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Wisekey italia presentation 2012


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Wisekey italia presentation 2012

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  2. 2. About usAbout Us•  Company founded in Geneva in 1999•  Specialized in IT security, particularly with internet digital identity and data protection’s technologies.•  PKI Root integrated in all internet browsers.•  2 Data Centers of extremely high security level in CHMissionContribute in making internet the tool for secured transactions.Protect information and data from abusive access.OfferingWe offer advanced, innovative scalable solutions for both private and publicsector organizations, small and medium enterprises (SME) as well as end-users (consumers).FocusOur focus is to provide Top Security and state of the art Authentication andRecognition technologies.ModelUnique as it offers a Totally Neutral Trust Model (WEBTRUST Foundation) +Swiss DNA = Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) benefits to the mass market ataffordable rates, both on fixed, wireless or mobile communicationenvironments. 2
  3. 3. Specialties  Authenticating and Protecting Digital Identity (Web, Mobile)  Securing Web Portals, Intranet & Extranet with User Keys (Protected Access)  Digital Certificates (Trusted ID in transactions)  Protecting Data Privacy, both in Transmission and Storage (IP, Mobile)  Building Secure Transactional Applications (Mobile APPs, NFC)  Innovative Payment Systems (Digital Billing Ecosystems, see Amex, Bancorp) 3
  4. 4. Our World 4
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  6. 6. Our Solutions 6
  7. 7. Solutions Details 7
  8. 8. WISeKey’s PKI solution provides the functionality to cost-effectively issue and manageuniversally trusted digital identities for secure email, digital signatures, secure servers ,secure payments and access control, as well as certifying the specific date and time ofelectronic transactions 8
  9. 9. PKI Products 9
  10. 10. Managing PKIsWISeKey complies on Swiss Federal Laws in Confidentiality, Privacy and Security. 10
  11. 11. Digital CertificatesIT IS YOU..OR DIGITALLY YOURSA digital certificate provides the Individual User with the highest level ofSecurity; enabling Identification, Authentication, Secure EncryptedCommunications (e-mail, website etc.) with Electronic Signatures.IT IS LEGALLY BINDING / ENFORCINGAssociating the Person or Object Identity to a Digital Identity: each Certificategenerates a Log File + ID + Digital Identity = Ensure your BusinessTransactions Worldwide + provide Non-Repudiation (therefore each digitalcontract has a Strong Validity + Enforcement.YOUR DIGITAL PASSPORT / MAXIUMUM CONFIDENTIALITYOn one hand a Digital ID, or eID can be viewed as Digital Passports that informInternet users about identity, authenticity, end ensure confidentiality, featuresthat are seamlessly integrated with the majority of existing ICT systems(Windows, MacOS, Linux). 11
  12. 12. Rolex CaseEmployees identities are 100% TrustedWith WISeKey e-IDs Bienne Branch ~1000 Employees Secure Email Digital Signatures Geneva HQ Encryption ~ 5000 Employees in 3 Separate Locations 12
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  14. 14. Mobile SmartWISeID Card and Password Wallet: Convenient, Easy to Use, Encrypted Place to Store All your ID and Protectedinformation, like Usernames, passwords, PINs, or combinations.WisePay: Order & Pay (digital items, prepaid, bills, tickets, other)Pay bills securely & remotely, manage bank accounts, make transfers, check balance & transactions.Purchase minutes or units for phone or send minutes/units to another mobile unit. Online music stores can allowtheir customers to purchase & download music & videos directly to the phone, also in NFC mode (Bancorp) 14
  15. 15. Mobile Solutions Mobile, P&CWISePhone+ = Swiss Trustworthiness in World Mobile Communications.•  Secures your mobile phone communications (Voice, SMS’s, E-mails).•  Secures all the information stored on mobile devices (contacts, e-mails).•  Strong level of end-to-end encryption to all customers.Installs easily on commonly available mobile devices (Symbian, Windows Mobile,BlackBerry, Android). Fully compatible with existing mobile infrastructures. 15
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  17. 17. Hublot Owners Club Hublot was the first brand to adopt WISeAuthentic, the revolutionary system that u s e s Tr u s t e d D i g i t a l Identification technologies to track and authenticate items. Since 2010, all Hublot Big Bang, Classic Fusion, and King Power watches have been protected by WISeAuthentic, and the system is operational in over 400 Hublot boutiques worldwide, praised by the reseller network and Hublots management. 17
  18. 18. Real Madrid, ChinaReal Madrid is the worlds best known football team and has the largestglobal fan base with more than 450 million fans worldwide.Real Madrid FC recently signed an exclusive deal with WISeKey to distributetheir mobile content across China for the upcoming 2011/2012 season.This deal allows WISeKey to monetize by associating the ecosystem ofWISeKey users with restricted mobile content rights provided by the brandsin some countries.Chinese partners and WISeKey will exclusively handle all the marketing anddistribution of Real Madrid’s mobile content in China. 18
  19. 19. BankCorp, NFCA new generation of NFC authentication solutions (Inside Secure &Wisekey) to be developed and commercialized worldwide.In the words of Carlos Moreno, Vice President Brand Management atDigital WISeKey:"It allows us the one hand, to extend the use of our certificate ofauthenticity for digital mobile devices and on the other hand, store it inother formats as smart cards.The benefits of NFC, usable on smartphones, allow us to expand therange of value-added services offered by luxury brands, at the same timemeet the highest demands of their customers. "The solutions mark protection are based on WISeKey Technology PublicKey Infrastructure (PKI) that creates a secure cryptographic digitalcertificate containing the identity code of the product.The digital certificate stored on an NFC chip will be, the statement said,impossible to replicate. 19
  20. 20. Some Significant Customers Contacts in Italy 20