Career Avenues in HR field
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Career Avenues in HR field



Career avenues in HR field

Career avenues in HR field



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  • I could not resist posting comments on Rajendra Sabnis's slides & presentation.One reason is that we worked together.Apart from the professional relations or regulations, what appealed to me is the Human Representation.It is an interesting task & a challenge to be human.To self and to others.Thanks for the post RS. Cheers. :)
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Career Avenues in HR field Career Avenues in HR field Presentation Transcript

  • Career Opportunities in Human Resource Rajendra Sabnis – Vice President HRD
  • H.R. MANAGEMENT • There are many wonders in the world. Who has invented or created these wonders? Definitely by the human being. Therefore wonders of wonders is human.
  • H.R. MANAGEMENT • Human being has infinite capacity 1. to think, develop, 3. to create, 4. to invent, 5. to feel, 6. to give, 7. to love, 8. to kill, 9. to respect, 10. to hate, 11. to analyze & 12. to destroy.
  • H.R. MANAGEMENT Because of these traits or qualities, human beings are complex in their behaviour & their psychological make & when they interact with one another in a group or organization, this complexity is multiplied.
  • H.R. MANAGEMENT • Human beings differ from each other in their basic mental abilities, personality, interests, skills, intelligence, attitudes, aspirations, energy, educational qualifications, training, experience & behaviour.
  • H.R. MANAGEMENT • That is why human beings have to be handled with great care by the HR Manager, who should be expert in the art of what is usually called ‘Human Relations or Human Engineering’
  • Recruitment & Placement Training & Development Budgetary Control Factory Administration Organizational Development MIS Reporting HR Policy formulation & review Performance Appraisal & Career Planning Comp. & Benefits / Salary & Wage Admin. Employee Relations Employee Wellbeing Legal Compliance Strategic HR
  • Recruitment & Placement Search for promising job candidates through • advertisements, employment agencies, search firms, college campuses, and even from competing firms. • Recruiters tend to be more involved with the search process, while interviewers talk to job applicants and administer and interpret tests. • Some make the final hiring decisions. Others are involved with internal placement, transfers, promotions and firings. • Jobs include: recruiter, college recruiter, interviewer, headhunter, test administrator, employment manager etc.
  • Training & Development • Analyze, plan, develop, coordinate, & conduct training & orientation for all levels in the organization. • Trainers help educate employees in necessary job skills & for advancement. • They also create training manuals, procedures, and training aids for the organization. • Training programs can range from sales techniques to safety issues, and from computer skills to team building. • Jobs include: counselor, career planner, recruiter, junior training specialist, senior training specialist, technical recruitment specialist, orientation specialist, Free lance consultant etc.
  • Compensation & Benefits / Salary & Wage Administration • Develop & administer job evaluation systems; • Write job descriptions; • Manage wage and salary systems; • Design and administer incentives, • Stock options, & deferred compensation; • Design incentive systems. • Collect compensation details region & industry wise for various grades • Jobs include: compensation analyst, salary administrator, executive compensation manager, compensation manager, employee incentive systems administrator.
  • Employee / Labour Relations • Establish & maintain employeemanagement relationships. • Employee relation specialists deal with quality of work life programs & employee grievances; • While labor relations specialists deal with union contracts, negotiate collective bargaining agreements, & handle formal union-negotiated grievance procedures. • Jobs include: labor relations specialist, employee counselor, mediator, arbitrator, manager industrial relations etc.
  • Employee Wellbeing • Leaders, managers, supervisors, & employees believe that making employees happier & healthier increases their effort, contributions, & productivity • Accordingly, leaders & managers devote considerable organizational resources to enhancing employee well-being in various ways, from professional development & employee recognition practices to healthcare benefits & free employee assistance programs. • Human resource managers regularly monitor employee well-being through surveys • Jobs include: employee well-being specialist, employee wellness expert, employee wellness trainer, employee wellness adviser Labour welfare officer etc.
  • Legal Compliance • Various laws are applicable to every establishments • It is mandatory to comply all the relevant laws • Non compliance may attract punishment • To ensure compliance need to prepare & fallow the checklist based on various labour laws. • Role is to advise management on various legal issues & ensure compliance. • Jobs include: Legal advisor, legal officer, compliance officer, legal assistant, legal advocate, manager legal etc.
  • Strategic HR • HR is now more customer focused, team based, & functionally integrated. • HR professionals work with the management to analyze & devise solutions for organizational problems. • They are involved in strategic planning & aligning HR with the organization’s mission & strategic goals, • Many HR functions have begun to play a strategic role in guiding succession management, knowledge retention, and other enterprise-wide initiatives • Jobs include: strategic HR advisor, Strategic HR executive, Strategic HR assistant, manager strategic HR etc.
  • Performance Appraisal & Career Planning • Performance appraisal is a part of career development. Performance appraisal helps to rate the performance of the employees and evaluate their contribution towards the organizational goals. • Performance appraisal is also closely linked to other HR processes like helps to identify the training and development needs, promotions, demotions, changes in the compensation etc. • Based on the evaluation, employees can develop their career goals, achieve new levels of competencies and chart their career progression. • Performance Appraisal encourages employees to reinforce their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. • Jobs include: Employee career advisor, Performance evaluator, Career development executive, Manager career development etc.
  • HR Policy formulation & review • well written policies & procedures allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. Basically, policies & procedures allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention. • Policies and procedures also provide clarity to the reader when dealing with accountability issues or activities that are of critical importance to the company, such as, health & safety, legal liabilities, regulatory requirements or issues that have serious consequences. • If your organization already has established Policies & Procedures you have to review & update the same as per need of the hour. • Jobs include: HR advisor, HR expert, Manager policy development etc.
  • MIS Reporting • MIS or Management Information System is a computer based system used by most organizations worldwide for transforming data into useful information for better decision making. It helps management make better plans & carefully organize business operations. • MIS reports are manpower statements which shows the current level of employment & the details of employees in a particular firm. The report is usually submitted by all departments to CEO every month. • Jobs include: MIS Specialist, MIS Analyst, Manager MIS etc.
  • Organizational Development • OD is a planned change effort. It involves a systematic diagnosis of the organization, the development of strategic plan for improvement & the mobilization of resources to carry out the effort. • OD effort is related to a total organization change such as a change in the culture and the reward system or the total managerial strategy . • Top management actively participates in the management of the effort & has knowledge & commitment to the goals of the programs & actively support the methods used to achieve goals. • Jobs include: OD Specialist, OD Analyst, OD Consultant etc.
  • Factory Administration • Factory administrative manager oversees the administrative operations of a business or organization. • Administrative manager may supervise administrative personnel within an office, such as receptionists, filing clerks, secretaries, or executive assistants. He provides administrative support to a particular division, department, or business or organization as a whole. • Administrative manager is typically responsible for implementing and managing a business or organization’s administrative systems overseeing the operation of office equipment such as photocopiers, printers, & fax machines • Jobs include: Administrative Officer, Manager Factory Administration, Administrative Executive etc.
  • Budgetary control • HR Budgeting is a powerful financial tool that can estimate the expenditures made by the HR vertical . This strengthens and allows the HR to control the cost rather than letting it control the HR initiative. • The budget is drawn parallel to the goals of the organization. If the organization expands and requires to register a double digit growth in terms of its strength, it percolate to apportion funds in different areas including recruitment , retention, up-skilling, global mobility management and etc. The allocation of funds would be governed by the HR Strategies. • Jobs include: Budgetary control Officer, Manager budgetary control, Executive budgetary control etc.
  • Thank you