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Target Corporation Market Analysis

Our take on the overall position and growth potentials of the Target Corporation.

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Target Corporation Market Analysis

  1. 1. TARGET Liza Albaine, Femi Emmanuel, Abdul Hadi, Zain Haider, Kaitlin Loper
  2. 2. Situation Analysis
  3. 3. Business Objective Statement Target Corporation is the second largest American retailer and mass merchandiser. It offers both everyday essentials and fashionable, differentiated merchandise at discounted prices.
  4. 4. Industry Segment Trends I Competitive trends ● The top three mass merchandisers have approximately 61% of the total market share. ● There are more online shopping kiosks in-store and centralized check out centers. ● Mass merchandisers strategic alliances with other businesses. ● Adding garden centers and fresh food highly increased sales and competition. ● Sustaining low prices to remain competitive in the industry.
  5. 5. Industry Segment Trends II Economic trends ● Mass merchandisers aim for high end buyers because middle class is shrinking. ● The industry is growing and the average Compounded Annual Growth Rate has become 3%. ● Macroeconomic indicators are having a direct impact in sales, which are expected to increase 3.6% vs. 5% in the past. ● High unemployment levels and the bad economy are reducing retail spending. ● Consumers are increasing savings and paying down debts.
  6. 6. Industry Segment Trends III Government trends ● Minimum wages have increased leading to increases in salaries. ● Obamacare is putting pressures on employers by adding new reporting requirements and costs. ● Corporations with higher income than $18 million are being charged a 35% tax rate. ● New regulations regarding marijuana use for medicinal reasons could affect the licensing of retailer’s pharmacies if not properly adhered to.
  7. 7. Industry Segment Trends IV Environmental & Community trends ● Manufacturers are being pressured to follow sustainable practices due to the rising demand for organic and eco-friendly products. ● Consumers look to patronize retailers who are actively involved in the community through sales of local products and sponsorship of community events or programs. ● Rising concerns about having easy access to guns is putting pressures on retailers that sell them. ● The rising costs of fuel and gas directly affect mass merchandisers transportation costs of inventory.
  8. 8. Ownership & Management Alternatives ● Publicly traded company founded in 1902 trading at $66.38 per share. ● Retail locations are managed by the headquarters. ● Within Target stores there are licensed departments: Target Optical, Pizza Hut, Portrait Studio and Starbucks. ● Target’s segments include U.S. Retail and U.S. Credit Card. ○ U.S. Retail segment includes all of the company’s U.S. merchandising operations.
  9. 9. Goods Category ● Household essentials ● Hardlines ● Apparel and Accessories ● Home Furnishings and décor ● Pet Supplies ● Groceries
  10. 10. Services Category ● Pharmacy ● Walk-in Clinic ● Target Optical ● Photo Center ● Portrait Studio ● Target REDcard ● In-store Pick-up
  11. 11. Target’s SWOT Strengths ● Higher quality and innovative products. ● Exclusive partnerships with designers. ● Target REDcard, Target Visa and Target Card. ● Appearance of of their stores. ● Price matching of online retailers. Weaknesses ● Not as many locations as Walmart. ● High stock-out rate. ● Limited visibility in international markets. ● No stores in Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont. ● Pricing perception. Opportunities ● Expand in international markets. ● Diversify its grocery department. ● Engage more in exclusive design partnerships. ● Increase advertising for private brands. ● Enhance efforts to be environmentally friendly. Threats ● Increasing retail segment competition. ● Difficult economy. ● Negative word-of-mouth from consumers for lowering costs on health insurance. ● Dependent on US market which is currently soft. ● Annual government taxes and increasing interest rates.
  12. 12. Walmart’s SWOT Strengths ● #1 retailer worldwide. ● Wide range of products. ● Cost leadership strategy. ● International operations in 27 countries. Weaknesses ● Labor related lawsuits. ● High employee turnover. ● Little differentiation. ● Negative publicity. Opportunities ● Retail market growth in emerging markets. ● Rising acceptance of own label products. ● Expand grocery department. ● Online shopping growth. Threats ● Increasing competition from brick and mortar and online competitors. ● Increasing resistance from local communities. ● Rising commodity product prices. ● Currency exchange rates.
  13. 13. Sears Holdings’ SWOT Strengths ● Well-known trademarks and brand names (eg. Kenmore). ● SHOP YOUR WAY™ ● Leading retailer in home appliances and tools, lawn and garden, fitness equipment, automotive repair and maintenance. ● Founded in 1893, earlier than its main competitors. Weaknesses ● Neglected condition of stores leading to poorer shopping experience. ● Loss of market share. ● Declining inventory turnover. ● Service revenues are lower than the industry average. ● Lowest gross margin. Opportunities ● Expand their private label brands. ● Broaden their Kardashian Kollection. ● Increase e-commerce revenues. ● Bricks-and-clicks integration. ● Improve customer shopping experience. ● Increase consumer loyalty through “Shop Your Way Rewards”. Threats ● Economic slump, caused by a difficult economy. ● Minimum wage increases. ● Increased interest rates. ● Increasing competition.
  14. 14. Financial Charts
  15. 15. Target Corporation Financials A: In 2012, Target sales increased due to increased sales of 5.1 percent in their U.S. Retail Segment. The increase in sales was reflected by 2.7 percent comparable-store increase, the contribution from new stores and the additional week in fiscal 2012. B. Comparable store sales decreased because Target discounted merchandise due to the economic conditions. Also, through their REDCard program there has been an increase in loyal consumers at the cost of having to provide a discount to everyone. C: Target’s gross margin rate decrease in each period reflects the impact of their integrated growth strategies of their 5% REDcard Rewards loyalty program and their store remodel program, which impacted the rate by 0.4 percent and 0.5 percent in 2012 and 2011, respectively, partially offset by underlying rate improvements within categories in 2011.
  16. 16. Walmart Financials A: In 2013, Total revenues increased due to 3.3% growth in retail square feet and positive comparable store and club sales. B: The increase in net sales for fiscal 2012 was due to a 2.4% increase in comparable store and club sales and 5.3% growth in retail square feet, which includes square feet added through acquisitions. Comparable store sales increased as a result of improved average ticket and an increase in customer traffic, due to gain of market share. C: The decline in gross profit rate during fiscal 2013 is primarily due to the Walmart U.S. segment’s strategic focus on price investment and low price leadership.
  17. 17. Sears Holdings Financials A: In 2012 revenues decreased 4.12% as the result of having fewer Kmart and Sears Full-line stores in operation, a decrease in domestic comparable store sales of 2.5% and the separation of the Sears Hometown and Outlet businesses, partially offset by the inclusion of an additional week of revenues in 2012. B: In 2012 the decline in comparable sales was driven by decreases in consumer electronics, lawn and garden and home appliances as well as at Sears Auto Centers. These decreases were partially offset by increases in apparel and home. C: In 2012 and 2011, gross margin declined largely due to expenses related to store closures and in 2012, also caused by a decrease in gross margin in Sears Canada related to the impact of currency exchange rates.
  18. 18. Yearly Revenue Comparison Source: 10-K for each retailer
  19. 19. Net Earnings Comparison Source: 10-K for each retailer
  20. 20. Earnings Per Share Comparison Source: 10-K for each retailer
  21. 21. Objectives & Analysis
  22. 22. FY 2013 Business Objectives I ● Offer value proposition and expand Price Matching Policy. ○ ● Large expansion at a national and international level. In 2013, open 124 new stores in 10 provinces in Canada. ○ ○ ● Improved price matching policy to include online competitors (eg. Amazon). Increased number of stores by 10. Total US Segment Stores Up to Date: 1,788 Opened 68 stores in Canada and is prepared to open 56 by the end of fiscal year 2013. Reach at least $100 billion in sales and $8 in earnings per share by 2017. ○ ○ Total Sales Up to Date: $33,823 billions Basic Earnings per Share Up to Date: $1.74
  23. 23. FY 2013 Business Objectives II ● Raise $1 billion for education by 2015, and increase team member volunteer hours by 700,000. ○ ○ ● Total Donations Up to Date: $777 millions, through “Give with Target” campaign, local stores and distribution center grants, and partnerships with reading-focused organizations. Volunteer Hours Up to Date: 679K. Achieved through “Track Your Hours” campaign. Increase sustainable seafood selection by 100% by 2015, improve sustainability of at least 50 owned-brand packaging by 2016, and increase organic food offerings by 25% by 2017. ○ ○ ○ Total Sustainable Seafood Up to Date: 50%, attained by improving sustainable sourcing of shrimp and tilapia, as well as introducing canned tuna caught via responsible fishing practices. Total Sustainable Packaging Up to Date: 11 new sustainable packaging designs by reducing materials and including more recycled and renewable content. Launched its new private label line, Simply Balanced, mostly made up of certified organic ingredients.
  24. 24. FY 2013 Business Objectives III ● Improve transportation efficiencies inbound by 15% and outbound by 20%. ○ ○ ● attained Total Inbound Improvement Up to Date: 26%, through eliminating miles and loads. Total Outbound Improvement Up to Date: 24%, through eliminating miles and loads. By 2015, Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per square foot by 10% and per retail sales by 20%, and increase their ENERGY STAR certifications by 75%. ○ ○ ○ Total Reduced Per Square Foot Up to Date: 8.4% Total Reduced Per Retail Sales Up to Date: 10.5%, obtained through the company’s energy efficiency projects like lamp retrofits in stores and equipment monitoring. Total Percentage of Certified Buildings Up to Date: 45%, through energy efficient projects completed as it remodeled its stores.
  25. 25. FY 2013 Business Objectives IV ● Reduce amount of operating waste sent to landfills by 15% and reduce water use by 10% per square feet, both by 2015. ○ ○ ● Total Decrease of Waste Up to Date: 1.4%. Obtained by expanding their plastics recycling program and new protein and metal donation programs. Total Increase of Water Use Up to Date: 2.2%. Solution: Company began to install smart irrigation systems in stores. Increase percentage of eligible team members and dependents enrolled in a health plan by 80% and increase team members participating in the 401(k) by 30%. ○ ○ Total Increase of Health Plan Enrollment Up to Date: 26%, obtained by offering meaningful rewards to employees for participating in the health assessments. Total Increase of Participants 401(k): 17%; 1% decrease from the previous fiscal year.
  26. 26. FY 2013 Business Objectives V ● Explore new ways to extend the 5% REDcard Rewards and Pharmacy Rewards programs, and new ways to drive guest engagement, traffic and sales. attained ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ● Partnered with Facebook and launched the Cartwheel experience, which allowed a selected group of REDcard holders to choose their own offers savings experience and share them on Facebook. Began offering same day delivery in collaboration with Google and Ebay, which increased sales. Began offering in-store pick-up, which drove higher traffic in stores. Acquired e-commerce sites to help boost up sales. (ex- DermStore Beauty,, Chef’s Catalog) Invested in its website and mobile technology driving guest engagement with the stores, and increasing shopping across all of the channels. Increase investment in technology and supply chain to enhance multi-channel capabilities, and discover what consumers value most, while assessing the impact on operations. ○ ○ Ranked fourth on Excellence, out of 154 companies, on the Forrester Customer Experience Index . The survey was based on whether consumer’s shopping experience was enjoyable, easy and met their needs. Increased investments in technology and supply chain to support multi-channel initiatives and vendor agreements.
  27. 27. FY 2013 Business Objectives VI ● Increase shopping flexibility and offer price transparency, by investing in digital platforms, and create a seamless and personalized shopping experience. attained ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ● Vendors are required to submit monthly reports on all sales and recycling activities. Enforcement of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2012, to educating consumers so that they can make informed decisions and purchase goods from companies that responsibly manage their supply chain. Stay up to date with rapid technological advances for their digital platforms and mobile shopping features. Offers free wireless internet for the use of the Target mobile app. Began offering in-store pickup for online purchases. Differentiate itself by offering designer brands, owned brands, and signature national brands. ○ Partnered with Peter Pilotto for apparel, Chris March for Halloween wigs and Justin Timberlake for his special edition CD.
  28. 28. Identification of Consumer Characteristics
  29. 29. Market Segment: ● ● ● ● ● Corporate Image: Target is an upscale discount retailer that provides high-quality, on-trend merchandise at attractive prices in clean, spacious and guest-friendly stores along with their online business, Young middle class consumers. Median age of 40. Household income of approx $64K. 43% of consumers have children. About 57% of consumers have completed college.
  30. 30. Overall Strategy & Specific Activities
  31. 31. Description of Product / Service Target’s Retail Business: ● Operates in the U.S and Canada. ● Offers discounted prices on groceries, everyday essentials, fashion & accessories, and differentiated merchandise. ● CityTarget: Food assortment on a smaller scale than traditional supermarkets. ● SuperTarget: Full line of food items comparable to traditional supermarkets. ● Offers REDcard services such as Target Credit and Debit cards.
  32. 32. Percentage of Sales by Department
  33. 33. Description of Product / Service Private label % vs. National label % ● ● ● About 20% of the brands are private. Target owns 18 brands. A few of these include Circo, Embark, Spritz, etc. There are 22 brands that exclusively sell their products in Target stores.
  34. 34. Description of Product / Service Business positioning related to the competition: ● Target’s exclusive brands have evolved from private labels to a carefully edited assortment of quality brands guests seek. ● Differentiation strategy and rank is a top reason guests shop at Target.
  35. 35. Pricing Strategy I I. Pricing Techniques ● Target Corp. is overhauling its pricing strategies as it tries to win price wars with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and ● Target announced its year-round price matching policy with the aim of offering its patrons the facility to match the prices being offered by online retail giants.
  36. 36. Pricing Strategy II II. Competitive Position as it Relates to Pricing Offers personal care items, such as bathroom products and make up etc. at an average price 5.39% lower than its main competitors. Product Items Walmart Sears Target Jeans $12.88 $14.99 $12.48 Video Games $59.00 $59.99 $59.99 Bar Soap $0.79 $0.59 $0.79 Advil $6.88 $7.99 $7.99
  37. 37. Pricing Strategy III III. Multiple Pricing ● Target provides a variety of deals including buy one get one free deals, 2 for the price of 1, buy 2 get 1 free, etc. ● Multiple pricing is more prominently for grocery items and electronics. IV. Service Components ● Credit card services: “Target card” which offers savings and discounts. ● Gift registry. ● Price checkers located throughout the stores. ● Large shopping carts with in-built baby seat. ● High number of efficient registers that allow for speedy checkout. ● No solicitation policy to provide distraction-free shopping. ● Mobile app notifies on the latest news, updates, deals, sales, coupons, and more. ● Savings programs such as REDcard and Cartwheel.
  38. 38. Pricing Strategy II V. Warranties a. Most electronic items come with 1 year limited warranties. b. Extra warranties for electronic devices are available for purchase.
  39. 39. Distribution I. Distribution Strategy ● ● ● Brick and mortar stores Online Catalog Target distributes its merchandise through a network of distribution centers, as well as third parties and direct shipping from vendors. Further, it provides general merchandise through its Website,; and branded proprietary Target Debit Card.
  40. 40. Promotion I Advertising and promotional plan including social media efforts/strategies. Target has evolved from an in-store experience to promoting and interacting with guest through ● Twitter ● Facebook ● Youtube ● Instagram ● Pinterest ● Linkedin ● Tumblr
  41. 41. Promotion II Twitter: 6 accounts ● @Target: Latest and upcoming products ● @ABullseyeView: Promotion for each Target twitter account. ● @TargetStyle: New styles, trends, and make-up. ● @TargetCareers: Informs when hiring, interview and career tips ● @AskTarget: Guest service, also receives feedback and questions from followers ● @TargetDeals: Promotes all the deals from @Target in one place. Facebook: 3 accounts ● Target: A community for the fans to actively engage with Target and each other. ● Target Baby: Promotes their one-stop registry shop for baby supplies. ● Target Style: Promotes their fashion and beauty products
  42. 42. Promotion III Youtube: ● 3 channels: Target, Target Careers, and A Bullseye View. ● Videos about the Target brand, commercials, target styles and more e.t.c Instagram: ● Target on Instagram- Promoting the slogan Expect More. Pay Less. Allows viewers to "Like" pics. ● Target Style- Promotes fashion and beauty. ● C9 at Target- Dedicated to health and exercise. ● Target Careers- Information on careers at Target
  43. 43. Promotion IV Other Promotional Initiatives ● In 2008, Target introduced it’s official mascot: “Bullseye” the dog. ● Bullseye is featured in commercial campaigns, signage and marketing campaigns. ● Target further promotes a positive brand image through its social responsibility initiatives.
  44. 44. Promotion V Costs allocated for advertising and promotions: 2012 Gross advertising costs Vendor income Net advertising costs 2011 2010 $1,653 $1,589 $1,490 231 229 198 $1,422 $1,360 $1,292
  45. 45. Promotion VI Types of advertising media used ● Feature large amounts of user content, such as reviews and product images through social media. ● Offer exclusive deals; and quickly respond to users’ comments and needs. ● Television, print, email, direct mail, billboards, in store, newspaper, billboard, magazine, tv, catalog and Internet ads are the ways to reach the Target Audience.
  46. 46. Promotion VI Social Media Presence Compared to Main Competitors Walmart Sears Target 34, 013,413 3,001,974 22,314, 716 Followers 409,956* 74,799** 939,752*** Followers 8,561 1,250 131,518 Subscribers 9,183 4,442 18, 979 Likes
  47. 47. Recommendations
  48. 48. Recommendations I ● Expand into South America. ○ Large rising middle-class. ○ American companies are perceived as having better quality products. ○ Existing infrastructure. ● Implement a better re-stocking system to prevent running out of inventory. ○ Point-of-sale stocking system. ○ Remove the potential for human error and would be extremely fast and cost efficient. ● Partner up with North Shore Animal League to set up a pet adoption center. ○ Consumers can interact with and possibly adopt the animals. ○ Increase Target’s pet supplies sales and continue to enhance Target’s image in the community. ○ Opportunity to use Target mascot Bullseye as the face of this project.
  49. 49. Recommendations II ● Continue finding ways to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. ○ Offer free food samples. ○ Install price scanners throughout the store. ○ Playground area for children to provide even more convenience to consumers. ○ Install store mannequins displaying the latest fashion trends. ● Continue expansion in the Canadian market. ○ There are not many exciting places to go shopping in Canada. ○ Canada is such a large country, there is great potential for growth.
  50. 50. Target wins! We would invest $100,000 dollars in Target Corporation. Target is a stable company with a lot of growth potential. Walmart is already a mature company so there is not a lot of room for growth. Target is also an environmentally friendly company that follows socially responsible practices and is better perceived by consumers.
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  58. 58. THANK YOU Liza Albaine, Femi Emmanuel, Abdul Hadi, Zain Haider, Kaitlin Loper