List of Few WordPress Mobile Themes and Plugins


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Best list of WordPress mobile themes and plugins.

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List of Few WordPress Mobile Themes and Plugins

  1. 1. List of Few WordPress MobileThemes and Plugins
  2. 2. WordPress theme development has become a popular way to earn some gooddollars these days. There is a huge demand of unique designs and user friendlyfunctionality offering Wordpress theme and people do spend money buying elegantand functionally efficient wordpress CMS and blog themes. By realizing theimmense use of smartphones, iPads and iPhones, it has now become necessary forweb owners to turn their site mobile friendly.In order to increase web traffic and to grab the audience of mobile website users itis very much advisable to adopt the mobile version of their sites. Responsive webdesign could also be another solution but in some circumstances it is ratherpreferable to choose a separate theme specifically for mobile version.Looking at the volume of mobile device users, it is highly advisable to seriouslyconsider perfect visualization of websites in mobile devices. A dedicated WordPresstheme for mobile is specifically designed to prepare your business for mobilesurfaces. Ultimately, it is depends on the business needs whether to go withresponsive web design or dedicated mobile theme. Here we will see the list of fewWordPress mobile themes and plug-ins.
  3. 3. Simple MobileSimple Mobile WordPress mobile theme comes with 8 different color schemes, acollapsible multi-level navigational menu, Twitter implementation, and more. It isespecially designed for iPhone.
  4. 4. HandheldHandheld is a plugin offered by ElegantThemes that will display a mobile version ofyour site on mobile devices. Visitors are also able to view your site on desktop withyour regular theme.
  5. 5. My Mobile Page V2My Mobile Page V2 is WordPress mobiletheme which supports customizable fluidlayout, a custom admin panel, a workingcontact form and much more.
  6. 6. My Mobile Page V3My Mobile Page V3 is a WordPress mobile theme uses fluid navigation, flexibleimages and video, a responsive gallery and slideshow, a custom admin panel, and 12shortcodes for content editing.
  7. 7. TouchTouch – WordPress mobile theme is not time wasting to check out if you really want aclean design and a feature rich solution.
  8. 8. Brave – Dark and clean responsive themeBrave is dark and 100% responsive WordPress mobile theme, works alongside yourdesktop site and it has a clean design.
  9. 9. WOW! mySiteWOW! My Site is a WordPress mobile theme comes with 9 preset color schemeoptions, multiple page templates, shortcodes, and unlimited color options forcustomization.
  10. 10. Provocateur°Provocateur° is a WordPress mobile theme build in jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. It ismainly optimized for Apple devices.
  11. 11. Metro MobileMetro Mobile – WordPress mobile theme allow you to give your mobile site a Metro-style layout. Here you can create your own metro style and it includes a customadmin panel, easy shortcodes and it is fully customizable.
  12. 12. MobilizeMobilize is a responsive mobile and tablet theme, an extensive theme options panel,a touch-optimized slider, a Twitter feed, a contact form, shortcodes and much more.
  13. 13. The TrollerThe Troller is an advanced, clean designed and easy to use mobile WordPress theme.
  14. 14. mobiThememobiThemes is a WordPress mobile theme which comes with features such asWordPress navigation menu support, unlimited color options, Twitter feed, homepage tabs, and much more.
  15. 15. StackerStacker is a retina-ready respsonsive WordPress theme which comes with featureslike a working contact form, shortcodes, photoswipe and flexslider, 5 page templates,and more.
  16. 16. SOFA iBloggrSOFA iBloggr WordPress mobile theme is wholly for the iPhone and iPod devices. It iswidget ready, comes with built in pagination, includes a working contact form andmore.
  17. 17. MobitMobit is WordPress mobile theme which comes with a theme customizer that allowsyou to style your theme. It has a 2-level accordion menu, is retina-ready, comes withshortcodes and much more.
  18. 18. WpMobbWpMobb theme comes with 8 different styles, 18 unique page designs, 3 gallerystyles, easy color customization, a working contact form, and more.
  19. 19. BreatheBreathe comes with 6 main themes, over 15 shortcodes, WordPress navigation menusupport, a liquid layout, and more.
  20. 20. TigerTiger – WordPress mobile theme has a theme customizer, supports touch and swipegestures, Google font integration, shortcodes, and more.
  21. 21. SideSide Mobile WordPress offers features like 5 custom pages, 5 color schemes, a customcontrol panel, a working contact form, and more.
  22. 22. RodinRodin is a Mobile WordPress theme comes with 12 pre-defined backgroundpatterns, and you also have unlimited color options. It comes with features likeFlexSlider 2, Font Awesome integration, Google Font integration, a working contactform, and more.
  23. 23. DudaDuda is a useful WordPress plugin that is use to convert your WordPress website intoa mobile-friendly website. It’s fast, free and easy.
  24. 24. WPtouch ProWptouch PRO is a plugin that focusses on fast loading and customization options. It isa web app ready mobile plugin which adds powerful, easy-to-use features toWordPress for mobile.
  25. 25. Well, this the list of few WordPress mobile themes andplug-ins you can use. Feel free to share your favoritetheme or plug-in which I may not be aware of.