Visual description analysis


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Visual description analysis

  1. 1. Visual Description AnalysisFor task 1 of HA4 I had to research motion GraphicExamples, Idents, Credits, Stings and Interactive Menus. Ievidenced all my research by filling in the Motion GraphicAnalysis forms and I am now going to be comparing themall. All together I analysed seven and they are, 1 ident, 1interactive menu, 4 title credits and 1 sting. A big part ofthis research was to look more into the technical side ofthings, this involved looking at thing like the aspect ratioand resolution sizes.I started off the project by doing an ident; this wasone for channel 4. There isn’t much moving going on with theobjects that are actually in the ident as there is only onething moving and that is a tumble weed that spins acrossthe screen, however what they have done is the camera hasslowly moved during it to let us get glimpses of more ofthe surroundings. The tumble weed starts off being in thebottom right corner of the screen then it moves acrossthe screen it has been done in a particular way that make itlook as if the wind is blowing the tumbleweed and that iswhy it is moving, when really it is a motion graphic animationthat has been added to make it look better and moreattractive to The audience of channel 4. Channel 4 has quitea large audience range as it has programmes such as theSimpsons on which kids like and then Hollyoaks forperhaps teenagers to young adults then programmes likecome dine with me and four in a bed for older audienceslater on. Other things that are also shown is an Americandiner, a garage and lots of signs that are flashing withcolour along with a giant number 4, also flashing and thisis to represent the channel that the ident is for.The techniques that they have used for this ident are twomotion graphics, that’s the tumble weed that moves acrossthe screen and the flashing lights for the signs as theyweren’t actually there when they was shooting they wasadded in afterwards for added effects to again make itbetter for their audience. The only movement used in thisident is the camera itself and although we can see thetumble weed moving it’s a motion graphic. The whole identitself is quite dark but colours are coming off thepinkness the sun causes in the sky and the colours off theflashing lights, which are green, blue, red, yellow and
  2. 2. purple. Which are included in logo colours for channel 4,which is what the ident is used for.They have also included some more advanced techniquessuch as Rotation. Rotation is used all the way through as itis the way in which the camera and the tumble weed move.Another technique is Blur, when the lights go out they sortof dim then blur but then they come back on again secondsafter. Opacity is also used; this advanced technique comesinto the ident when the camera comes onto the light stands,when they are shown.So they have gone for something quite simple, in termsof it being on a car park at an American diner with a garagenext to it and just showing some signs with a flashing 4 toindicate the channel and a tumble weed for extra effect. Ithink that they have done something more simple because oftheir audience type as they provide channels more for anolder audience, however they do have some programmesfor younger audiences which is why they have added acouple of effects such as the flashinglights as that’ssomething that attracts younger people and the tumbleweed.
  3. 3. For credits I looked at the ending credits for the film ToyStory 3. The credits were shown on a plain blackbackground with little clips and images from the film onthe left hand side next to the text that show the name ofthe stars that played the characters and this text isconstantly each time another name is added to the bottomof the list. Then the images and clips that are being shownon the other side are being laid on top of each other everytime a new image is added but you can see the image that wasthere before as each time that another image is shown youcan no longer see the image that was there before. Theyalso had music playing in the background. This film is ananimated comedy and its target audience is kids and it isalso categorised as a family film as it is something thatparents will watch with their kids. So for their audiencespurposes they have used bright eye catching colours and asong that they will be familiar with because it is in the filmand then little clips from the film that they couldn’t usebecause things went wrong and these scenes are meant tobe funny which is also for their audience. Although thebackground is just black and the text white, they showimages and clips from the film and again because of itstarget audience throughout the film bright colourful happycolours are used so he ending credits scene gets iscolours from the clips and images that are being shown.Animation has been used for the text making it go up eachtime another name is added, so it still looks continuousthroughout, it has also been used for the pictures with theway in which they enter and exit the screen.
  4. 4. For advanced techniques they have rotated the images,they turn to the left side just as another image is about tobe applied on top of the existing image. Blue is used as thetext moves up and down as each time the text goes off itblurs and fades just before it completely disappears.Distortion is used as the image changes itself and turnsinto another image from Toy Story 3.So even though the channel 4 ident and Toy Story 3 endingcredits are different type of motion graphics they are bothuse similar techniques but in different ways to attract theirtarget audiences so because channel 4 is more for anolder audience type they stuck to having things more plainjust with scenery for them to see and the 4 to show whatthey are whereas to story 3 had clips, images, moving, textsand music all to attract their target audience as there’swas children. So I think they both used the right techniquesin order to attract them.