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Hire4ce Contract Sourcing - We changed the game.


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Hire4ce Contract Sourcing - We changed the game.

  1. 1. • NO fees or commissions• Truly Independent (self directed) Contractors• We handle all payroll and accounting• Our contractors are fully insured and bonded• We work only with the top 10% of sourcers *• We pre-screen using a standardized 360 degree competency based reference checking process * As scored by The Sourcing Institutes assessment, an objective skill level rating created by the leading minds in our industry Hire4ce, where recruiters really source.
  2. 2. • By the time others learn about our creative, unconventional methods, they are obsolete• Our contractors evolve daily through continuous experimentation and exclusive training from the leading provider: The Sourcing Institute, Inc. Hire4ce, where recruiters really source.
  3. 3. • Our sourcing library is the largest in the world• We support our people with a specialized research team utilizing the sharpest tools available• Thought leader Shally Steckerl oversees all sourcers, designs our search solutions and provides one-on-one coaching to staff as needed• Put simply, ours are the most experienced, best equipped and most advanced sourcers in the world Hire4ce, where recruiters really source.