Invitation for Partnership Discussion with The Pathway Group


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We are seeking to develop partnerships.
Pathway Group is a successful implementer of training and welfare to work programmes and services.
We believe in collaborating with specialised providers to support in delivering high quality services to our clients. We view our partner network as a key asset to our business therefore always seeks to welcome contact from providers to join our supply chain network to help us and our partners grow. In return we’ll help your organisation grow by sharing our expertise and resources with you.

We would like to hear from providers who have experience and track record in delivering services to the following:

Young People & NEET
Foundation Learning
Work Place Training
Self-Employed Prospects
Service/ Ex-Service Personnel
Community Payback
If you would like to take part in our journey to become a market leader in delivering our range of programmes, please send a business proposal in the first instance to our Director: Mr Safaraz Ali at

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Invitation for Partnership Discussion with The Pathway Group

  1. 1. By: Safaraz Ali Linkedin: Twitter: @SafarazAli Invitation for a Partnership Discussion with Pathway Group
  2. 2. Contract Funder Brief Description Coverage Work Programme DWP Funded: In-training (NCG) Supporting long term unemployed to move them back into sustainable employment. Birmingham, Walsall Supporting Families DWP Funded: EOS Supporting families & long-term unemployed to progress & ultimately get in to work. Walsall Targeted Employment Support Birmingham City Council Providing personalised employment support & job brokerage to long-term unemployed residents in North West Birmingham & parts of East Sandwell. The aim is to achieve a minimum of sixty-five job starts for these residents through job- coaching & matching to vacancies identified, & to offer on-going post employment support to ensure that the highest possible proportion of beneficiaries can sustain this employment. North West. Birmingham & parts of East Sandwell NEET (including Youth Contract) DWP Package of support to 14-24 year olds who are NEET. We deliver a programme geared to employment & exploring new horizons for young people (14-24yr olds). We are open to to work in partnership, regarding referrals & progression routes for the young people we aim to help. Birmingham & Solihull What We Deliver
  3. 3. Study Programme EFA funded Specific training package for 16-18 group and 19 to 24 . Nationally – focus on Birmingham & Walsall Apprenticeships SFA Delivery of Apprenticeship Qualifications across ten different Frameworks. Nationally Traineeship EFA funded: Pera Training An education &training programme with an added bonus of work experience. Traineeships prepare young people for their future careers by helping them to become 'work ready'. It is in essence work preparation training & includes English & Maths assessments along with a high quality work experience placement. Nationally Work Place Learning SFA and ESF – various funders Work Place Learning including Skills Support for the Workforce is for small & medium sized (SME) businesses. It offers fully-funded training & qualifications to up-skill already employed individuals to improve their existing skills and knowledge through work-based learning, to advance their career prospects & reduce the risk of long-term unemployment. Nationally with regional targets Pre-employment training SFA and Local Authorities Sector route-ways / Pre-employment training & community learning programmes leading to jobs. national What We Deliver…Continued
  4. 4.  Do you specialise in supporting niche customer groups?  Do you have any sector expertise?  Do you have access to employers / businesses?  Can you find learners that need training?  Or, can you find our customers jobs?  Do you have something different that would add value? We are open to partnerships…
  5. 5.  Learner Find Service for Work-place Skills.  Apprentice & Traineeship Recruitment.  Employer Engagement Services.  Freelance Assessor & Independent Training Provider of Recruitment Solutions.  Sector Route-ways/Pre-employment Training with guaranteed job outcomes.  Specialist Support & Referral Service for our clients. Our Partnership Requirements
  6. 6.  Associate Arrangements sought & not ‘End to End Sub-contracting’.  Viability including risk & reward.  Our prime funding rates are a factor for contractual terms. Underlying Principles for Partnerships
  7. 7. Performance Management Built on our experience as a Subcontractor:  High Expectations.  Clear, Transparent Processes.  Supportive Services.  Capacity Building.  Creating & Sharing Best Practice.
  8. 8. Pathway Selection Criteria  Quality, performance, innovation & Value for Money.  A prime focus on delivering qualifications for ESF/SFA funded provision & jobs for employability & DWP funded activity.  Reducing bureaucracy: Pricing & volumes by discussion.  Open to new ideas & ways of working.
  9. 9.  Strong overall offer, but we need an equally strong and diverse range of partners  Right partners to deliver in the right places  Simple partner process, contact us to discuss your proposal: Barry Knights Partnership Manager Tel: 0121 707 0550 Email: Summary & Next Steps