Solving Algebraic Equations


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A sideshow that teaches methods used to solve basic algebraic equations.

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Solving Algebraic Equations

  1. 1. Algebra 2 10th Grade By: Sam Eary ED 205-03 Quit
  2. 2.  This PowerPoint has a variety of algebraic equations. Most are review of Algebra 1 equations; however, some may look unfamiliar to you. Each equation type has its own description page with links to videos. Watch the videos explaining each equation type. Then try solving each equation for x on your own before clicking on a link to the solution of the equation. Quit
  3. 3.  Addition and Subtraction  Multistep Equations Video Video x+1=5 5x-3=7 x-9=6 (x/2)+6=8 (x+1)/2=6 9+x-5=6  Multiplication and  Resource Slide Division  Author’s Slide Video 2x=4 x/5=3 7/x=8 (5x)/10=2 Quit
  4. 4.  The next three slides contain examples of equations that only involve addition and subtraction. Please view the video before you work on the equations. Addition and Subtraction Video x+1=5 x-9=6 9+x-5=6 Quit
  5. 5.  To solve this equation we will subtract 1 from both sides of the equation: x=4 Quit
  6. 6.  Since we are dealing with subtraction we need to add 9 to both sides yielding: x=15 Quit
  7. 7.  In this form the equation is a little complicated. First we need to combine the constants on the left side of the equation: 9-5=4  Our new equation is: x+4=6  Now we will subtract 4 from both sides: x=2 Quit
  8. 8.  These equations involve multiplication and division only. Multiplication and Division Video 2x=4 x/5=3 7/x=8 (5x)/10=2 Quit
  9. 9.  To solve for x we will divide 2 from both sides of the equation: x=2 Quit
  10. 10.  We will multiply each side of the equation by 5: x=15 Quit
  11. 11.  Since x is in the denominator our first step is to multiply both sides by x: 7=8x  Now we will divide both sides by 8: 7/8=x Quit
  12. 12.  We will start by multiplying both sides by 10: 5x=20  Now we will divide both sides by 5: x=4 Quit
  13. 13.  These equations combine addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Multistep Equations Video 5x-3=7 (x/2)+6=8 (x+1)/2=6 Quit
  14. 14.  First we will add 3 to both sides: 5x=10  Now we will divide both sides by 5: x=2 Quit
  15. 15.  First we will subtract 6 from both sides: x/2=2  Now we will multiply both sides by 2: x=4 Quit
  16. 16.  First we will multiply both sides by 2: x+1=12  Now we will subtract 1 from both sides: x=11 Quit
  17. 17.  74TM  R8GFs&feature=related  iIuTJQE&feature=related  Pictures are from Microsoft Clipart and my personal collection Quit
  18. 18.  My name is Sam Eary and I am a student at Grand Valley State University. I am a math education major and a computer science minor. I want to teach at the secondary education level. I will graduate from Grand Valley in 2012. If you have an questions or concerns email me at: Quit