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Nuclear radiation health_effects_article_1-1

  1. 1. Nuclear radiationhealth_effects_article_2 Shunsuke Baba s1180193
  2. 2. Unit of measurementm, and the unit used to measure doses ofradiation is abbreviation Roentgen equivalentman, and of the electron of quivalent Roentgen. How much harm that the person suffersis decided to the total dosage of the rapid eyemovement. Finally, fallout is composed of theradioactive particles that return at the earthssurface and descend.
  3. 3. Human radiation exposure to healthNot only the dosage of depilation temporary thecause more than 300 Roentgen equivalent manincluding the cell of the damage of the neuronal celland the line gut but also more important moreinternal harm goes out. A serious loss of the whiteblood corpuscle that is the main defense of the bodyto infection becomes awful.
  4. 4. Three Mile IslandThe problem of this nuclear plant is that thenuclear reactor has broken. The loss of thecoolant in the nuclear reactor was continued forsome 16 hours. Discontinuance of core. meltitRadioactive water was poured in the standstillrelief valve a supplementary building and inwhere it had been pooled to the floor. Aradioactive gas was discharged into anatmospheric inside. 140,000 presumption peopletook shelter from the region.
  5. 5. ChernobylThe problem in Chernobyl can be basicallybrought together like the experiment of the faultelectrical engineering caused in the explosionreaction machine. About 50 tons of the nuclearfuel evaporated, and it was liberated to anatmospheric inside due to the explosion. Thepresumption total of the death becomes 16,000.
  6. 6. Fukushima nuclear power plantThe problem is not to be able to notice thatthough was broken the breeder reactor. It takesseveral months by the time it is recognized that itis meltdown. The delay of recognition was very aproblem. However, because the earthquake wasa cause, it was situation that neither goods northe person gathered easily. They were able totake shelter promptly though it was such asituation. The immediate dead have not gone outthough it doesnt understand ahead of this.
  7. 7. Medical TreatmentThere is not potential the effective treatmentmethod of that can be used for fatal doses ofradiation now. It is possible to preserve, isincluded, and the treatment of includes thetransfusion and bone marrowtransplantation. Bone marrow transplantationactivates the supply of the white blood corpusclecell that influences it by the radiation.
  8. 8. ConclusionBecause damage grows as for the nuclearaccident when occurring, it is very difficult totreat. However, I can do nothing but use it whenthinking about energy. It is necessary not to putout carbon dioxide, and to associate well withnuclear power generation that can obtain thelarge quantity of energy.