Clear Skin: Laser Skin & Hair Clinic: Case Study


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Clear Skin is a dermatology clinic originally from Karad. It entered the crowded Pune market in 2012. This is how Seagull Advertising helped Clear Skin to establish it as a successful brand.

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Clear Skin: Laser Skin & Hair Clinic: Case Study

  1. 1. Clear Skin
  2. 2. Clear Skin, a clinic from Karad entered Pune in October 2012 Client’s objective: • To be recognised as a medical expert in skin and hair domain • To break the clutter and stand out in competitive market Building Clear Skin as a brand in Pune
  3. 3. • Clear Skin is originally from Karad with existing branches in Satara and Kolhapur • Pune already had a lot of known players in the skin and hair care industry New in Pune
  4. 4. • The obvious emotional truth • Young people get frustrated when they don't get satisfactory results from their skin treatments • Through our market research we noticed that young people get frustrated when they don't get satisfactory results from their skin treatments. To establish Clear Skin our strategists came up with a powerful branding idea, that is – Full stop to Frustration. We took this idea forward through an integrated marketing plan to achieve the results. In detail
  5. 5. -To get 300 new people visiting Clear Skin every month -We decided to go out in Pune Times, since our TG is reading Pune Times SMART Objective
  6. 6. Advertorial
  7. 7. Website
  8. 8. Brochures
  9. 9. Hoarding
  10. 10. Television Commercial for IBN Lokmat
  11. 11. Radio Objective: We wanted our Radio Spots to be educative and informative since we wanted to establish Clear Skin as a credible medical brand. Strategy : We created a radio property "Doctor Doctor". We invited people to participate by sharing their hair and skin related problems with us. These queries were then answered by Dr. Chavan, the founder of Clear Skin himself. This helped us to establish Clear Skin as trustable clinic in Pune. Result : 45 enquires were received as a result of this campaign
  12. 12. •Today Clear Skin receives more than 300 people every month •It has a patients base of more than 2000 patients in Pune •Clear Skin is now confident and is planning to open another clinic in Pune Trusted by people Clear Skin has managed to build high credibility within a span of one year It now has a large amount of satisfied customers in Pune. The Result?