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advise for increase eskişehir tourism demand

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  1. 1. Predictions to Create Tourism Demand in Eskişehir
  2. 2. Current Tourism Demand Condition in Eskişehir Number of Number of Average occupancy visitors overnight staydomestic 111 196 1.8 0.09touristsforeign 46 554 86 713 1.9 39.20touriststotal 46 665 86 909 1.9 39.29
  3. 3. Tourism suply in Eskişehir Facility Number Number Number of of beds Rooms Tourism L 13 848 1 561 icenced Municipal 10 312 554 ity Licenced total 23 1 160 2 115
  4. 4. Strength of Eskişehir History and cultural structureToleranted society Transportation convenience
  5. 5. Increasing the supply ofaccommodationIncrease quality of serviceThermal tourism opportunitiesThe Phrygian ValleyYılmaz Büyükerşan’s positive imageon the city
  6. 6. Weaknesess of EskişehirImage of industry cityFailure to meet strategic marketingDisappearing local handicraftsCity center hamams can notmodernized
  7. 7. Opportunities of EskişehirIncreasing the positive image of the cityIncrease in demand for cities and culturesWith high-speed train quick accessIncreasing educational attainmentErasmus student in university
  8. 8. Threats of EskisehirSame competitor in cultural and thermal areaSerious competitors to like Phrygian ValleyCouldn’t enter domestic tour operator listAir pollutionDistorting constructions
  9. 9. Emerging tourism types in Eskişehir Thermal Tourism Turkish Hamams in Centrum Kızılinler Tourism Center Sakarıılıca Tourism Center
  10. 10.  Convention TourismProximity to larger cities,Transport infrastructure,Culture, Town and thermal tourism facilitiesCongress appropriate tourism infrastructureCongress tourism facilities bemade available.
  11. 11.  City Tourism Parks ) Out of Trafic Area Tramway MuseumsRecration possibilty Festivals
  12. 12.  Cultural tourismPhrygian ValleyOdunpazariSeyitgaziMuseums
  13. 13.  Other Kinds of TourismActionGolfEco-tourismFarm tourismOther alternative tourism types.
  14. 14. How Positioned Eskisehir City as Brand?City brand; is sum of rational andemotional beliefs that extinquishedfrom other cities.
  15. 15. Major Brand Cities in TurkeySuns rising city of SamsunIndustrial city of GaziantepOxygen is the land of the OrduTourism capital of AntalyaProphets city of ŞanlıurfaOttoman princes city of Amasya
  16. 16. What could be the brand of Eskişehir?The University city Student cityCapital of Culture Thermal tourism city
  17. 17. Citys brand image; sum ofthoughts when heared city name.
  18. 18. What could be the citys image?The University city Capital of CultureStudent city Yılmaz Büyükersen
  19. 19. WHAT CAN BE DONE to İNCREASE MORE ESKİŞEHİR TOURİSM DEMAND?Creation "Eskisehir Presentation Council"Creation Phrygian Valley Tourism DevelopmentCenter
  20. 20.  Presentation With Public and private sector establish Eskişehir presentation council Promotion of national and international trade Promoting filming (especially Odunpazari) Description of Eskişehir to high school student Prapere route maps Develop Promotion strategies
  21. 21.  Infrastructure works Complate infrastructure that have tourism demand Preparation Eskişehir cultere map Complete Eskişehir Convetion center building Encourage new hotel for convention Buid trade fair center in Eskişehir Start city tour by bus
  22. 22. Studies on the region in coordination with neighbour city The Phrygian Valley Thermal tourism Transportation Package tour applications
  23. 23.  Educational StudiesTraining city guidesTraining regional guidesİncrease qualified staff
  24. 24. Selcuk YÜCESOY