Marketing to shoppers - Revolutionizing The Way Brands Are Marketed


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  • Penetration in Thailand is 12%Philippinjes 24.6%
  • Friends shopping for cosmetics together, but who is the actual consumer? How consumer can be influenced by shoppers.
  •,1895?checklang=1 1] The survey was conducted in March 2010 among the Market Force network of independent mystery shoppers and merchandisers across the U.S.A. The pool of 5,000 respondents ranged in age from 18 - 72 and reflected a broad spectrum of income levels, with 60 percent reporting incomes of more than US$50,000 a year.
  • Can we glam this up with a picture perhaps?
  • Need a sign off page – with social links, client logos? What?
  • Marketing to shoppers - Revolutionizing The Way Brands Are Marketed

    1. 1. Marketing to Shoppers – Revolutionizing the way brands are marketedConnect with us for all of the latestshopper marketing news from around the globe!
    2. 2. We have worked with over 50 companies, of which 10 are in the top 25 consumer goods manufacturers globallyWe help consumer goods companies… Identify massive growth opportunities Identify huge savings in trade spend and marketing Configure teams to be most effective Develop people to be able to make a difference...
    3. 3. Marketing used to be simple Developing Drive depth ofpowerful brands distribution
    4. 4. The consumer communication world is fragmented; and is fragmenting further at unprecedented rates Global advertising spend by category CAGR 450 (2006-2010) Mobile advertising 41 400 Global internet 20 New ad 350 formats 22.4% Interactive TV promotions 19 In-game advertising 19 300 U.S. product placement 20 250 Global cable/multichannel 5 5 Global broadcast 200 5 Traditional ad U.S.MSO advertising formats 77.6% 5 150 Global radio and outdoor 4 Global magazine 100 2 Global newspaper 2 50 U.S.local station 0 As media continues to fragment, reaching consumers is increasingly more expensiveSource: Morgan Stanley
    5. 5. Grabbing and keeping the interest of consumers is getting more and more tricky
    6. 6. The journey from consumer desire to a sale is getting more complicated Source used by media type 84% 83% 82% 81% 80% 79% 78% 77% 76% 75% 74% Traditional media Internet sources In-store marketingSource: Google inc. 2011
    7. 7. More and more money is spent in the belief that this “First moment of truth” is critical Expenditure as a proportion of budget Trade Promotion Consumer Promotion Advertising & Media 1978 1998 2005
    8. 8. 70% of promotions lose money – US$ 196 billion could be wasted every year Manufacturer : Lose Manufacturer : Win Retailer: Win Retailer: Win 60% 15% Manufacturer : Lose Manufacturer : Win Retailer: Lose Retailer: Lose 10% 15%Source: Manufacturer data & analysis, Nielsen Data, (CAS GMBH)/ Analysis/Trade Insight Trade global spend survey/ Deloites
    9. 9. This not shopper marketing!
    10. 10. What is shopper marketing? “The systematic creation and application of elements of the marketing mix to affect positivechange in shopper behavior in order to drive consumption of a brand”
    11. 11. True, integrated, shopper marketing creates coherent links between the end consumer and the in-store environmentConsumer Shopper Channel In–store Investmentpriorities behavior priorities marketing in customers
    12. 12. Define and quantify clear consumption opportunities Needs and Why Who desires OccasionsWhere Why NOT? Opportunity Experience What When Availability to consume
    13. 13. Understand the differences between your consumers and your shoppers
    14. 14. Knowing the shopperWho is the targetshopper?What is their currentbehavior?What is their desiredbehavior?What evidence exists tosuggest that this changeis possible?
    15. 15. Where do shoppers shop?
    16. 16. Where can your target shoppers be influenced?
    17. 17. Invest in an integrated in-store marketing mix Availability Changing shopper behaviorCommunication Offer
    18. 18. Each objective will require a blend of tactics to deliver it Merchandise in ranges rather than by product type Encouraging shoppers to buy across the rangeSignage which shows Deals to buy across the system usage range
    19. 19. Available means visible to the shopper
    20. 20. Availability is used to make it easy for shoppers to find what they wantAnd to buy what we want them to buy…
    21. 21. Premium toner is put next to mass cleanser to encourage trade up
    22. 22. Communication is about understanding the target shopper, the message and the mediaWhat message iscritical to taking theshopper to purchase?Which barriers needovercoming?Which media is likelyto work in thisenvironment?How much time do wehave to deliver amessage?
    23. 23. Messaging in-store – simple and single-minded What message you want to convey? Which shopper engagement point will be most appropriate? Create awareness Encourage action Primary shelf Secondary display What media should we use? What is allowed by the retailer?
    24. 24. An effective promotion must change shopper behavior Supports consumption Profitably meets Profitably meets growth by company customers’changing shopper objectives objectives behavior
    25. 25. Offer – targeting the offer to encourage the desired shopping behavior
    26. 26. Promotions can undermine so much brand value
    27. 27. The best in-store promotion ever!
    28. 28. Answering the key questions Which Where can What shoppers you What is Whatconsumption will support influence required investmentopportunities these? these in-store? is needed? exist? shoppers? Let’s connect!