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OTP Solution - Mat khau su dung mot lan

  1. 1. Portable Authentication - The concept Online shopping Internet banking Online gaming Mobile banking Online betting Enterprise access
  2. 2. - Fight fraud and phishing! Todos has developed security solutions based on smart cards since 1990. Throughout the years, Todos has built up an extensive in-house expertise in designing cost efficient identification solutions for the mass market, with focus on the product, its personalisation, distribution and support. Todos eCode is a product portfolio for secure remote authentication using One Time Passwords (OTP), Challenge/Response and Electronic Signatures. The OTPs can be generated by a reader and a smart card, tokens, printed cards or mobile phones. Reader and smart card Todos eCode is a cost efficient, portable and secure authentication solution for e-Banking, e-Commerce, Online Shopping with 3-D Secure, Mobile Banking and Enterprise access. Todos eCode is platform and channel independent, providing the possibility to simultaneously authenticate users via Internet, PSTN, mobile network and VPN. The end user devices in the eCode solution are all easy to learn and easy to use. Also, it is easy to manage for the bank as the devices require no personalisation. Thus, they are easy and cheap to distribute and have minimal need for support. The Todos eCode solution can be introduced Mobile gradually, with different security levels, to suit the Token Printed OTP development pace of remote services in the bank. - Central System Todos eCode Central System is the heart of the Todos eCode authentication solution and can operate in both a Single Issuer and Multi Issuer configuration. Each Issuer is unique and has its own requirements on authentication method, security, reliability, availability, capacity and integration to its legacy systems. The modularity and flexibility of the eCode Central System enables it to be fully customized to meet customer requirements. VISA dynamic passcode authentication Todos eCode authentication follows the principle of two factor authentication. Based on something you know (i.e. a PIN or a Static Password), combined with something you have (e.g. a smart card), a One Time Password (OTP), a Signature or a Response in a Challenge/Response mechanism is generated. 3-D Secure Todos eCode supports different carriers, and a variety of medias: • Smart card- or SIM-based: FISC II - One Time Passwords (with or without PIN) OTP - Challenge/Response and Signatures • Printed One Time Passwords • Token One Time Passwords Sm@rt • SMS sent One Time Passwords TAN • Java MIDP based: - One Time Passwords (with or without PIN) - Challenge/Response and Signatures APACS Todos eCode Central System includes several different functions: SiBS • Authentication • Personalisation data generation • Key management Interpay • Customer Support Application • Static password verification • Personalisation of tokens and smart cards Banksys' R4 • Radius support Authentication Todos eCode Central System also supports the latest industrial standards, including 3-D Secure CAP, MasterCard SecureCode, VISA dynamic passcode authentication, APACS, Interpay, SiBS, Sm@rt TAN, FISC II OTP and Banksys' R4 Authentication.
  3. 3. Reader and smart card In an eCode solution for smart card based One Time Signatures. The eCode readers may also display balance and Password (OTP), the OTPs, Signatures and Responses are transactions of e-purse, loyalty cards and other applications. generated in the smart card at the moment of authentication The readers do not require any personalisation, as the and displayed to the user in a portable smart card reader. security lies in the smart card and the security application. The user has one (or more) standardised readers, thus There are several models of smart card readers available, reader distribution becomes easier and cheaper. with different levels of functionality: Todos eCode Reader, Todos eCode Signature, Todos eCode Authenticator and The connectable Authenticator combines the portability Todos eCode connectable Authenticator. Todos eCode and user friendliness of an unconnected reader with PKI Signature, Authenticator and connectable Authenticator qualified signatures when connected to a PC via USB. have small keyboards for PIN entry, Challenge/Response and Printed OTP OTP Token The OTPs are generated In an eCode solution for centrally, then securely transferred Token based OTPs, the OTP is to a personalisation bureau generated inside the token at which prints the OTPs onto Reader and the moment of authentication a card or a PIN envelope. smart card and displayed to the user on the token display. To protect from shoulder Printed surfing, an aluminium foil OTP The user interface of Todos scratch layer protects the not eCode ezToken consists of a yet used OTPs. Combined with display and one single button. a static password you achieve With a press on the button an a two-factor authentication. OTP OTP is generated. Combined Token with a static password, this Benefits with Printed OTP: provides a strong two-factor • Low initial cost. Central System authentication. • Easy to deploy, learn and use. • Portability: always Data for Todos eCode in your wallet. ezToken personalisation • Easy to distribute using Mobile is generated by the Todos postal services. - SIM, MIDP eCode Central System. Java J2ME Printed OTP is a good intermediate Mobile OTP Token is a good solution if EMV cards have not yet intermediate solution - SMS been rolled out. if EMV cards have not yet been rolled out. Mobile - SIM and MIDP By placing the security application on the SIM Mobile - SMS you can use a standard mobile phone for all your In an eCode solution for OTP sent by SMS, the OTP is generated bank errands. It is also possible to download a in the eCode Central System upon a request from the user, sent Java application directly to your handset. by SMS to a predefined mobile card and displayed to the user. The mobile handset is a device most people carry with them The eCode Central System has the central all the time and care about. With Todos eCode Mobile SIM or functions for generating the OTP and sending MIDP inside, the authentication device is always close at hand. it, in addition to the verification. Todos eCode Mobile supports multiple banks and service The mobile handset is a device most people carry with providers on the same SIM card. Each bank/service provider can them all the time and care about. With Todos eCode Mobile control their own personalised information independently. SMS, the authentication device is always close at hand. Example of dynamic authentication solution: Todos eCode Mobile Todos eCode Authenticator Todos eCode ezToken Todos eCode Central System Starting off with Introducing eCode Mobile EMV card rollout Phase out tokens Bank Central System and tokens New customer segment Introducing smart card readers development
  4. 4. Case studies 23 individual banks using Todos Developing next generation eBanking terminal eCode in a Multi Issuer setup ABN AMRO is a prominent international bank, with European SpareBank 1 Alliance roots dating back to 1824. ABN AMRO ranks eighth in Europe is a Nordic bank and product and 15th in the world based on tier 1 capital. In 2003, ABN AMRO collaboration where the began an evaluation process for a new generation eBanking SpareBank 1 banks in terminals, a project called TRaP (Token Replacement Project). Norway collaborate through the jointly owned group ABN AMRO's main selection criteria were: SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS. SpareBank 1 • A secure end user device that implements "Sign what you Gruppen AS was established in 1996, and is one of the see" functionality for both unconnected and connected use. largest providers of financial services in the Norwegian • A device that will be used as the market. The Alliance consists of 23 individual savings banks security device over the next 5-10 "Sign what and the product companies of SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS. years, and must offer long-term you see" support for the ABN AMRO card functionality SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS is using the Todos eCode solution products today and tomorrow. in a Multi Issuer setup, where all SpareBank 1 banks are using the • A supplier with cutting edge technology and know-how, same eCode Central System, but each individual savings bank has being able to turn customer's business and product its own operational keys and eCode database. requirements into a solution that meets customer demands in the areas of security, smart cards and quality. • A device that has ABN AMRO look and feel. The Todos eCode authentication solution in this • Pricing. case represents the authentication of end users to their own certificates in a net centric key store system, in which the private keys are securely hosted in a central After a thorough evaluation of the alternatives, ABN server. This is part of the national ID scheme BankID. AMRO (BUNL) selected Todos for the development of their new secure end user device "e.dentifier2". A final contract was signed on August 24, 2005, comprising the development of Says Eldar Skjetne, Director payment services, the reader and rollout of more than 2.5 million readers. SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS: “We think that we have together with Todos Data System AB found a solution which is easy to use for the customers. With the security application hosted in the smart card, the customer can easily see the connection between traditional payments with his/her Visa card, and the use of the same card for For further information regarding the different parts of authentication on the Internet. Customers who wish to have more the Todos eCode portfolio please see respective product brochure than one eCode Reader will be able to buy the additional number or contact the Todos sales team. All brochures are available for of readers they like from the bank.” download at www.todos.se. TODOS DATA SYSTEM AB 7331887 ----- 061024 www.todos.se sales@todos.se Todos Data System reserves the right to change the specifications at any time and without notice. All trademarks or trade names are the property of their respective owners.