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Google assignment

  1. 1. AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAHMASS COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT Diana Al-Laham 30945 Hanin Ruwaished 30403 Dr. Ibahrine March 22, 2012 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsTitle PageWhat is Google? 1Why is Google so Popular? 1How can Google Maintain its Competitive Advantage? 2Key Features of Google Digital Marketing 2Popular Queries in Countries Around Gulf Region 3Marketers make Use of the Zeitgeist Information 3-4References 5 2
  3. 3. What is Google?Google is a multinational, publicly-traded organization built around the company’s incrediblypopular search engine. Google includes other activities such as Internet analytics, cloudcomputing, advertising technologies, Web applications, and browser and operating systemdevelopment (N.A, 2012).Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible anduseful. Google, originally called BackRub, first started in 1995 when two graduate students,Sergey Brin and Larry Page, met at Stanford University in California. In 1996, Brin and Pageworked together on a research project that was to become the Google search engine. Theyacquired financial support to help them get started, and in 1998 they began operations from agarage-based office in California. In December 1998, Google was listed as one of the top 100websites and search engines (N.A, 2012).Google has taken the last 10 years of systems software research out of university labs, and builtits own production quality system. Google built a distributed computing platform that canmanage web-scale datasets on 100,000 servers all together. It includes a petabyte, fault tolerantfile system, distributed RPC code, network shared memory, and process migration (Willison,2004).Why is Google Popular?This search engine is popular for several reasons. First, it is the only search engine that has thecapability to search 9 million Universal Resource Locators (URLs). It slowly searches andalphabetically lists various pages at the same time and increases the chances of getting what aperson is searching for. This allows for relevant results which can match with the criteria that aperson is looking for (Blachman and Peek, 2011).Second, Google is fast and simple to use; it finds the most results in less than a second. It alsoshows the stored version of the web page; it provides results with information and links related toa person’s search. Thus, this helps to make and find the searches (Blachman and Peek, 2011).Third, Google gained its trust among many people. People in big companies advertise onGoogle. Also, there are many choices in this search engine as it can provide different results ofinformation and choices for different countries. Furthermore, Google is the most dominantsearch engine on the web since it has entered in almost every aspect of our daily life (Blachmanand Peek, 2011).Finally, some search engines sell their results. A sold result shows that a link to the buyer’s pageis located at the top of the results page. However, Google does not sell its results. If a web pageappears in Google’s results, Google thinks it is a relevant result for the person’s search, notbecause Google has been paid to post it there (Blachman and Peek, 2011). 3
  4. 4. How can it maintain its competitive advantage?Google’s supply chain is made up of fiber networks, data centers, switches, servers and storagedevices. Googles purpose is to deliver search results as fast as possible at as low a cost aspossible.Googles business model breaks down into three data inputs. Relevancy of results. Speed of search. Cost of executing a search query.Googles competitive advantage is that it holds the position as the dominant search engine in theworld. Googles company designed an infrastructure that offers a high speed search engine tool,which keeps its users coming back for more. However, a fast search is not the only advantageGoogle offers to its users, in fact the Googles company provides tools and services such as theGoogle Toolbar, Google Maps, Google Earth and Google News. The toolbar presents a way forusers to conduct a search without leaving their homepage. It also makes it easier for users tonavigate through the website (How Google Maintains, 2010).Furthermore, Google has expanded to mobile phones with the Android operating system, whichdelivers Google services and features as mobile applications. These strategies allow Google toreach out to consumers and create a competitive advantage (How Google maintains, 2010).Google has a competitive advantage over Facebook and Twitter. For Example Google providesinformation that is useful to users, however Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are socialnetworking websites. Facebook cares about who you are, and what would you like to share withthe world. Twitter is a social network that allows you to express your thoughts and ideas in 140characters. Both social networks are very popular amongst internet users, however both are verylimited in terms of information provided, in the sense where Googles function is more a varietyof different types of services. Google has built and maintained a competitive advantage based onsearch engine differentiation where they focus on innovation and common characteristics withindiversity (Hummer, 2006).Key Features of Google Digital MarketingGoogle provides several features further than the original word-search facility. Such featuresinclude: Weather forecasts Stock Quotes Time Zones Maps Personalized dashboards (allow you to set up dashboards that consist of information that is purposeful to you.) 4
  5. 5. Also, you can search on Google by "search by image" and " Google voice search.”Popular Queries in Countries Around the Gulf RegionAccording to Google Zeitgeist, annual reports about what captured the world’s attention, therehave been many queries about interests and passion in the past years around the Gulf region.Listed below are some queries: Burj Khalifa World Cup 2010 Social Networking Sites Budget Airlines such as Fly Dubai and Air Arabia Launch of new Blackberry Smartphone What is a recession? What is GDP? The Indian Elections and Swine Flu news search Beijing 2008 The Emirates Atlantis Emirates ID iPhone MySpace Wikipedia(2011).Marketers make Use of the Zeitgeist InformationMarketers can benefit from the information on Google Zeitgeist through several ways. First,Google Zeitgeist helps marketers know about the most effective ways of search engineoptimization (SEO); which is crucial to make web pages and online content at the top of thesearch list. It helps marketing professionals gain insight about what internet users and consumerssearch online, as well as it provides a list of the top searches of the year (Igor, 2008).In addition, several strategies of search engine optimization are helpful to attract the movementon URL links. To accomplish this, good quality content is built to create and increase interestamong readers. Next, incoming links, called Link Building, are created in web content. Theconcept of Link Building draws search engine creeps to the chosen URL (Igor, 2008).Moreover, social media and marketing is another powerful and easy medium to promote URLlinks. One can increase the movement and online visitors on links submitted on popular websitesof social media like Facebook or Twitter; which remove links of popular content. However,Google Zeitgeist saves all popular yearly searches on the net and helps SEO marketing expertschoose the best key phrases. Therefore, one can decide what kind of content the online audiencedemand (Igor, 2008). 5
  6. 6. Furthermore, websites for technology, food, or travel can increase their visitors by viewing thetop ten keyword searches displayed on Google Zeitgeist. Also, marketers can view popularsearches based on various subjects like locations, nationalities, or celebrities. This means thatthey can know what were the most popular keywords used. For example, if a list of popularonline searches was used on basis of location, “Rebecca Black” can be found on the top of theAmerican online search (Igor, 2008). 6
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