Top Traffic Techniques for 2014


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Top Traffic Techniques for 2014

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Top Traffic Techniques for 2014

  1. 1. Top Traffic Generating Techniques for 2014 Come to my website! I have something interesting to show you!!!!
  2. 2. In this presentation I have compiled few best, effective and business survival techniques that you need most to reach your goal traffic. Here we started,
  3. 3. Social Media The flame of social media has gotten hotter and hotter. Since social media is considered the hot and happening place for business promotion, to be successful with your business, you need constant participation and contribution in it. This is not like come and go, you need to keep up with your presence and commit to your social media campaign. Make sure you have decorated your profile with all the essential ornaments like real name, photo, your business address and services that you offer. Following are the hottest social media channels where you can promote your business: Make sure you don’t spam your business.
  4. 4. Blogging Write quality and informative blogs for your niche audience and submit them on relevant gust post platforms. You can also post your blog on web 2.0 websites which possess high page rank. People would like to read and share the content written extremely well that giving some useful information.
  5. 5. Blog Commenting Blog commenting is one proven way to build links, engage with likeminded people of the industry. This would increase your online credibility and visibility unless you have done for link purpose only. Just do it in right way. Avoid writing “I agree” and “Thanks for sharing” all pathetic answers in comment. Such comment always trash to dustbin. Check the video on blog commenting by Matt Cutts:
  6. 6. Upgrade to Latest Trends Search engines like Google always change algorithm to reduce the web spam. What worked in past years might not work this year, so always go through latest trends and legitimate techniques that assure zero penalty risk and good traffic. Additionally, before put any activity into action; make sure you have all the information available with. This would help you take the full advantage.
  7. 7. Podcasting Podcast become a very popular way to increase traffic. It is simply a digital audio or video file created available for download to numerous devices. Submitting your show to be listed in popular podcast and blog directories certainly double your traffic. Following are the few number one places to submit your podcast.
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing Since more and more people are turning to mobile devices for internet use, make sure you have designed your website to be mobile-friendly. Adopt the responsive web design concept; here only single version of your website will work flawlessly on all digital devices such as smartphones, tablet, laptops and iPad.
  9. 9. Video Marketing A normal person brains process visual information much more efficiently then the plan text. According to study, more than 90 percent of online buyers prefer watching product video and video influence their decision to buy.
  10. 10. Which is your favorite traffic generating technique, I would love to hear below in comment Bio: Sem Jacobs is an internet marketing manager at KGN Technologies – a leading web development company offering robust and cost-effective web solutions in Magento, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.