IMC 610: Intro to Integrated Marketing Communication Class Final Project (Kmart)


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Final project for IMC 610-Intro in Integrated Marketing Communications. Project spanned 9-weeks and progressed to the final IMC campaign, with the client as Kmart.

IMC 610: Intro to Integrated Marketing Communication Class Final Project (Kmart)

  1. 1.     1   Kmart  Integrated  Marketing  Campaign  Plan   By Colin Haas October, 21, 2013
  2. 2.     2   Table  of  Contents     Executive  Summary………………………………………………..……………………………………Page  3  -­‐  4     Background  Information……………………………………………..……………………………………….Page  5  -­‐  10     Target  Audience……………………………………………………………………..…………………….….....Page  11     SWOT  Analysis………………………………………………………….…………………….……………………Page  12     Marketing  Objectives  and  Strategies……………………………………………………………………Page  12     Integrated  Creative  Strategy  Statement…………………………………………………………..….Page  13     Creative  Brief…………………………………………………………………………………………………….…Page  13     Creative  Execution…………………………………………………………………………….…………….…..Page  14     Paid  Media  (Objectives,  Strategies,  and  Tactics)…………………………………………….…….Page  15  -­‐  16     Media  Flowchart………………………………………………………………………………………………….Page  17     Public  Relations  (Objectives,  Strategies,  and  Tactics)…………………………………………..Page  18  -­‐  19     Sales  Promotion  (Objectives,  Strategies,  and  Tactics)…………….….………………………..Page  20  -­‐  21     Direct  Marketing  (Objectives,  Strategies,  and  Tactics)………………………………………….Page  22     IMC  Campaign  Measurement  &  Evaluation  Plan………………………….………………………Page  23     Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………………….…………………….Page  23     References…………………………………………………………………………………….……………………Page  24  -­‐  26    
  3. 3.     3   Executive  Summary     In 1899, Sebastian Spering Kresge opened his first store and continued to grow larger and larger in the retailing landscape. Kresge offered people two benefits, affordable goods and jobs and that continued throughout Kmart’s history. Kmart led the retailing space for many years over its competitors and still remains in the top four of retail giants. However over the years, Kmart has lost its focus and lost its consumers to other retail competitors. Our goal in the campaign is to redefine the target market and in turn build positive brand perception and increase market share. Kmart has a vast portfolio of exclusive brands and a member-centric platform in “Shop Your Way” that brings value to the newly defined target demographic of urban female mom shoppers, ages 25-45. At the present time, the target demographic audience sees Kmart as outdated and out of touch with customers. Through our IMC campaign we anticipate changing customer’s perception to Kmart has everything they need and want in one store, that allows them to shop for the family and themselves with Kmart’s vast portfolio of brands and exclusive to Kmart brands. We set out to accomplish four key IMC campaign objectives that will create positive brand awareness and take back market share from Kmart’s direct competitors of Target and Walmart. Below are those four campaign objectives: • Increase Kmart’s social media likes/follows by 50% over the next 12-months. • Increase comp store sales in children’s clothing by 35% over the next 12-months. • Increase daily sites visits to by 15% over next 9-months. • Increase “Shop Your Way” membership by 20% over. Creative strategy statement for this campaign is, “Less time shopping means more time making memories with those you shop for.” We really want to drive this statement home throughout the campaign with our target market. We will focus paid media efforts on television commercials ran through primetime TV in the Fall and Spring on some of the networks most heavily viewed shows. To drive home the social element of our campaign, our Facebook URL will be incorporated in the ad and Twitter handle on bus ads in 15 the country’s top urban markets where Kmart has a presence. To go deeper in our digital presence, we will use Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing to drive traffic back to in an effort to drive up daily visits and ultimately online sales. Kmart will also be promoted in traditional media, like Oprah’s “O” Magazine to carry our message throughout the Summer with our audience as well. Going a step further and really building our creative strategy statement into our DNA, we will develop a blogging platform that delivers helpful content to Moms. Crossing platforms we will use one of social networks most highly female traffic platforms in Pinterest. Create and execute highly visual pictures and videos that drive traffic back to the blog, giving Moms a help by using shortcuts or “lifehacks” in the home.
  4. 4.     4   Following our brand personality of family-orientated and caring, Kmart will partner with Bridge of Hope, a nonprofit that helps single parent homes. Another organization that we found and really excited about is right in your backyard of corporate. Fellowship Housing, who helps single mothers that are homeless or in a crisis. We see this being a great way to help and give back by hiring 25 of their clients that will help drive positive PR mentions and gain great positive earned media. Our sales promotional efforts will focus on delivering a price-match guarantee that gives an additional 10% off to shoppers who find the product in another competing store and to grow our Shop You Way program we will incentivize them with an additional 5% off for a total of 15%. Another sales promotion we want to execute is a sweepstakes across Kmart’s regions that enters people into a $1,000 Kmart shopping spree. Allowing us to build excitement and in the end promote what they got with that $1,000. Growing our social media base, we will target Walmart and Target Facebook “likes” through social login, a newer more personalized way of reaching people. But directly promote to those two specific pages and acquire 1% of the 56.25M combined “likes” of those two pages. A great ongoing and growing social customer base that will allow Kmart to promote too. We found that people sign-up for multiple newsletter and blogs and clutter up their email inboxes and in some cases delete before opening the email. Our plan is to push oversized coupons in the mail around our store locations that drive traffic in-store. This campaign will really drive home Kmart’s caring and compassionate side to our newly defined target audience and not only drive direct sales to this audience, but bring broader audiences that love the new Kmart. Our plan is that our integrated marketing campaign will make Kmart integrated into the urban family-life.      
  5. 5.     5   Background Information Kmart’s Early History Sebastian Spering Kresge opened a modest five-and-dime store in downtown Detroit that would change the entire landscape of retailing. The store that Kresge built has evolved into an empire of more than 1,500 stores and an Internet presence that reaches millions of customers (Sears Holding Corporation). When Kresge opened his first store in 1899, he sold everything for 5 and 10 cents. The low prices appealed to shoppers and allowed him to expand to 85 stores in 1912, with annual sales of more than $10 million (Sears Holding Corporation). When war and financial depression hit America over the next few decades, Kresge’s stores were always there to offer families the products at prices they could afford (Sears Holding Corporation). While Kresege had the corner on discount retailing, many other discount retailers were coming into the picture during the 1960’s. Walmart open it first store in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962 (Walmart). Also up in Minneapolis, the four grandsons of George D. Dayton were making a transition of their grandfather’s business and entering the discount retailing in 1960. It became official on May 9, 1961, when they would transition from a family-run department store chain into one of the nation’s largest discount store chains (Target corporate). While the discount retailing space was heating up, Kresge was ahead of his time with launching a newspaper- advertising program to entice shoppers to its stores (Sears Holding Corporation). In 1959, Harry
  6. 6.     6   B. Cunningham became Kresge President who was developing a new strategy for the Kresge organization (Sears Holding Corporation). The very first Kmart discount department store would open in 1962 in Garden City, Michigan and then an additional 17 Kmart stores would open later that year. The new addition of stores would lead to corporate sales of more than $483 million that year (Sears Holding Corporation). Kmart’s Later Years As part of new plan, Kmart would open the very first Kmart Supercenter in Medina, Ohio in 1991. It would offer a full-service grocery along with general merchandise 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Sears Holding Corporation). 1996 would also bring out new changes for Kmart, by the launch of a complete redesign of the Kmart store. Making them cleaner, brighter, and easier to shop (Sears Holding Corporation). Fast forward to 2013, Kmart has fought back from bankruptcy and today Kmart has 1,221 stores across 49 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With 1,196 discount stores, averaging 94,000 square feet, and 25 Super Centers, averaging 168,000 square feet (About kmart). Kmart Multicultural Initiative Kmart’s workforce is highly diverse, with almost 32% representing multicultural minorities across all associates. Kmart is located in 283 of the 331 metropolitan statistical areas within the U.S., which are considered urban markets. Kmart is also working with minority-owned vendors and striving to achieve store-specific merchandising to become the “store of the neighborhood (Sears Holdings). Mission Statement "We are committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships." (Farfan) Kmart Financials On August 22nd , Sears Holdings Corp. reported their second quarter numbers. Shares fell over 8 per cent to close down $3.55 at $39.72 on Thursday. The stock's now back near the 52-week low of $38.40 that it hit at the end of 2012. (D'Innocenzio & Chapman, 2013) Kmart also saw a 2.1% drop in comp store sales for Q2. (Sears Holdings Corp., 2013, Revenue: Q2 comp store sales)    
  7. 7.     7   Kmart Business Analysis Products Kmart carries products in various merchandise categories, including consumer electronics, seasonal merchandise, outdoor living, toys, lawn and garden equipment, food and consumables and apparel. Kmart also carries exclusive brands like Kardashian Kollection, Jaclyn Smith, Joe Boxer, Sandra by Sandra Lee, Sofia Vergara, Nicki Minaj, Adam Levine, and the newly added John Cena line. (PRNewswire, 2013) 1. Appliances & Vacuums: Kitchen, home, laundry & garments 2. Automotive: Batteries, parts, and accessories. 3. Baby: Baby & toddler clothing, baby gear & car seats, baby essentials, baby & toddler furniture, bedding & décor. 4. Beauty & Health: Beauty & personal care, mobility, healthy living, fragrances, cosmetics, and medicine. 5. Bed & Bath: Bedding and bath accessories. 6. Books & Magazines 7. Clothing: Women’s, men’s, kids’ and baby clothing. 8. DIY & Tools 9. Electronics: TV & home theater, cameras & camcorders, video games, car & portable electronics, computers, phones, and office products. 10. Fitness & Sports: Outdoors, wheeled sports, fitness & exercise, sports equipment, family recreation, and water recreation. 11. For the Home: Kitchen & dining, storage & organization, crafts, window treatments, home décor, and furniture & mattresses. 12. Furniture & Mattresses 13. Jewelry & Watches 14. Lawn & Garden 15. Music, Movies & Gaming 16. Outdoor, Living & Patio: Patio furniture, individual pieces, patio accessories, outdoor cooking, outdoor entertaining, and outdoor utility products. 17. Pharmacy & Health 18. Pet, Food & Grocery: Dog supplies, cat supplies, pet prescription medications, general grocery. 19. Shoes: Women’s, men’s, junior’s, infant’s, girl’s, boy’s, toddler boy’s and girl’s footwear. 20. Toys & Games
  8. 8.     8   Shop Your Way Loyalty Program Kmart offers a free loyalty program to their shoppers, that allows them to earn points for shopping and using the social-based shop your way program. They even went as far as to create a completely separate website at “” and allows them to follow other “shop your way” members and brands. A shopper can gain 10 points for every $1 spent, whether that be online or in-store. ( Pricing Kmart’s target audience, the low to mid-income families when matched against it’s competitors came out in third place. conducted a comparison test of 30 identical and like items, including clothing, electronics, groceries, health and beauty supplies, home goods, and toys. The bill came to $1,776.15 at Walmart, $1,866.10 at Targer, and $2,092.82 at Kmart. (Conover, 2012) Marketing Communication Strategies Kmart like many of its competitors still send out the traditional print ad in the local and Sunday papers. While stepping into the digital arena with an iPhone app that allows you shop via your phone and pick-up at your local Kmart store. Kmart has another app in the iTunes store with their Kmart Pharmacy App. The app allows a customer to manage their prescriptions and keep valuable info within the app like their identity card and means of pay. YouTube has been another great source of marketing to those who watch their commercials through Kmart’s specific YouTube channel. Most notably Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” commercial, which has garnered 19,493,805 views at the time of this writing. (Kmart, 2013) Kmart has pushed to make online an important piece to their toolbox is still behind Walmart and Target on monthly visitors. See the below table from Quantcast on Page 9.
  9. 9.     9   Graphic 1
  10. 10.     10   In reviewing Kmart’s social media accounts and comparing to Walmart and Target, the numbers spoke for themselves and shows the national sentiment towards these top three discount brands: Social Media Following Store Facebook Twitter Kmart 1,253,705 24,551 Walmart 32,951, 493 363,670 Target 22,116,702 757,728 Note: As of 6:23pm, Sept. 2, 2013. Competitors In the big discount retail space Kmart has two main competitors in Walmart and Target. Both which have been successful in their strategy. On the Harvard Business Review blog, authors Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi explain Walmart’s niche for the customer, as you know you'll save money and still feel welcome. With Target’s niche that, you know you'll get fashionable products at prices that feel reasonable. What, then, is Kmart's niche? (Leinwand & Mainardi, 2010)
  11. 11.     11   Target  Audience   Demographic Analysis For this campaign we want our demographic focus to be on the urban mother, age 25-45 with children in the home and own their home. The Kmart mom has some college and is one who has the buying power for the home and makes the choices of what her children will wear or buy. The annual household income ranges between $15K to $40K.   Psychographic Analysis The Kmart mom, shops mainly in the store, but in some cases will shop online. They are achievers and take care of their children first. They get their news from the internet and their interests are watching TV shows like Modern Family, Dancing With the Stars, and American Idol. A few magazines they may tend to read would be Oprah and Women’s Health.
  12. 12.     12   Campaign Marketing Objectives 1. Increase Kmart’s social media likes/follows by 50% over the next 12-months. 2. Increase comp store sales in children’s clothing by 35% over the next 12-months. 3. Increase daily sites visits to by 15% over next 9-months. 4. Increase “Shop Your Way” membership by 20% over Campaign Marketing Strategies 1. Develop an integrated social media campaign. 2. Run print ads in family-orientated magazines that promote and show children’s clothing brands featured at Kmart. 3. Implement and promote the website into all mass media vehicles. 4. Use paid online advertising to grow the membership of “Shop Your Way”.
  13. 13.     13   Final Creative Strategy Statement Less time shopping means more time making memories with those you shop for. Creative Brief Why are we developing an IMC Campaign? Raise awareness to our target audience of mothers, ages, 25-45 that Kmart shopping is convenient and gives moms more time with their family through one-stop-shopping. Objectives Increase positive brand perception among our target audience by 15% over the next 12- months. Target Moms, Ages 25-45, with children, Hispanic and African American, urban areas. Pre-Campaign Views (What it is) Kmart is outdated and not ‘with it’ on what consumers want. Post Campaign Views (What we would want them to think) Kmart has everything I need and want in one store, that allows me to shop for the family and myself with all their vast portfolio of brands and exclusive to Kmart brands. Why should they believe it? Kmart has done an amazing job at attracting some of the biggest names in clothing to offer exclusive to Kmart shoppers. Kmart has also made it convenient to save and shop through their “Shop Your Way” social platform and app for your smartphone, which allows you to plan out your shopping to get in and out conveniently. Are there any creative guidelines? Brand Personality: Sincere, down-to-earth, wholesome, family-orientated, joyful. Tone: Light-hearted, kind, loving, thoughtful. Identity Standard: 1. Color - 2. Font – Helvetica Neue (85 Heavy); (75 Bold); (55 Roman); (53 Extended)
  14. 14.     14   Logo – (minimum size: measure no less than .4” in height.) (Clear space: the area 1x surrounding the signature that should be free of competing visual elements. Creative Execution Print Ad: Promoting Kmart’s Shop Your Way App for Android and iPhone.
  15. 15.     15   Paid Media Kmart Paid Media Objectives 1. Reach 75% of target audience through television commercials at least 6 times during a twelve-month period. 2. Increase Kmart’s Twitter followers by 75% through social integration into transit advertising over the next three months. 3. Buy promoted post for Facebook, that will be distributed three times every other week through pulsing media scheduling that increases Kmart’s Facebook page from 1.26M to 2M over 52-weeks. 4. Increase our online reach by 35% over the next six months through PPC. 5. Run continuous print ad April through November magazine editions that reach 25% of our audience. Kmart Paid Media Strategies 1. Run Kmart TV commercials during primetime television time slots. 2. Use outdoor advertising on sides of public bus transit to promote Kmart’s online Twitter presence. Incorporating a hashtag campaign of #KmartMom. 3. Run promoted Facebook posts three times a week, over next 52 weeks through Facebook paid services. 4. Use PPC (pay per click) program of Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing to build high visibility of Kmart website through keyword searches. 5. Use print media to promote benefits of the “Shop Your Way“ app in a one-page ad.
  16. 16.     16   Kmart Paid Media Tactics 1. Run Kmart 30 second ad commercials during the Fall TV lineup for ABC’s Modern Family, September through early December. Then starting in January, ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ on Monday nights and then on Fox network’s ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday nights. The allocated budget for all commercials during primetime television totals $11.379M. 2. Buy King Kong (Ultra Super King) public transit bus ads from Blue Line Media to run in 15 urban markets from June through August (Back To School Prep). These are highly visible buses that run through heavily traffic areas that will promote our Twitter account with the Twitter hashtag, #Kmart Mom. Allowing us to track those who are engaging us from the bus ads. We have allocated $132K for the outdoor media budget. 3. Buy promoted posts on Facebook over twelve months, with a twice-weekly frequency, as we don’t want to turn people off from the Kmart brand. Posts will consist of the ease of a one-stop shopping experience that makes it easy on Mom. 4. Using Google AdWords and Yahoo search marketing we use keywords that will only be paid per click with a budget of 250K for each with a buffer of $50K (only if needed). Key words like retail, retailing, back to school, shopping, family, mom, productive. 5. Run an eight-month (April to November), one full page, four-color ad in O Magazine. This ad will promote the Kmart app that is on Android and iPhone and increase the downloads over that same eight-month period by 25%. Increasing Android downloads from 680K to 850K and iPhone from 450K to 562.5K downloads. O Magazine demographics matches our target demo of W25-45 with their readership being 56.1% of our target demo and a 55.2% HHI of $60K.
  17. 17.     17   Kmart Media Flowchart
  18. 18.     18   Public  Relations     Public Relations - Objective #1 Gain a positive sentiment of 55% with mom's of kids in first 12-months of implementation. Strategy Build and utilize a Kmart blog platform that delivers content to helping Moms Tactics 1. Create blog posts that contain how-to videos that use products found in the Kmart stores 2. Make sure blog platform has a "Pin It" button to pin post to Pinterest and drive higher traffic. 3. Infographics are very helpful and resourceful and will be incorporated at least once a week. 4. Will always have an image for non-video and non-ingraphic blog post to create more engagement whether through Pinterest or other social sites. Public Relations - Objective #2 Increase Kmart’s employee community volunteer participation by 35% in 6-months. Strategy Implement and develop a weekly-newsletter that will covered about local nonprofits and charities by store management to all employees at some point in the week. Tactics 1. Newsletter will consist of organization and non-profits that Kmart is teamed up with and how they are making a difference. 2. Give incentives to full-time employees who donate a day to a charity by giving them a day off to give of their time.
  19. 19.     19   Public Relations - Objective #3 Generate at least twelve positive national press mentions from Kmart’s partnership with Bridge of Hope of twelve months. Strategy Host first annual 'Kmart Kares' week that is open to public and allows locals to use to Kmart as the drop-off for gently used clothing for kids and moms to give to those single moms in need through Bridge of Hope. Tactics 1. Promote ‘Kmart Kares’ on Facebook as a Facebook event that allows people to respond that they are attending and is seen by their friends and team up with Bridge of Hope’s Facebook page to gain even more exposure. 2. Develop a pitch deck that will go to all local Kmart stores to be sent to local newspapers and TV/radio stations. Public Relations - Objective #4 Partner with Fellowship Housing in Hoffman Estates, IL to hire 25 FH clients in 7-day period into our HQ store that gains at least 10 press mentions in over the next 10-days. Strategy Work with Fellowship Housing to hire 25 of their clients. Tactics 1. Work with FH’s PR team to coordinate press releases to all local news stations and radio stations. 2. Run tweets, Facebook post, and create a YouTube video that highlights Kmart’s involvement in our home town of helping these needy people and single, homeless moms.
  20. 20.     20   Sales  Promotion     Sales Promotion - Objective #1 Gain a 5% redemption rate of Kmart’s price match promise with additional savings of our targeted market from our competitor’s customers over a three-month period. Strategy Offer a price match guarantee with an additional 10% off. The 10% has the potential to be increased to 15% with the sign-up of Kmart’s Shop Your Way program. Tactic(s) 1. Run promoted post in Facebook and choose our Facebook audience as Target and Walmart’s likes on Facebook. Directly promoting to their total 56.28M likes that Kmart is offering a price match guarantee with additional savings of 10% off and possible extra 5% with the sign-up of Kmart’s Shop Your Way loyalty membership program. 2. Run a 30 second TV commercial during primetime television promoting Kmart’s price match with up to 15% off total purchase. Maximize impact by choosing shows like Dancing with the Stars in early/late Fall and American Idol during Winter/early Spring. Stretch our ad $ by using flighting to attempt to maximize impact at peak times of the shows. Sales Promotion - Objective #2 Gain a coupon code redemption rate of 30% over a 4-week period. Strategy Using a coupon code to redeem 10% off their purchases of $50 or more, total bill. Tactic(s) 1. Promote the coupon through Kmart website with a banner ad and a sidebar on each section of the site as they browse products. 2. Promote in stores with promotional signage. Signage will be white, with red bold lettering to attract the eye. 3. Using current Kmart app, users will have the code saved in their account within the app to use in-store. Utilize push notification to alert Kmart shopper.
  21. 21.     21   Sales Promotion - Objective #3 Acquire at least 5,000 sweepstakes entries per region over a 6-month period. Strategy Incentivize current Kmart shoppers that don’t use the Shop Your Way program with sweepstakes. Every new sign-up enters them into a regional $1,000 Kmart shopping spree. Tactic(s) 1. Promote across all channels: stores, Shop Your Way website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, weekly sales ad, and Kmart website. To be consistent we want to create a visual with an urban mother and her kids celebrating and holding a cardboard Kmart over-sized check for $1,000 shopping spree. Post and tweet twice per week and utilize a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to push out at optimal times. Will go out weekly onto the printed sales ad and be posted on main page of 2. Incorporate a share button that allows users to alert their friends with a special code that give them another entry into the sweeps.
  22. 22.     22   Direct  Marketing   Direct Marketing - Objective #1 Target our moms, ages 25-45 and acquire a 1% conversion rate from the “Likes” on Walmart and Target Facebook pages through 12-months. 1% of the total 56,252,948 likes would give Kmart 562,529 coming from personalized marketing of social data-trigger. Strategy Utilize deep identity data through social login to deliver personalized, relevant direct marketing. Tactic(s) Utilizing social login that will flow back to our CRM software allowing us to deliver personalized marketing to each new like in a personal way that delivers authentic brand perception from Kmart. Direct Marketing - Objective #2 Achieve a redemption rate of 2% over a 4-week period through direct mail marketing via The U.S. Postal Service (zip code list). Strategy Utilize direct mail coupon postcards for $25 off $75 or $50 off $100 for all clothing departments targeting Moms, ages 25-45. Tactic(s) Due to postal mail returning low redemption rates, we want to utilize bright, vibrant coupon postcards that catch the eye. We will use zip code database list to mail out coupon postcards to households of moms of children around our stores of a 35 miles radius. Direct Marketing - Objective #3 Achieve an email response rate of 3% over a 6-month period. Strategy Utilize email list to deliver personalized content marketing off previous shopping trends of the user and build the Kmart brand equity to each individual user. Tactic(s) 1. Use digital marketing software, ExactTarget to build content that adds value to the email recipient’s likes, wants, and needs. Start with our “Shop Your Way” customers as the foundation of our email list. Deliver a weekly email, as to not inundate the user’s email inbox.
  23. 23.     23   Kmart  Campaign  Measurement  &  Evaluation   Readability  Test   Use readability test, with the Gallup & Robinson’s Impact System to effectively measure our finished print ad. With anticipated outcomes of 70% positive brand rating and 80% ad liking in the test will equal a successful print ad campaign.   Theater  Testing   For a television commercial, we will use theater testing with a sample size of 400 participants in four urban cities. Our successful measurement for success TV ad will be a 35% Kmart brand preference over the competition.   Test  Marketing   Use scanner market testing over a six month period that we will run in Pittsburgh, PA and Detroit, MI to compare Kmart brand sales against it competitors from the brand impression established through our primetime TV frequency. Campaign  Conclusion     The campaign really drives home the message of urban mom’s saving time and being able to shop in one store to get everything they need for the ones they love. This message will be communicate across all mass media: print, outdoor, television, and digital. Sales promotions would run across coupons, sweepstakes, and price-match guarantee offers. The overall campaign will run nationally in print and television, but also focus on our core urban environments.
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