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  1. 1. For my final major project I have decided to create a Celebrity gossip and High Street Fashionmagazine for older teenage females, I have chosen to target an audience that includes me as I thinkthis will able me to make a better magazine as I will there for have a good knowledge and feel forwhat they would want from a magazine and what they will like. I have also picked to base it ongenres that I am interested in which has made me really enjoy this project altogether.After sending out a questionnaire to thirty older teenage females I managed to come up with whatto fill the magazine that I am doing with, I will be doing a front cover, contents page and double pagespread that includes a celebrity interview with a model. I also asked on the questionnaireI have gathered together 6 models for my magazine, the person on my front cover will be the sameas the double page spread interview and then as I have pictures on my contents page to show whowill be featured in the magazine. I will have about four cover lines on the front and one main coverline. For my colour scheme I have chosen to use Pink, Green, Lilac and Blue and I will pick just two ofthem as my masthead colours and I will try to use some of these colours in my main image, this willprobably work in the background of my image as I don’t want a plain background, I want somethingthat will stand out and attract my audience without being too much at the same time, so eventhough I have chosen to use what sound like quite bright colours I am planning on using darkershades of them.My main influences for my magazine have been Teen Vogue and Glamour magazine.