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short story of brand sarmistha

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Sharmistha Brand

  1. 1. A Brand Called Sharmistha By Sharmistha Chakrabarty
  2. 2. In the City of Nawabs She is a Avid reader was born and raised in… Sharmistha S t She .M a r y ' s attended Co nve nt S c ho o l has being 1st class She Loves throughout
  3. 3. During her school days Made a lot of friends and learnt a valuable lesson of life …….. “You must be big enough to admit your mistakes,smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.
  4. 4. “ But she had a vision in life. She believed in the fact that Youth is time to do something and become Somebody ”
  5. 5. went to college to pursue Engineering in Biotechnology volunteered in social work activities was involved with cultural fest activities S won prizes in National English contest H and … E made a lot more friends
  6. 6. Later… She realized “There are no such things as limits to growth,  because there are no limits to the human capacity  for intelligence, imagination, and wonder
  7. 7. So… She made a choice upon graduation Instead of following the usual course of pursuing M.Tech or M.S She choose to pursue a management course
  8. 8. Y h hi Hai Rig ht Choice e Lucknow Bangalore
  9. 9. Upon arriving… She was fascinated by the strong business climate She found this was the perfect place for beginners to be familiar with business practices, observe consumer behaviors, and enhance persuasion skills She acquired knowledge and understanding of subjects like Market research through various Academic Projects. Designed questionnaires to evaluate client need’s, satisfaction level and identify potential clients.
  10. 10. Meanwhile… She took college classes in Economics, Marketing, Statistics etc. to better understand the world outside of sales She was delighted to find that her sales background would be helpful in a marketing era where the role of consumers and the importance of interactive communication had been focused on…
  11. 11. Media Clutter Market Fragmentation Technology Innovation Touchpoints Interaction Then it means Everybody within a company is, could, and should be a marketer
  12. 12. The Marketing Universe 4P 4C 4E + + = SHE CONCLUDED THAT… Product Consumer Experience Price Cost Exchange Place Convenience Everyplace Promotion Communication Evangelism A gradual integration process in mind and practice
  13. 13. Her strong Internet information collection and research skills substantial knowledge will definitely add an different perspective to your company
  14. 14. The appropriate person fits the appropriate position, and that’s what she firmly believed in.  Thanks for Your Precious Time!