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  • 1. By: Alan, Reid, Colton, Isaac, and Corey Frnech MO
  • 2.
    • Businesses
    • Barns
    • Stables
    • Orchards
    • Gardens
                                                        The French Village By:Reid
  • 3. The French Houses
    • They built their houses out of logs.
    • Their roofs were made of grass mats.
    • Later, they replaced grass mats with wooden shingles.
  • 4.
    • Most people were blank
    • one of very 3 people lived in the French settlements
    • Saint-Louis was an African-American
    • Most of them were slaves
    • And They helped build Missouri
    African American Colton by
  • 5. The french and indian neighbors
    • They get along well with the native Americans and sometimes they had problems
    • And they traded guns and other French goods
    • The Indian people opened there lodges
    • Indian people often came to Missouri's French villages
    • Indians lived in cabins in the villages of Ste-Genevieve
    colton by
  • 6. Farming in French America
    • The French Farmers raised wheat
    • corn
    • cotton
    • flax
    • hemp
    • tobacco
    • fruits
    • and veggies
    by Isaac
  • 7. Fur Trading and Lead Mining by Isaac
    • slaves did most of the work
    • French traders traveled up the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers
  • 8.
    • French women worked more and were slaves every day
    • Boys over age 12 were considered old enough to carry guns and defend the settlement. Males were legal minors until age 25, and females until age 18.
    • They have to cook, take care of babies, and be slaves
    Women in French MO By: C o r e y
  • 9.
    • French like to eat soup, stew, and wheat bread
    • They didn’t like to eat meat
    • They only ate stews, soup, and wheat bread
    French Cooking By: C o r e y
  • 10. French Clothing
    • Wore simple clothes
    • Men’s clothing: pants, loose shirts/heavy capes
    • Women's clothing: fur hats, fur mittens, earrings
    • capot
    By: Alan
  • 11. By: Alan French Schools
    • Most kids did not go to school.
    • Only the richest families sent their kids to school.
  • 12. French People At Play By: Alan
    • Fun loving people
    • Horse racing
    • Music
    • Dancing