Offshore outsourcing


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Labor cost and other related expenses are among the major reasons why most business today would rather prefer offshore outsourcing

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Offshore outsourcing

  1. 1. Title: What You Need to Know About Offshore OutsourcingDescription: Labor cost and other related expenses are among the major reasons whymost business today would rather prefer offshore outsourcingContent:With the growing development in technology and the ever changing demands of theinternational market, offshore outsourcing has become the essential business solutionfor most companies that are aiming to streamline their operating expenses whileexpanding their client base and the opportunity to create more business. Offshoreoutsourcing is basically the process of relocating of other business functions andmodules to other location outside of the country. This is primarily the options for non –core business operations, and other responsibilities from internal controllers.But then again, multi-sourcing usually involves various modules from different providerswhile streamlining it in the process to achieve a more cost-effective, yet highlyproductive business operation. And with the growing competition in the business worldtoday, the majority of companies are beginning to consider outsourcing to more thanone country and today, among the top offshore outsourcing choices include thePhilippines and India. This is a proof that labor cost and other related expenses areamong the major reasons why most business today would rather prefer offshoreoutsourcing than to obtain the services domestically. In addition to streamlining theirbusiness operation, companies are also able focus on their core competence.When you hire locally, you would need to provide them with the training and educationneeded, so they can be able to perform the jobs more efficiently. But this move can be ahigh investment risk and there is also the possibility of spending most of yourcompany’s valuable resources performing the same job descriptions. The mostimportant core objective of the company becomes secondary as employees becomemore focused on attending to customer requests, answering phone calls, andperforming other jobs that are supposed to be secondary to your company’s coreobjectives. It does not really make any sense why you need to pay high price wageswhen you can get it for half the price when your company opts for offshoreoutsourcing.With offshore outsourcing, you will be able to allow your business to operate 24/7.This is a very important advantage, particularly for business companies who are directlyproviding round the clock services and those who are in a customer service orientedindustry. Companies can also have the opportunity to improve customer relations byallowing customers and other potential clients to complete business transactions over
  2. 2. the phone, without the need to wait for hours. If your company can provide convenientaccess to information your customers need, you can significantly improve yourcustomer relationships.When you opt for offshore outsourcing, you guarantee to employ highly qualified, welltrained staff and you do not have to pay an expensive salary for it. The professionalworkforce is trained to provide the type of service that is needed by your company.Their efficiency in handling calls can be a big advantage for your company, especially ifyou are developing a professional image to attract more clients for your customer base._______________________________________________________________-