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This is a super early draft of a presentation for the 2011 IDEAS conference in Kingston, ON.

This is a super early draft of a presentation for the 2011 IDEAS conference in Kingston, ON.

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  • 1. Teens and Digital Footprints
    • Learning about Responsible Digital Citizenship through Blogging
    • a presentation by Shauna Pollock and Gill Crosbie
  • 2. Social Media
    • What do you use?
    • What do your students use?
    • Why is social media so appealing?
    • How do you use social media?
    • How can you maximize social media use in education?
    • Who is already doing this? (twitter, facebook, blogger, edublogs, PLNs...)
  • 3. Social Media (continued)
    • Meet students where they are
    • Extend learning
    • Authenticity
    • Digital responsibility
  • 4. Digital Citizenship
    • You are responsible for your actions on the Internet.
    • Do our students realize this?
    • Vastness, permanence and openness of Internet
    • Cyber bullying
  • 5. What are we, as educators, afraid of?
    • Explore our fears from the intro activity
    • How can we prevent our fears from coming true?
  • 6. What are the benefits to using social media?
    • meet the students where they are
    • engagement, motivation
    • ownership, pride, creating authentic content for a real audience
    • multi-tasking
    • explicitly teaching responsibilty
  • 7. The Three Cs
    • Communicate
    • Create
    • Collaborate
  • 8. The Teen Brain
    • potential to learn things: neural networks enlarging, synapses develop with stimulation
    • makes changes depending on demands of environment: can master new technology
    • inability to make snap judgements, need for adult examples and feedback, need to be reminded of potential consequences
    • interested in interactions with others, developing a sense of self, identity formation
  • 9. You’re interested? How to blog with 25 teens
    • access to computers!
    • collaborate with your peers (within your school, in other schools, cities, provinces, countries - the sky’s the limit!)
    • create authentic tasks
    • allow for yourself, as a teacher, to learn from your students
    • provide feedback
    • share successes