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Web 2.0advocate

  1. 1. WEB 2.0 Advocate Slideshare Patavious Sorrell Dr. Charles Hodges FRIT 8132 Spring 2012
  2. 2. Engaged, are we?O We too often see droopy eyes, fallen heads, and blank stares when we are in front of our audience
  3. 3. Now this is ENGAGED! O Why can’t we exchange those faces with attention grabbing tools that are at our fingertips?
  4. 4. YES WE CAN!!!O By doing a little less O And using more of of this… these…
  5. 5. We can achieve this!
  6. 6. One that I suggest is… O This Web 2.0 tool is currently denied access by the district O If educators were able to use this tool it may prove to be a valuable asset to the curriculum
  7. 7. Suggested educational uses are…O Teachers share O Don’t have to worry PPT with about carrying a colleagues flash driveO Students have all- O Students can access to teacher presentations continue group projects while theyO Slidecast allows teachers to add are not in the their voice to their classroom PPT to help parents study with students
  8. 8. Education Digest says“…Slideshare John Thompson, Decfeatures storage of 2008presentations online.”“This enablesstudents to show theirwork to a largeraudience…”
  9. 9. 2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies“…there are manyslideshows postedby university Vlad Posea andprofessors having Stefan Trausan-Matu,each of them 2010thousands ofViews”
  10. 10. Leadership Magazine says…“Think about it as the LisaYoutube for Gonzales, Jan/Febdocuments instead of 2012videos.”“One great use wouldbe to postpresentations for thePTA…”
  11. 11. An example of my personal
  12. 12. Qualifying National Educational Technology Standards-TeachersO Facilitate and O Promote and model inspire student digital citizenship learning and and responsibility creativity O Engage inO Design and develop professional growth digital age learning and leadership experiences and assessmentsO Model digital age work and learning
  13. 13. Qualifying National Educational Technology Standards-StudentsO Creativity and O Digital citizenship innovation O TechnologyO Communication and operations and collaboration conceptsO Research and information fluencyO Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making
  14. 14. ReferencesPosea, V.c & Trausan-Matu, S. (2010). Brining the social semantic web to the personal learningenvironment. 2010 10th IEEE International Conferenceon Advanced Learning Technologies, 148-150.Gonzales, L., & Vodicka, D. (2012). Web resources for top 2012. Leadership, 41(3), 28-31. http://search.proquest.com/docview/917531946?a ccountid=10661Thompson, John. (2008). Don’t be afraid to explore Web2.0. The Education Digest, Dec (2008), 19-22.