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  1. 1. Week2 Title:Travel Company Group:C A.Researcher-Person#1(Honami Kon) 1. What does your company do? (You can make any company you like.) Our company is travel company. 2. Where is your company? There are our company in Japan and Australia. 3. How many workers does your company have? We have fifty workers. 4. Why did you establish your company? To increase the number of foreign tourists to Japan. 5. Who are your competitors? Other travel company. 6. Who are your customers? Elderly person and students on school excursion. 7. How much money do you need to start the company? 500 million yen. B.Organizer-Person#2(Ayano Oshima) I think an important thing for the travel company is satisfying customer and expanding the activity all over the world. It is necessary to interact the culture with the foreign country to expand the activity to the world. The problem is a decreasing in the number of Japanese travelers by the influence of the recession. C.Planner-Person#3(Shu Endo) Week3 To: Professor John Brine From: Group C Subject: Company-Explanation A. Recently, the internationalization is advanced . The number of foreign travelers to Japan has increased. Our company plan the travel in Japan so that the foreign traveler can learn Japan. Also, we help so that people who have uneasiness for the travel can travel easily. Traveler can learn the culture of other countries by mutually traveling to the foreign country. As a result, we can make international exchange. B. Our company plan the travel for the customer to enjoy it readily. We plan the travel suitable for customer's purpose. For example, short term, long term, our country, foreign countries, a few people, group, cheap and high quality. Even when hurrying up, it is safe because we plan travel at once. People can do safe travel, because we plan a travel. C. First,our company is going to make a connection in many company. For example, air company and bus company, hotel in travel destination. Second,I will have to advertise to our company name in internet and TV commercial message, free paper in order to be known many people it. Third, we research what people expect what kind of travel and service. So we make the plan of the expected trip. Next we think which customer is satisfied the plan, and improve, demonstrate. So We decide the plan to be satisfied. D. Our company is democratic one. Therefore there's no boss. Each member's roles are below. *Resercher(Honami Kona) 1.emamining a safety of the place a customer visits. 2.making a conection of many airlines. *Sale agent(Ayano Oshima) 1.Wait on customers and listening to demand of customer *Accounting(Shu Endo) 1.Counting expenditures and income. 2.Managing business. *Planner(Haruka Shoji) 1.Planning travel as a customer hopes(e.q. An amount of money, the number of people,sightseeing tourism or business.). Date: April 27, 2010 Subject: Internal Memorandum To: Professor John Brine From: s1170180 Shu Endo
  2. 2. A. We will be in travel business. Its business examines safety of customer's destination in travel and plans travel and prepares travel. We will give customers so good trip and time, make them so happy. We will plan trip which gives good memory and oppotunity to know another culture, history. we aim at planing not only fun but also intelligent travel. Our business makes international something. We will talk about customer's demands budget, the number of people goal with customers before. We will make a conection to many airlines to set up price to low. B. In our company, Mission Statement are safety, seculity, living up to customer's expectation, demand, satisfaction and to present so good time. We aim at to giving not only them but also oppotunity to come across and know intelligent things. We want to customer to be entertained. C. Our company's goal is to get better service in order to be had trust it more and be satisfied to many customers. And we have more people use the company, and we need that customer think that it is thanked. I bring up a company and extend a scale more than before, so it is one of the goals to have the people of various countries use plan of our company. Next our company's objective is that we establish the base of the company and offer service without the relief and inconvenience for customers. And we make the plan which match with various customers and we have them satisfaction. D. Primarily it is important for us to have a visitor satisfy. Therefore each one has a high aim, and they should work in order to have to achieve it. The result, our company quality and the job performance can make gains, and we have more people use the company. And The collaborative relationship between friends is also important . If problem were happened, we could solve the problem favor having good relationship. Elsewhere, our efficency of the work becomes high, so we can erform better service for customers. E. Our company markets aiming at students on school excursions, honeymooning married couple, interested foreigner in Japan, friend of graduation travel, elderly person and family. For example, students on school excursion travel for about one week, and learn the culture of the destination. Foreigner interested in Japan learns Japan by going to the temple and the castle in the travel of about two weeks, and eating the Japanese food . Families deepen family ties by going to Theme Park that the adult and the child can enjoy and camping in the mountain. Our company markets a wide customer to the other party like this. F. No, it isn't. Our company is not a growth industry. We plan the travel in a short term centering on the customer of the few people. For example, it is a married couple and a family. The travel with composure is planned for them. We contract to the repeat customer of the group in a long term. For instance, it is a school and a company. To answer the customer's hope at any time, the travel is planned. G. *Our company plans the travel for a wide generation. We actively exchange it with foreign countries. As a result, the number and the kind of the plan increase. *Our main competitive edge is an English conversation ability. It becomes easy to offer the plan to foreigner's other party of the customer. Moreover, the connection with foreign countries widely becomes deep when this is. *We attempt the tie- up with the foreign country by using my English conversation ability. Moreover, the customer data is managed by the computing capacity. The homepage is made by using the computer, and our company is advertised.
  3. 3. week4 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - A. Summarize the results from three online documents that you searched for information that you planned to include as part of the final document OR used as a reference / example? As for these brochures, the scenery of the destination, the explanation of the sightseeing spot, and the introduction of accommodations are written. B. Why did you choose these reference documents? Why are they important? Write 5 major points in the document that are important for the current project. It is easy for the photograph to exist and to see this pamphlet. As for this, the explanation of the sightseeing spot is written in detail. This remains in the impression. As for this, transportation is introduced. C. How do you think the information that you are supporting will contribute towards the final document? How should your group adopt some of the points that you mentioned in the reference articles? Our pamphlet explains the sightseeing spot by using the photograph. Moreover, it introduces transportation and accommodations. D. Write a paragraph explaining the link between the reference documents and the current project. We referred to the web brochures to make the brochures to do a comprehensible explanation for the customer. 2. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER - A. Overall, what is your plan for designing the final document? We will make the pamphlet that can be seen and remembered by a lot of customers. B. Identify the major headings / paragraphs in the logical order of the document. Heading of our brochures are explainations of the sightseeing spot, introduces accommodations, and introduction of transportation. C. Explain the 5 major points that you see in the final document. It is made easily to see applying the photograph. It explains the sightseeing spot in detail. Brochures with impact. Introduction of transportation. Introduction of accommodations.
  4. 4. 3. D. Explain the logical organization in the document. Why did you choose to organize the document this way? Our Brochures plainly tells it applying the photograph. Moreover, it introduces the explanation of the sightseeing spot there. It put the transportation to the sightseeing spot. Also, it introduces accommodations for the customer. 4. 3.PLAN DEVELOPER http://www.slideshare.
  5. 5. week5 Travel Company Our company was esrablished to give many people opportunity to feel other cultures. For it, we provide the opportunities to travel various places easily within low price and high quality. We prepare a lot of plans. They have many patterns, for example, Asia course, Europe course, Oceania course, North America course, and so on. Of course there is inernal course in them. If there is no course you want, we make other plan, based on your demands. We have connection with the airline, etc so we can provide good travel within low price and high quality. If you use our company for the first time We take 15 percent off the price. Point Card We prepare point card. You can obtain the 10 percent points of charge. (1 points is equal to 1 yen.) Our campany prepare many other benefits for you. Italy Indonesia Canada To sate delicious meals such as To enjoy vacation at the resort of To go to see the aurora the Canzone's dinner the southern country To experience the life which it is To visit famous sightseeing spot To relax by a local massages the easiest to live in the wold such as “on a city of Rome” To walk riding a camel To to see a waterfall of Niagara To visit art in “magnificent city” To enjoy Canadian Nature To see the sights in the row of the 3 days: 110,000 ~ 270,000 yen house along a city street of the 5 days: 140,000 ~ 460,000 yen 5 days: 190,000 ~ 370,000 yen Middle Ages 8 days: 230,000 ~ 490,000 yen 6 days: 180,000 ~ 340,000 yen 8 days: 220,000 ~ 460,000 yen French Taiwan Australia To visit sightseeing four wold To eat a delicious Taiwan's diner To enjoy vacation in the beach heritages like a Versailles Palace To see the city and shopping To contact with various animals To enjoy taste of the wine in To wort of art appreciation in the like a Koala French Palace Museum Sightseeing the beautiful coast To eat a delicious French diner To relax by Taiwan massages tc cities such as Sydney, Brisbane To see the sights of the Paris city To relax with delicious diner and shopping 3 days: 80,000 ~ 220,000 yen 5 days: 120,000 ~ 440,000 yen 5 days: 180,000 ~ 430,000 yen 6 days: 180,000 ~ 340,000 yen 8 days: 240,000 ~ 620,000 yen 8 days: 220,000 ~ 460,000 yen The price of plan may be changed by season and days, etc.
  6. 6. week6 Topic: Developing Business Plans Group:C 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - A. As for the business plan to which I referred, industry historical, target market, and outside power and financial strength are written. B. As for this, an industrial history is written in detail. As for this, the target is clearly written. As for this, the business policy is plainly written. As for this, the financial strength is written in detail. As for this, the means of advertisement is written. C. Our business plan is written about an industrial history. That is because to understand what company it is. Moreover, our business plan is written about the business policy in detail. Because it is easy to transmit to the customer in it. D. We referred to the business plan in the Internet to make a good business plan. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER - A. We make the aim of the company clear and design the document to understand clearly of the business policy. B. The headings of the document are an industrial history, the target, the business policy and the means of advertisement. C. We explain the industrial history and have you understand what kind of company it is. We explain an aim of the future of the company. We explain whether I push forward business like a throat from now on. We explain the financial strength of the company. We explain what kind of method I publicize the name of the company by. D. Our company has a customer understand the business policy of the company and makes reliable relations each other. I tell by giving the industrial history what kind of company. 3. PLAN DEVELOPER -
  7. 7. week7 Cover Page   Your business plan should have a cover page. A conservative and professional cover is  recommended. More consideration is made by a lender with that type of cover. Your cover  should include:  1. Name of the business  Travel Company 2. Address  Narita, Chiba, Japan  3. Telephone number  0476­04­1230  4. Name of Owner(s)  Shu Endo 5. Logo (A professional, attractive logo can be used to dress up the cover page)  6. Submitted to (for financing only)  UFJ Bank 1230 Money Avenue Narita City, Chiba 18xxx
  8. 8. Executive Summary   This is very important, tell the reader what you want. Be clear and specific of what you're  asking for. The plan's primary purpose is to explain the operation of the business. Your  objective   should   be   clear   to   the   readers.   However,   you   should   prepare   the   Executive  Summary after you have prepared all other materials. The following should be included  in your Executive Summary:  A. Company name and type The name of our company is Travel Company.  The type of the company is a travel  agency.  B. Goals or objectives of the plan  A purpose of our company is to perform countries and international exchanges in  the world.  Also, we help that people having uneasiness for a trip travel in peace. C. How the plan will be implemented  We   should   cooperate   with   the   country   of   the   world.     In   addition,   We   gather  customers through public relations. D. Effect of the plan on the business  People can take communications with people of another country by transcending  national   borders.     The   traveler   can   make   a   memory   with   a   family   and   the  important person. If you're obtaining a loan or equity your Executive Summary should also include: A. Name of the business and the legal for of operation, e.g., sole proprietorship.  Our company is a service trade.  The travel agency is a personal service industry.   B. Amount of money needed  The amount of money that we need is 10 million.   C. How the money will be used  We go to the direct spot, and the money is spent to examine a local state. Moreover,  it is used for public relations.  D. Effect of the money on the business   The   social economy improves because money appears on the market.   By  this,  travelers increase.
  9. 9. Writing a Business Plan The Business: Description of the Business   1. Description of the Business  1. What your business is, or will be if it is a start­up situation?  Our   business   is   a   travel   agency.     Generally,   it   is   called   the   service  industry.       2. How you plan to run it?  At first, our company exchanges with local people, and cooperates. Next,  we gather customers through an advertisement.  Finally, we expand the  plan   according   to   customer   needs.     In   this   manner,   our   company  increase the habitue's customer and conduct a stable business.  3. Why you think it will be successful?  I think that we do not have to worry about the bankruptcy as for me  because the number of patrons increase.  Moreover, the reputation of the  company goes up if the number of patrons increases.   As a result, the  number of customers increases.  We think that our company succeeds by  this cycle. Your   Plan   should   have   a   clear   focus   with   all   elements   of   the  plan   working  together   to   present   a   clear   and   integrated   presentation.   Highlight   key  information   about   financial   progress.   Use   one   or   two   exhibits   that   will  illustrate   significant   financial   accomplishments   such   as   cash   receipts,   cash  expenditures, and cash balances.
  10. 10. Writing a Business Plan The Business: Industry Analysis   2. Industry Analysis  Discuss   the   growth   potential   of   the   market   and   present   statistics   for   the  industry. It is critical to identify the target market. Here are some questions  you should ask yourself. The amount of travel total handling of the main travel agency on January,  2010 became 351,899,482,000 yen of 8.3% decrease compared with the  previous year. Traveling abroad is 131,280,512,000 yen of 8.3% decrease  among these, and it decreases 20 months more continuous. 349,206 people  and the amount of handling of 1.6% decrease were 43,391,515,000 of 9.7%  decrease in the number of handling of overseas recruitment type project  travels, and the unit price became 124,257 yen of 8.2% decrease.  A wide area is covered, and a variegated tour, the airline ticket, and  accommodations are collected. Moreover, because the window for the office  and the emergency contact has been installed in the city in a lot of foreign  countries that the Japanese visits, it is safe.  However, because the  division  of labor is advanced, the staff also has a person well informed and  a person not  so.  The travel agency goes bankrupt when business is sluggish. Competing  intensification might go bankrupt and the travel agency go bankrupt a  precarious day­to­day management and weak constitution of the loan  dependence of this company by actualizing.   The main customer are families, party of tourists such as school and friends.  As for the party traveler, we want to increase fixed customers to have you use  it many times.
  11. 11. C. Vision Statement Our company will adjust the repeat customer to 100000 people or more in five years.  We will increase the planned destination. It is expected that it leads to an increase of the  repeat customer. We will increase service to the customer and increase our repeat  customer.  D. Vision Trigger The slogan of our company is "Good travel is offered to a lot of customers. " We make an effort to achieve this slogan.  The mascot character of our company is called an airplane boy.  It is a character that makes the airplane a motif. As for it, it is friendly to the child.  E. Mission Statement We acquire our three customers or more a day.  To offer travel safe for the customer, we do a detailed investigation.  We accept customer needs as much as possible. It leads to a lot of customers' acquisition.  We receive the customer with a smile.  It leads customer's sense of security.  F. Business Objectives We will acquire it from 500 people a month to about our 800 customers.  We will make about 200 people a month a repeat customer.  We will cooperate positively with foreign countries, and increase the destination.  I want to increase one or 2 destinations a month.  We send out questionnaires from the customer, and reflect the result as much as possible. 
  12. 12. A. Marketing        Product:Travel—Planning and preparing Traveling abroad, Domestic tourrism.                     Class:Approximately first class,business class economy class exist.       Price: refering to a market.       Place: Aizuwakamatsu City       Promotion:I suggest Brainstorming on a conference. B. Competieive Analysis Our company JTB Nihonn Ryokou HIS Traveling  available available available available abroad Domestic  available available available available tourrism Homepage exist No Yes Yes Yes Our travel company has no Homepage. It is very important problem.  Recently  information on the Internet is very important. Therefore we should make Homepage in  hurry. C. Legal Structure 1.Type of legal agreement: Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership.    Corporation 2.Who owns the firm's property?     The president. 3.The rights, duties and powers of the firm's officers and employees.    The cashier's office control assets.    A traveling companion accompany with customer.    The planning department make a traveling schedule.
  13. 13. D. Management Expertise 1.Personal history    A graduate of the department of English literature.    A graduate of the department of economics. 2.Related work experience    Someone have experience to work in travel company. 3.Salary, duties, and responsibilities of key personnel    Not the seniority system.     If employee make a good job, he will get special salary, a raise and be promoted. 4.Outside resources available to the business    Nothing.    Support Personnel We have to have the customers to be satisfied, because they pay much money. So they  hope that the travel is cheap and rests ease as much as possible. In addition, they also  hope that we make a schedule which has time­rich, and if they have a demand, we will be  able to change the schedule.   Financial information Development of Financial Objects: We will get much profit for our company to trim the fat off spending budget because it is  going to have existed it. Sources of Information: Time Line for Required Filling    Fictitious Business Name:     Opening Business Bank Account:    Sales Tax Permit:    Federal and State Employer ID Number :    Workers Compensation Insurance:
  14. 14. Accounting System: Content Amount Recital Billing 100,000,000 Expense Land rent 200,000 Staff cost 3,000,000 Hedge 10,000 Plant cost 50,000 Demand Computer  1,000,000 Drink money 1,000,000 Cost of visit 1,000,000 Summery We   think   that   it     is   satisfied   for   a   lot   of   customers   to   plan   of   travels   and   deal   with  problems. As a result, we have to make the composition of our company, and the expert  will deal with the problems and the works. And we will work quick. At base,  we think that  the cordiality is important, because we also do the waiting on customers.         
  15. 15. Supporting Documentation 1.Resume Travel company  ADRESS: Aizuwakamatu  TEL:(0242) xx – xxxxx        E­    Distinction of the company: Our company has many regional offices in various countries, so they can deal with the  problems and give satisfied service customers in order to share the information in each  regional   offices.   And   we   have   the   point   service,   it   is   what   customers   can   get   points  whenever they travel in our plan. We also have various campaign, so Satisfaction of it is  high. Achievements: Our company has regional offices which is more than 200 in more than 50 countries.  As a result, a number of customers in 1 year is more than 10 million. volunteer activities and other: We contribute UNICEF, have made schools in Asia and Africa. By now, we made about  1000 schools. Other, we have sports club which is volleyball, and they teach children how to play sports .   
  16. 16. 2.Letter of Intent  (June 6, 2010) JBF E­mail Attention: the President of Taro R Kobayashi LETTER OF INTENT Dear sirs, This letter will serve to express, and when signed by both parties hereto, will constitute  the following agreement 1. if the problem happens, they will deal with it cooperating 2. share information in order to get our profit 3. share stocks each other If this letter correctly sets forth your understanding of the Agreement between XYZ and  ABC, please kindly so indicate by signing the copies of this letter and returning one of the  executed copies to us. Very truly yours,  Travel Company   By: Haruka Title: Managing Director Confirmed and Agreed: JBF By: Taro R Kobayashi  Title: The President
  17. 17. 3.Letter of Recommendation: June 6, 2010 To Whom It May Concern: I highly recommend Ms. Tanaka. She works as secretary in the office of the president for 5  years. During 5 years, in my views, Ms. Tanaka has  all the qualifications required of this  responsible position. Ms. Tanaka posseses  fine character traits. She has always pursued her own path, excelled  in what she set out to do, and carried through on assigned tasks. I don't believe Ms.  Tanaka ever angered a telephone caller, and her skills in dealing with clients and callers  in this office were outstanding. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending her for this position. If you need further information, please call. Sincerely yours, The president of Travel company  4.Special Awards, Achievements: Our company has regional offices which is more than 200 in more than 50 countries.  As a result, a number of customers in 1 year is more than 10 million. 5.Newspaper and Magazine Clippings: Our business has a team of volleyball, so do you go to see the game of it?  6.Additional Relevant information Supporting Your Business : Building lease : 200,000 yen by 1 month  Partnership agreement : JBF,  Washington Hotels.
  18. 18. Week8 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - A. As for the feasibility report to which I referred, the cost, the problem, and the possibility of the business are written. B. What matter this feasibility report is is written. This forecasts the cost of the business. As for this, the schedule is written. It analyzes the problem of the business. It proposes the possibility of the business. C. We writes the forecast of the cost in detail on our feasibility report. Because efficient management can be done by forecasting the cost. Moreover, we correctly writes the schedule on our feasibility report, to work smoothly by deciding on the schedule. D. We referred to the feasibility report in the Internet to make a good feasibility report. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER - A. We make a final document to make a schedule and the problems of the company clear. B. The headings of the document are problems, a cost and a schedule on conducting a business. C. We can know necessary money about a cost of the business by writing document. We can know a method of the administration of company by writing the schedule of the company. We can think about a remedy beforehand by writing the problems of the business. We can predict the territory of the company by writing possibility of the business. We can clarify the aim of the company by writing the kind of the company in detail. D. We make a document to understand the business of the company. If we can understand business, we understand the administration method of the company, and we can perform work smoothly. In addition, we can administer a company efficiently.
  19. 19. Week 9 Topic:Feasibility Report Group:C A. We will serve travel to many people. It covers the range from traveling abroad to domestic tourism. We plan an amount of money. We make much and tight connections to many airlines. We use a service point system if customer use our company once, we prepare the good benefit which customer want to use again our company for. We will advertise us on the Internet, TV, handbill then we will make many people remember us. B. I think that it is difficult for us to start operating the marketing, but we can succeed if we think the timing and the catching idea which draw customers. For example, during the world cup and the Olympics is. Then many people tend to go to actual place. So we need to draw in many customers due to idea which other company don't have a plan. Because we will not win that our plan conform other company' one. So we have to undertake information gathering what people need. For example, I am planing the plan which go to the widely known resort during the world cup. Because there is not a lot of people than usual. So we change the thinking to make a good show. C. The first problems that our company faces is relations with other countries. The reason is a trip does not succeed without the cooperation of local people. The second problem is the airline. The reason is it cannot make it a destination without movement means to the spot in the country which we want to go. The third problem is how do we offer the commodity by a very lower for customer price. The reason is the customer expects that it is possible for a trip at a lower price. D. a. Our company does business from 10 AM to 8 PM b. There is a price of our product from about 8000 yen. c. We rent the building in the store. d. We use and advertise the handbill and the poster.
  20. 20. Week 10 Topic:Designing Instructional Guide Group:C 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - A. The one necessary for work and detailed information to work are written. what work you do to the guid e of the education. B. The content with a detailed work is written in the guide of the education. The tool necessary for work is written in this. The target of work is written in this. C. What work you do to the guide of our education is written. As a result, we can work efficiently. Moreover, the target of work is written in the guide of our education. As a result, we can work with the motivation. D. We referred to the feasibility report in the Internet to make a good Instructional Guide. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER - A. We make the document to which the guide of the education is written in detail. B. The heading of the document is a tool and a qualification necessary for the target, the content of work, and the work of the company. C. We clarify the target of the company. We explain corporate principles of the company. We describe the content of work in detail. We describe necessary qualifications in the company. We explain how to advance work. D. We make out a document to understand the corporate policy. If how to advance work was written in the guide of the education, work advances efficiently, and can do the enhanced work. Moreover, we know why to work, and can work.
  21. 21. Week11 A. A brief overview of the company and its products. Our company is offering the customer the travel plan.It has the travel plan to a lot of  places in the country and foreign countries. B. How is one of the products created or used? We plan the travel according to customer needs, and offer the reservation of the airplane and the guide of the destination. C. How does a person (customer or employee) decide what to do (what to make or what to buy)? Depend on their feeling. Good thing is good. We want customers and employee act freely. Free ideology generates good thing. It will satisfy many people. D. How are the products packaged? With kindness. E. Is there a training program to teach employees or customers about the  product? (How to use it or how to make it?) Yes. We make the training program of the attitude toward helping and taking care of the customer to the customer. F. Is there any extra support available for employees or customers if they need it? Yes. Customer and employee's reliance changes depending on employee's attitude toward helping and taking care of the customer. G. How can employees or customers contact human sources of help? The work of employees is to make plane and to serve to customers. So we need think of customers, we have to serve in a polite way. And it is hard for employees to serve to customers, so we think of meeting the basic needs of the employee as possible. Finally, what counts most is cooperate employees.
  22. 22. week12