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Social Media Updates for the Week

  1. 1. Social Media Updates for the Week!SocialAppsHQ gives you weekly edition of what hot in social media news. To help you to stay updatedwith social media, here are the social media updates for the week - 1. Social Media News- Tumblr Introduces Photoset: Photoset is a new app for creating and sharing beautiful high-res photosets on your iphone or ipad. A new look for TweetDeck: This update makes TweetDeck easier to use with design enhancements, personalization options and addition of several frequently-requested features.
  2. 2. YouTube announces better analytics: YouTube analyitics now includes Time Watched,Annotation reporting, and more.
  3. 3. New Google+ App for Android and iOS Supports Google+ Pages: This new Google+ appsprovide one of the “most highly requested features: support for Google+ pages”.
  4. 4. 2. Social Media Webinars Last Week’s Webinars What does an influencer really look like? How to measure Online Influence that makes a difference The Value of Content on Today’s Web: Does Social Media Provide Paths to Monetizing Contents? The New Visual Web: Pinterest and Image-Driven Social SellingUpcoming Webinars Who Owns the Customer, and Who Should? A Conversation With Paul Greenberg, 16th October Marketing Goes Mobile – and Local: How Location-based applications to improve the effectiveness of their messages? ,23rd October 15, 2012 Results from the Social Customer Engagement Index Survey, 30th October 3. Social Media EventsLast Week Events Innovation Days 2012- Paris Five Ways That Marketing Can Unleash Your Sales Force: Smart Moves for a Profitable 2013 Webinar, Email Marketing New York Training Visual Social Media Leadership Forum BOLO 2012 Chicago Social & Mobile Financial Services Leadership ForumUpcoming Events 2012 MIMA Summit, 10th October Social Media for Public Administration and Institutions, 15th October- 16th October Social Media & Online PR – New York, 18th October,2012
  5. 5. 4. Social Media Articles KitchenAid learned a big lesson on irresponsible tweet Social Media Monitoring Across Industries [Infographic] Business not making the Pivot from Lip Service to Social Customer Service [Infographic] Social Business can bring measurable value 5. Social Media Case Study Case Study: Check out how ‘Tomato’ an online fashion store ran a Sweepstake Campaign by using apps, and fetched new fans and increased footfall to their online stores. 6. Social Media Tools Optimizely: A website optimization tool for A/B testing to help you increase engagement, interactions, and conversations. a powerful, turnkey social community service offering a feature-rich blog, forums, chat events, private messages and calendar, as well as support for photo, video and audio uploads. Socialomate: Send direct messages to multiple followers at once. My Social Promo: a tool for small businesses to tap into the social networks and drive new business via word-of-mouth sharing. Watch the video here Placed: a location analytics tool leveraging mobile devices to help you understand your customers better.If you think we have missed out anything worth mentioning here then do help us in making this listmore informative by leaving your comments below in the box.Stay tuned to get weekly updates on social media CheersSocialAppsHQ