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  • 1. Travel Company Location: Aizuwakamatsu City Our company was esrablished to give many people opportunity to feel other cultures. For it, we provide the opportunities to travel various places easily within low price and high quality. We prepare a lot of plans. They have many patterns, for example, Asia course, Europe course, Oceania course, North America course, and so on. Of course there is inernal course in them. If there is no course you want, we make other plan, based on your demands. We have connection with the airline, etc so we can provide good travel within low price and high quality. If you use our company for the first time We take 15 percent off the price. Point Card We prepare point card. You can obtain the 10 percent points of charge. (1 points is equal to 1 yen.) Our campany prepare many other benefits for you. Italy Indonesia Canada To sate delicious meals such as To enjoy vacation at the resort of To go to see the aurora the Canzone's dinner the southern country To experience the life which it is To visit famous sightseeing spot To relax by a local massages the easiest to live in the wold such as “on a city of Rome” To walk riding a camel To to see a waterfall of Niagara To visit art in “magnificent city” To enjoy Canadian Nature To see the sights in the row of the 3 days: 110,000 ~ 270,000 yen house along a city street of the 5 days: 140,000 ~ 460,000 yen 5 days: 190,000 ~ 370,000 yen Middle Ages 8 days: 230,000 ~ 490,000 yen 6 days: 180,000 ~ 340,000 yen 8 days: 220,000 ~ 460,000 yen French Taiwan Australia To visit sightseeing four wold To eat a delicious Taiwan's diner To enjoy vacation in the beach heritages like a Versailles Palace To see the city and shopping To contact with various animals To enjoy taste of the wine in To wort of art appreciation in the like a Koala French Palace Museum Sightseeing the beautiful coast To eat a delicious French diner To relax by Taiwan massages tc cities such as Sydney, Brisbane To see the sights of the Paris city To relax with delicious diner and shopping 3 days: 80,000 ~ 220,000 yen 5 days: 120,000 ~ 440,000 yen 5 days: 180,000 ~ 430,000 yen 6 days: 180,000 ~ 340,000 yen 8 days: 240,000 ~ 620,000 yen 8 days: 220,000 ~ 460,000 yen The price of plan may be changed by season and days, etc.