C3000 & c6000 card delivery system - He thong long ghep phong bi


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C3000 & c6000 card delivery system - He thong long ghep phong bi

  1. 1. C3000 and C6000 Card Delivery Systems Stand-alone solutions for highly productive card delivery The C3000 and C6000 card delivery systems bring automated efficiency and security to high- volume card delivery programs throughout the world. These two stand-alone systems transform personalized cards and carriers into mail-ready packages more affixing up to six cards per form Save time, cut costs and productively than ever. and creating up to 3,000 complete improve security Easy-to-use, software-driven mailings per hour. The C3000 and C6000 systems controls make each step in the consolidate the steps associated with Track every card and card delivery process—from card card delivery into a single, seamless card carrier affixing, to envelope insertion, to process for dramatic time and cost Both systems have sensors that fixed metering—secure, flexible savings. This reduces the chances track every card and card carrier and fast. Adaptable hardware for errors and speeds throughput. from the beginning of the process configurations allow you to It also greatly improves security for through envelope insertion. Each customize each system to meet your operations as a whole and on system is able to determine if a specific card issuer needs. an individual card level. card and card carrier do not match The C3000 and C6000 systems are and can be programmed to reject a Optional inline printing ideal complements to high-volume card or card carrier without operator Both the C3000 and C6000 systems Datacard® card personalization intervention. An audit trail feature can be configured to print forms as solutions, including the Datacard® tracks all rejected cards and forms part of the inline process. High- Maxsys™ card issuance system. The for total accountability. quality laser printing lets you print combination of speed, reliability messages for cardholders quickly Affix cards in any location and precision helps card operations and efficiently. A flexible card placement of all sizes achieve aggressive A complete portfolio of feature—standard with both productivity and profitability goals. card delivery solutions systems—lets you affix cards Up to 6,000 mailings almost anywhere on a form. This Datacard offers the world’s most per hour results in a more professional look complete and most advanced family The C6000 system easily keeps than traditional die-cut forms. of card delivery systems. In addition pace with the highest volume Both systems also offer several to the stand-alone C3000 and C6000 programs. It affixes up to four cards different paper inputs such as cut systems, our offering includes other per form and can create up to 6,000 sheet, single-sheet continuous feed stand-alone and fully integrated mail-ready packages per hour. It and “two-up” continuous feed. You solutions for the Datacard® 9000 and accommodates a broad range of can configure one or more paper 7000 Series card issuance systems. form sizes, letting you incorporate inputs together to accommodate Datacard® card delivery systems are unique packaging ideas into a wide range of card delivery designed to elevate speed, security mailings. Like the C6000 system, needs—even within the same run. and value in your high-volume card the C3000 system can be tailored to The ability to deliver personalized operations. meet customer requirements, while inserts also helps you accommodate one-to-one marketing strategies.
  2. 2. C3000 and C6000 Card Delivery Systems Expert service through • Speed: Up to 6,000 mail-ready Options packages per hour (C6000 system); 11111 Bren Road West planning, implementation • Inline printing (continuous or up to 3,000 mail-ready packages and maintenance per hour (C3000 system). single sheet) Minnetonka, MN 55343-9015 Datacard is committed to providing Note: Overall performance depends • Personalized second and third pages +1 952 933 1223 outstanding support for all our on quantity of the collected forms, • 11 in. x 17 in. (278 mm x 430 mm) inserts, envelopes and the environment. bi-folded paper +1 952 931 0418 FAX solutions, no matter where they are installed around the globe. Our • Multiple forms input—wide range • Personalized inserts such as MICR of sizes www.datacard.com network of service specialists checks, terms and conditions, gift • Multiple personalized pages booklets, etc. provides support in more than • Modular design • Chip card readers 120 countries worldwide. Our • Intuitive, Windows®-based operator • Second input card shaft comprehensive professional software (C3000 system) service offerings include smart • C3000 system carrier size: • Card buffer for use with inline card planning and consulting, Maximum 12.6 in. x 12.6 in. printing integration and customization, card (320 mm x 320 mm) after first fold. • Card affixing table extension for the issuance, program management, Minimum 4.3 in. x 4.3 in. application of up to 6 cards per form (110 mm x 110 mm). (C3000 system) implementation planning, onsite C6000 system carrier size: installation, software support and Maximum 8.6 in. x 10.6 in. • Card affixing table extension for the (220 mm x 260 mm) after first fold. application of up to 4 cards per form training. These offerings extend (C6000 system) Minimum 7.5 in. x 3.5 in. beyond traditional hardware (190 mm x 90 mm). • Up to 12 Selective Insert Stations services to provide complete • Form transport assemblies • Customized sorting options turnkey services for our customers. • Four-pocket folder—capable of • Inline mail weighing Your best choice for supplies handling 14 in. (354 mm) paper Specifications Protect your investment in • Bar code reader for card carriers; • Physical dimensions: standard bar codes include: Datacard® solutions by only using Systems are configurable; Datacard® Certified Supplies. You - 3 of 9 typical configuration is - 2/5 Interleaved 20 ft. long x 17 ft. wide x 5 ft. high can count on Datacard for all of (6.0 m x 5.1 m x 1.5 m) your supplies needs. We engineer - Code 32 • Weight: superior performance and reliability - Codabar Systems are configurable; into every system-matched supply - Code 128 typical configuration is 6,000 lbs. (2727 kg) item we offer. For you, that means - PDF417 • Operating environment: smooth printing, brilliant image - Others available upon request - 68° to 77°F (20° to 25°C) quality, high security and • Card application station—two cards - 40% to 70% non-condensing exceptional performance. per form humidity Worldwide representation creates • Single input card shaft • Electrical requirements: (C3000 system); dual input shaft a fast, direct connection with the - 240V 60HZ, 40 Amps , (C6000 system) supplies and support you need, • Magnetic stripe reader for cards • Certifications: CE Mark, FCC when and where you need them. • Pick and place arm for card affixing • Compressed Air: 6 bar (90 PSI) The product of a powerful (C3000 system) partnership • Plough folder The C3000 and C6000 systems Datacard is a registered trademark • Envelope reject box (for systems and service mark of DataCard are offered in cooperation with configured with an inserting machine) Corporation. Maxsys is a trademark of DataCard Corporation.Windows is Otto Künnecke, a market leader • Output conveyer a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Otto Künnecke is a and true innovator in document • DIALok User Interface trademark of Otto Künnecke mail processing systems. handling. Integrating Datacard’s • Selective inserting © 2003 DataCard Corporation. card issuance expertise with the • Audit trail All rights reserved. Information subject to change strengths of Otto Künnecke has • Remote diagnostic capabilities without notice. resulted in superior stand-alone Printed in U.S.A. card delivery solutions that set 3FL-2000 new standards for productivity, precision and reliability. Standard features