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  • 1. Cooling Energy (BTU) MeteringKamstrup Middle East FZCPO BOX 73030DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesJarmo HeikkinenGeneral ManagerTel:+971 4 4537337E-mail: jjh@kamstrup.comwww.kamstrup.com
  • 2. Why to use individual metering?BTU meters cost money (additionalcost to my project)BTU meters are not mandatory (Ican proceed without meters)Using BTU meters brings me extrawork (I need to create tariffstructure)Somebody needs to operate the BTUmeter system (extra personnel)
  • 3. Why to use individual metering? Linked houses - Owner-occupied house Energy consumption for heating and hot tap water 20MWh/100m2 15 10 5 0 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Platanparken, Individual metering 1991-00 Elmehusene, Individual metering from 07.95 Fig. 1
  • 4. Why to use individual metering?400350300250 Area - mill. M2200150 Energy - PJ100 50 0 70 75 80 85 90 95 00 19 19 19 19 19 19 20Denmark’s Energy Consumption on room-heating including housing area in mill. m2
  • 5. Why to use individual metering?BTU meters save money • 30% less energy consumption according to experience from real life in EuropeBTU meters save energy • 30% less cooling power capacity investmentUsing BTU meters enable fair billing • everyone pay for what they really decide to consume • 1oC ~ 5% energy use !BTU meter system detects failures inthe cooling system • leakages of water • leakages of energy • low delta T indication
  • 6. Why to use individual metering? BTU Meters give confidence to own consumption • according to studies made in the UAE customers want to have their own meter Actual consumption data provides valuable feed back to used design recommendations Automatic Meter Reading system enables effective meter reading with minimum personnel • exact monthly reading provides accurate statistics (+/- 1½ day = 10% in monthly reading!) • tenant is moving in/out • tenant is asking help for his problems
  • 7. Thermal Energy Meter (BTU Meter) Supply sensor Flow meter Consumer Chilled Water Supplier Calculator Return sensor
  • 8. Thermal Energy Meter’s Accuracy ΔΘ = temperature difference between supply and return lines qp = permanent (nominal) flow q = actual flow -> Accuracy of a meter is not constant but depending on: 1. Temperature difference of application (Bigger temperature difference gives better accuracy) 2. Sizing of the flow meter (Smaller meter gives better accuracy)
  • 9. Advantages of modern metersMechanical Meters Rotating impeller inside the flow meterStatic Meters Ultrasonic, based on ultrasound Magnetic Inductive, based on magnetic induction Oscillator, based on water oscillation in flow channel
  • 10. Operating Principles t2 E = ∫ k ⋅ q ⋅ Δθ ⋅ dt U = B⋅d ⋅v t1 q = v ⋅π ⋅ d 2 / 4 Energy = V x ΔΘ x k. π ⋅d q =U ⋅ 4B t 1 Δt 1 2 2
  • 11. Advantages of modern metersStatic Meter’s Benefits over Mechanical Meters Measuring ratio 1:200 i.e. Max flow is 200 times bigger than min flow (1:50 for mechanical meters) High accuracy on wide measuring area Inherent to pressure shocks Limited maintenance need Long life timeUltrasonic Meter’s Benefits over Magnetic Inductive Meters Not sensitive for Fe-related impurities Keep high accuracy in real applications (including impurities in water) longer time without maintenance
  • 12. World Market for Thermal Energy MetersYear 1990 2000 2010Total 800 000 1 000 000 1 200 000Mechanical 740 000 750 000 650 000Static 60 000 250 000 550 000Magn. inductive 28 000 20 000 15 000Oscillator 2 000 10 000 5 000Ultrasonic 30 000 220 000 530 000Kamstrup 5 000 130 000 275 000 UltraFlow
  • 13. Automatic Meter Reading M-Bus Bldg. 10 Floors - 120 BTU Meters Bldg. 10 Floors - 120 BTU Meters 10th Floor 9th Floor 8th Floor 7th Floor 6th Floor 5th Floor 3rd Floor 2nd Floor 1st Floor Ground Floor Tenant BillsBMS M-Bus Master AMR Software
  • 14. Large BTU Meter AMR system Bldg. Y Bldg. Y Bldg. X Bldg. X Administration Office Energy Meters Energy Meters AMR Software Tenant Bills WWW TCP/IP Bldg. Z Bldg. Z Energy Meters Bldg. Q Bldg. Q Energy Meters RS 232/M-Bus Master TCP.IP Gateway
  • 15. AMR External RF Routers GSM Energy Energy Utility Utility Local list C1 C1 Local list R5 GSM Local list R4 Kamstrup Net list AMR Local list R3 C1+R1+2+3+ R5 4+5 Local list R2 R4Local list R1 R3 Cx R2 RF Concentrator R1 Rx RF Router M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 Mx Meter + RF Module
  • 16. Very small AMR systemsUSB Meter ReaderA simple way of wireless meter reading A complete wireless meter reader put inside a USB stick reading consumption values for cooling, heat, water and electricity A power pack or any other USB charger supplies the USB Reader with operational power Meter data automatically from meters into the USB meter reader stick Meter data automatically from the USM meter reader stick into the PC Competitive pricingCustomer segments Individual (tower) buildings Small utilities for heat / cooling Caravan parks Shopping malls USB Reader with power pack
  • 17. USB Meter ReaderThree examples1. You can either read the meter by means of a USB Reader with Power Pack and transfer the data to the PC program by moving the USB Reader from the Power Pack to the PC. Meter USB Meter Reader PC2. Or you can read the meter by means of a USB Reader with Power Pack and transfer the data from the USB Reader with Power Pack to the PC program via another USB Reader which is permanently mounted in the PC. Data processing in Data processing in other programs other programs • Billing • Billing • Analysis • Analysis • Energy optimization • Energy optimization • Calculation • Calculation Meter USB Meter Reader USB Meter Reader PC3. Meter reading via USB Meter Reader and Power Pack. Transmission of data to the PC program via USB Meter Reader. Meter USB Meter Reader PC
  • 18. Kamstrup ProductsMeters: cooling heat water electricity gasAMR HW Modules (M-BUS, Radio, LON, RS232..) Masters & Concentrators Modems TCP/IP GatewaysAMR SW PC Base Suite EMS10 SeneaMeter Reading Services Kamstrup can operate the AMR system for our customers
  • 19. Questions