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W9 kanseiban


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Published in: Business, Travel
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W9 kanseiban

  1. 1. Topic:Feasibility Report Group:C A. We will serve travel to many people. It covers the range from traveling abroad to domestic tourism. We plan an amount of money. We make much and tight connections to many airlines. We use a service point system if customer use our company once, we prepare the good benefit which customer want to use again our company for. We will advertise us on the Internet, TV, handbill then we will make many people remember us. B. I think that it is difficult for us to start operating the marketing, but we can succeed if we think the timing and the catching idea which draw customers. For example, during the world cup and the Olympics is. Then many people tend to go to actual place. So we need to draw in many customers due to idea which other company don't have a plan. Because we will not win that our plan conform other company' one. So we have to undertake information gathering what people need. For example, I am planing the plan which go to the widely known resort during the world cup. Because there is not a lot of people than usual. So we change the thinking to make a good show. C. The first problems that our company faces is relations with other countries. The reason is a trip does not succeed without the cooperation of local people. The second problem is the airline. The reason is it cannot make it a destination without movement means to the spot in the country which we want to go. The third problem is how do we offer the commodity by a very lower for customer price. The reason is the customer expects that it is possible for a trip at a lower price. D. a. Our company does business from 10 AM to 8 PM. b. There is a price of our product from about 8000 yen. c. We rent the building in the store. d. We use and advertise the handbill and the poster.