro viruses in the ICSA Virus Collection Detection of the ICSA Virus Collection Email Spam & Viruses Zero false alarms New ideas. New solutions.
  16. 16. Information AssuranceThe goal of information assurance (IA) is toenhance the security of information andinformation systems by ensuring availability,integrity, authentication, confidentiality, andnon-repudiation. IA also focuses on riskmanagement to address threats to new andexisting systems. Information Assurance New ideas. New solutions.
  17. 17. Business Continuity StrategyEnterprise-wide Strategy Employee Procedures • Ability to work from home or alternate office • Interoffice communications Communication systems IT Infrastructure Business Public & Customer Responses Continuity Strategy New ideas. New solutions.
  18. 18. Disaster Recovery PlanningHow to deliver on your Business ContinuityStrategy Data Backups & Archives • Offsite • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) • Nearsite • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) • Onsite • Reliability • Offline Disaster Recovery Responsibilities & Process Planning New ideas. New solutions.
  19. 19. TeleCom & Mobile Computing Evaluation of all communications systems Needs assessment & recommendations Determination of opportunities for leveraging Mobile Computing TeleCom & Mobile Computing New ideas. New solutions.
  20. 20. Business World can provide Enterprise-level IT expertisefor SMB Decision Makers at a fraction of the cost New ideas. New solutions.
  21. 21. Questions? Comments? New ideas. New solutions.