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Build your own search engines

  1. 1. Custom Search EnginesThe best search engine is one you build yourself
  2. 2. Inside Google Date range Sites with images Not yet visited Reading level “advanced” Verbatim
  3. 3. Opera “Create Search” Right-click inside ANY search box Click “create search” Assign a keyword (used to search from address bar) You can edit the URL to customize results Works with Google CSEs ;)  HINT: And also your ATS, job boards, etc.
  4. 4. Create Your Own Google CSEs Go to Create you own search engine Add some relevant site: destinations Create a library of synonims Add refinements and labels Custom Autocompletions Ex: OneSource, or search others here Edit your existing CSE’s here
  5. 5. Sites Search “only included” or “entire web”? Include  Online resume locations (i.e.  Social media sites  Document hosting sites  University, conference, association or organization sites Exclude  Job posting sites  URL keyword patterns  Website sections (i.e. Both supports sub-directory searches like*resume
  6. 6. Synonyms Create your own dictionary of search term variants  Related Company Names  Similar Job Titles  Degrees, or Schools  Jargon (skill, function, tools)  Geographies (city names, area codes, postal codes) Use special codes for collections of related terms  Corporate abbreviations  You own code such as “georgiacompanies”
  7. 7. Refinements Drill down on specific websites you label or append custom search strings invisible to users Photos of people at events:  ("l. to r." OR "l to r" OR "left to right" OR "r. to l." OR "r to l" OR "right to left" OR "back row:" OR "clockwise from") Include or Exclude Top Level Domains such ask ,  Phrases like  LinkedIn profiles: "search for people you know"  ("I’m an" OR "I am an" OR he OR she) "was hired"  ("reported to" OR "reports to") “at COMPANY"  "software * engineer"  "I|Im work|worked|working for|at|on|with"  mailto: or email domains like @gmail @yahoo @hotmail
  8. 8. Speakers and Conferences (he OR she) (chair OR agenda OR keynote OR member OR speaker OR attendee OR meeting OR minutes OR chapter OR board OR conference OR list) ("I attended" OR "I was at" OR "I went to") javaone 2005 COMPANY (member OR roster OR attendee OR chapter OR board OR conference OR list) (directory OR contact OR list) (inurl:member OR intitle:member)
  9. 9. “About Us” Search (intitle:alumni OR intitle:people OR intitle:staff OR intitle:about OR intitle:bio OR intitle:profile OR intitle:team OR intitle:our OR inurl:about OR inurl:bio OR inurl:profile OR inurl:our OR inurl:team OR inurl:alumni OR inurl:people OR inurl:staff)
  10. 10. Go Green With Gigablast From Ad-hoc “Restrict to these Sites” search Great at “backlink” search with keywords  supports keywords used with link: and -link: unlike Google Can search within an IP address (like a company IP) Can manually turn off site clustering
  11. 11. /blekko /add  Quickly create and share a collection of websites to search  Search for sites or /tags to add  Upload a list of sites in .txt or .opml  Collaborate with others on a custom search /seo  Detailed intel on a particular site /likes  Searches your Facebook friends’ “likes” /me  Go to and edit your profile /view /tagname  See what a slashtag does
  12. 12. Thank you! 4S CT Shally Steckerl (678) 221-HIRE