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  1. 1. “
  2. 2. Robin Hood: Organizational ProfileBrief History• First year of Revolt: built a large body of men with grievances; made a disciplined fighting force; housed in Sherwood Forest• Robin ruled supreme; had lieutenants to whom he delegated functions
  3. 3. • Fame spread; the band grew• As the band grew, discipline slackened and food was scarce.• Revenues were running short as the rich were avoiding the forest
  4. 4. • Barons want to overthrow Prince John, bring King Richard back, and want Robin Hood to help them in exchange for amnesty Something had to change, butwhat?
  5. 5. Time Line Robin’s Willingness to conflict with serve to be in the Sheriff & the band of his merrymenadministration He sought allies Merrymen
  6. 6. Robin’s Organization Robin Hood SupremeWill Scarlet Much – Little John ScarlockIntelligence Provisioning & Scouting Discipline Finances the band
  7. 7. Main Issue • Lack of strategy and there isstrategey no future plans. • Robin hood & their men have good tactics and operations.operation tactical
  8. 8. Minor IssuesOverstaffed band & insufficient resources to sustain itPeople avoiding travel through forest  Decline inrevenue streamStructuring & training the ever growing band ofmerrymenRobin’s plan of forcing the Sheriff out of Nottinghamnot working
  9. 9. BİM• BİM Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş. first opened the doors in 1995 with 21 stores. Its object was to offer consumers basic food items and consumer goods• BİM, pioneer of the hard-discount model in Turkey
  10. 10. BİM: Financial Indicators The Changing Market• First year, did well. Small organization, growth was steady, revenues consistent, stockholder support• No competition• After the year the market become competetive
  11. 11. BİM: The Problem(s)• Migros and Other big companies are getting stronger; companies making their own cheap products• Bim lose their profit margin• How do we decisively end the competetion before the Migros regains control?
  12. 12. BİM: SWOTStrengths WeaknessesFlexiblty Lack of QualityIn-expensive labour ConsciousnessCo-operation from the Lack of Financialemployees strengthLess overheads Lack of infrastructure facilities Lack of trained workers
  13. 13. BİM: SWOTOpportunities Threatsdecrease in price Competition fromin input largeNew market area: and Multinationalslow incomehousehold Distrust BİM’s products. Not enough product range
  14. 14. BİM: Five Forces Threat of Threat of New New Entrants Entrants LowBargaining Power of Bargaining Power Rivalry Among Competing Suppliers of Buyers Firms in IndustryNot known Low Low Threat of Substitute Products Low
  15. 15. SOLUTIONSget kredit from change the mergers with financial government Change the other companies institutions policy top manageme nt level
  16. 16. Robin Hood & BİM: RecommendationsRecommendation: Make a mideum &long term plan Take a chance on getting King Richard back and getting rid of John and the Sheriff in one fell swoop Get capital to grow the business and feed the troops BİM: more variety product & better quality
  17. 17. Robin Hood: The End….
  18. 18. HalilHilmiSelçukSelvet