LEC16 Hackney Challenge


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Presentation at LEAD Europe Cohort 16 London module on the impacts of the London 2012 Olympics on Hackney Wick.

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  • Representative from Hackney Wick Festival could not meet with us
  • LEC16 Hackney Challenge

    1. 1. LEAD Challenge Hackney Wick<br />
    2. 2. Hackney Wick - Introduction<br />Stakeholders consultation process<br /><ul><li>Katie Glasgow, Hackney Borough Council
    3. 3. Alex Savine, ODA
    4. 4. Locals in the street
    5. 5. Niall McNevin (OPLC), Felicity Hartnett (LOGOC), Alan Bucknall (British Government), Richard Jackson (ODA)
    6. 6. Phone talk with Sona, Leabank Square Residents’ Association</li></li></ul><li>Sensing<br />
    7. 7. Impressions of stakeholders’ views<br />ODA, LOCOG, OPLC<br /><ul><li>Community will be physicallyintegratedwiththeOlympic Park
    8. 8. Community isbenefitingfromrenewedinfrastructure, greater security
    9. 9. Hackneyresidentsgetjobs
    10. 10. The whole planning process have been very efficient and thre has been plenty of consultations with local community
    11. 11. Olympic Park is an opportunity for community in general
    12. 12. Thereis a questionmark of effectivecontinuity of tasks (ie. Consultation) beinghandedoverfrom one organization to theother</li></ul>The community<br /><ul><li>50% are for theOlympicGames and 50% aresceptical
    13. 13. The most important thing is jobs for local residents
    14. 14. Gangs are a problem
    15. 15. They will need to get help/ training/ education/ skillls development in preparing to get the jobs
    16. 16. Do not reallyknowwhatisgoing to be aftertheOlympicGames
    17. 17. Arescepticalifthe ODA/ LOCOG/OPLC fulfilltheirpromises</li></li></ul><li>Various stakeholders on the topic<br />Hackney council<br />It is difficult to deal with many authorities<br />May want to have a greater influence over how the Olympic Park impacts development in Hackney Wick<br />Our observations<br /><ul><li>ODA/ LOCOG/ OPLC believethattheyaredoing a goodjob
    18. 18. Communities do not feel fully informed on what is going on in their neighbourhood despite the consultation process that was conducted
    19. 19. „The greenest Games ever” – Strong focus on environment, but is there enough attention on social issues?
    20. 20. Social development and integration is the goal
    21. 21. Infrastructure – very obvious visual contrast between two areas</li></li></ul><li>Presensing<br />
    22. 22. Challenges in Hackney Wick<br /><ul><li>High levels of economic and social disadvantage
    23. 23. High unemployment in Hackney Wick
    24. 24. Culturally and ethnically diverse community
    25. 25. PhysicalbarriersbetweenoldHackneyWickand new HackneyWick
    26. 26. Disengagement with decision-making processes and lack of information
    27. 27. Higher crime rates
    28. 28. Changing profile of the community
    29. 29. The goal is to avoid a second Canary Wharf</li></li></ul><li>Modelling<br />
    30. 30. Recommendations<br /><ul><li>ENGAGEMENT
    31. 31. Cultural and sporting events involving all the Boroughs preserving the creative spirit and artistic space for the community.
    32. 32. JOBS
    33. 33. Entrepreneurship (ideally with sustainability orientation).
    34. 34. Reserving spaces for local small business in Olympic Park
    35. 35. Sponsorship / Competition to support small businesses
    36. 36. General Training for workers entering the job market
    37. 37. CONSULTATION
    38. 38. Aiming for two-way, dynamic consultation, to give community the power to participate decisions.</li></ul>INTEGRATION<br />