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Slide deck - Passive Alcohol System (PAS)

Slide deck - Passive Alcohol System (PAS)

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  • 1. Innovative Science & Engineering Solutions for the Wine Industry
  • 2. Perception and Reality Winemaking as a polluting industry?
  • 3. The Reality • Wineries emit ethanol vapor during fermentation • Ethanol vapor is a volatile organic gas (VOC) • VOC forms smog • Most USA wine made in large Central Valley tank-farms • Central Valley smog second worst in USA
  • 4. • New winery emission limits • Substantial winery compliance costs • Production caps imposed • Conventional pollution controls incompatible • No Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) • Ethanol vapor lost opportunity The Problem
  • 5. The Solution • Patent-pending system retains ethanol vapor • Liquor & offset credit revenue from captured vapor • PAS designed for wineries • May be used to enhance wine quality • Pollution control with positive winery ROI
  • 6. vapor fermenting wine 80-100 proof alcohol CO2 CO2 carries vapors to PAS Winery refrigerant liquifies ethanol vapor in PAS Dry and clean CO2 collected or vented Process Diagram No moving parts, fans or pumps Fermentation heat vaporizes ethanol Wine flavors and aromas collected with ethanol
  • 7. Geraldine Ritchie, Ph.D. Cal Poly-SLO; Professor, Enology and Viticulture Charlotte Hill, Ph.D. CEO & President Georg Fischer Signet, Inc. Gianni Manucci Winery Owner and Winemaker James Lunt Winemaker and Winery Management Alan Kraemer Chief Technology Officer, DTS Inc. John Dmohowski Dir. Client Services, PortTech Los Angeles Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Corporate Legal Advisory Team Steve Colome, Sc.D. Co-founder; Science and Regulatory Compliance Marci Norkin-Schöpel Co-founder; Engineering and Product Design Management Team
  • 8. Market Potential • >$1B initial target market in San Joaquin Valley California • USA 10% global production • >$17.5B addressable global market Sacramento Valley San Joaquin Valley South Coast South Central Coast North Central Coast San Francisco Bay Lake County North Coast Mountain County
  • 9. PAS vs. the Competition Nohmovo UV-Activated Scrubber Pollutant Removal    Cost-Effective   No Hazardous Disposal  Low O&M Costs  No Water Use  Low Energy Use 
  • 10. • Intellectual Property • Pat. Pend: 12/476,231 • Pat. Pend: 13/358,499 • First to market • Trade secrets from 5-yr R&D • Extensive proprietary client database Barriers to Entry
  • 11. Sales and Marketing Direct Sales to Customers International sales agents Licensed sales agents Industry Publications Wines & Vines and annual “Buyer’s Guide” Vineyard & Winery Management Trade Shows Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (Sacramento) ProWein (Germany) WinTech (Australia)
  • 12. Steven Colomé, Sc.D. Marci Norkin-Schöpel office: (626) 539-5850 website: