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Hanoi eco tour's brochure

  1. 1. Insight intoVietnamese countryside01 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com
  2. 2. OUR DESTINATIONS02 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com
  3. 3. Dear PARTNERS AND INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES,We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company. We are Hanoi Eco Tour, the first travel company operating ecotourismin Hanoi and its rural environs. The tours/holiday packages we provide enable our clients to escape the busy, hectic schedule of theirnormal daily grind to the tranquility, peace and harmony of the Traditional Vietnamese rural life. We have established very workingclose relationships with the various indigenous cultures, enabling us to offer our clients a Home-stay experience where they live with arural family and have the opportunity to participate in the traditional rural life style.This allows our clients/customers to experience first hand the authentic way of life of these indigenous cultures and for local villagers toshare in the economic benefits tourism provides.Our research indicates that such Eco-tours to the Vietnamese countryside have a great deal of appeal to worldwide travelers who areenvironmentally aware and who are looking for a more authentic, organic experience. It is in this respect that we would like to extendour interest in forming a partnership with your company to further develop and promote Eco tours in Vietnam..We believe that our services can well compliment your products in improving better market penetration on Eco tours.Thank you very much for considering our proposal and look forward to hearing from you .Yours sincerely,Hanoi Eco Tour03 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com
  4. 4. ABOUT HANOI ECO-TOURWho we areHanoi Eco-tour is the first travel company operating ecotourism in Hanoi and its suburban areas. We are a group of tour guideswho love our jobs and are keen on promoting green travel in Vietnam. We love to show tourists an insight into the Vietnamesecountryside.Why Hanoi Eco-tour was bornWe are here to make a difference. Our main goal is to allow customers to experience the authentic way of life for the indigenouspopulation an for local villagers to share in the economic benefits tourism provides.What we provideWe are the experts in organizing eco-tours in and around Hanoi. We will provide you with the opportunity to retreat from the daily grindto the peace of the Vietnamese countryside. We do this by engaging the indigenous population who will provide you with a close-upand an intimate exposure to the countryside, show us how to farm, fish and cook, give you hands-on experiences.Our visionOur vision is to provide our guests with a once in a lifetime experience. We will have a positive impact on the environmentconservation, help local communities to generate future employment and economic advantage for local people and promoteVietnamese culture.Our missionOur mission is to promote sustainable tourism through the development and growth of Hanoi Eco-tour throughout the region.We are committed to recruiting villagers and other disadvantaged people to educate and train in hospitality, while at the same timerespecting their cultural uniqueness. We will also implement good environmental practices in their daily tasks and provide a betterquality of life for future generations.04 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com
  5. 5. Ha Noi,the Indochina Old Dame, hasa special appeal with exotic colors,sights, sounds and smells. ThelabyrinthineOldQuaterstreets linedwith boutique shops, the cries ofhawkersandthe historic temples, allwill leave you beautiful memory.Situated on the bank of Red River,Hanoi is considered a pearl ofSoutheastAsia.Withhistorictemplesand pagodas,well-preservedcolonialstructures and exquisite cuisine,Hanoi becomes the epitome ofVietnamese culture.05 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.comHA NOI
  6. 6. ITINERARY- Picking up guest at hotel by car.- This tour provides you with a cultural window into the waysof life of fishing communities.- Meeting the local fisherman talking with them about theirlocal fishing daily life, having a cup of tea with them at theirhouse- Listening to the tour guide introduce and explain about theprocess of using the net- Learn and try your hand at local traditional fishingtechniques using lift nets and cast nets.- Learn to paddle the strange and unique Vietnamese boats- Scoop in a ditch and jump into the muddy creek to catchfish by hand or cell-type fish trap.- Back to a local family and enjoy lunch and cold beer orsoft drink- Cycle to a local farming village traveling along picturesquecountry roads- Drive back to the hotel by carFISHING LIFE TOURHighlights Learn how to use local traditional fishing techniquesusing lift nets and cast nets Jump into the muddy creek to catch fish by hand ortraditional Vietnamese fish trap Paddle the strange and unique Vietnamese boats Insight into fishing lifeOVERVIEWFishing Life Tour gives you a close-up and anintimate exposure to fishing communities.Firstly, you will enjoy a hands-on experience oftraditional fishing net. Moreover, you canexperience how to paddle the strange andunique Vietnamese boats. Especially, you willscoop in a ditch and jump into the muddy creekto catch fish which is an unique, once in alifetime experience. This tour provides you with acultural window into the ways of life of fishingcommunities. Later, Accompanied by your tourguide, you commence the day leisurely cyclingalong country roads witnessing local Vietnameserural life first hand, discovering all manner ofphoto opportunities – taking a look at vegetablefield. The photo opportunities are endless. Aswell you will experience the friendliness of thelocal people greeting you along the way.TOUR INCLUDE Pick up and drop off at hotel Car English speaking tour guide Plenty of photo opportunities A local rice meal with a local familyOUR TOURS IN HANOI06 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com“What a unique experience thiswas, never before had wehad this much fun on a tour before”Anthony - United Kingdom
  7. 7. Itinerary8.30am : You will be greeted at the hotel and travel the west ofHanoi to visit Duong Lam village, a purely agricultural village ofthe Northern Red River delta where still preserve many hundred-year-old houses. . Next, spend a visit to a local house that isalmost 400 years old, then have a bicycle ride around thispeaceful rural area to discover the daily life and farming works ofVietnamese peasants. we continue riding to visit Mia pagoda, isbuilt in 15 th century and admire 287 statues of all sizes, amongwith are famous sculpture such as the statue of Buddha in theHimalayas as and the statues of the Eight Vajra Deities. Enjoyauthentic local food in an ancient house.In the afternoon, we walk around the village to learn more aboutlocals daily life. It will be your unique experience as you walkalong tiny ancient alleys where still preserve many hundred-year-old houses. We say goodbye to Duong Lam village and driveback to Hanoi around 4.00pm to finish unforgettable tour inVietnamDUONG LAM VILLAGETOURHighlights Cycling in the countryside to experience village life,breath fresh air Visiting ancient houses is a great chance explorearchitecture of ancient houses while wandering along itsnarrow alleyways Visit Mia Pagoda was built during the Tran Dynastybefore 1632 and still preserves many ancient artifacts. Walking around village to chat with locals to learn moreabout their local lifestyle as well as gain an insight intoVietnamese countrysideOVERVIEWThis tour is specially designed for people who likecountryside with a particular focus on authentic cultureexperience of the origin of Vietnam.Duong Lam ancient village is on the outskirts of Hanoi andalso known as a museum of laterite, home to many housesdating back up to 400 years. One special thing about thevillage is that most of the buildings here are made oflaterite and mud, two materials that are abundant in thearea. The village has also been described as the laststronghold of wet rice farming culture in northern Vietnam.The ancient houses are run by families who have lived onand worked the land for generations. Enjoy hands-onexperiences with your guide such as walking tour, cycling,chatting with locals living in the ancient houses, great localfoods supply in tours, visiting pagoda. You will be able tostay amongst the locals and see their daily routinessurrounded by breathtaking scenery in a peaceful setting.TOUR INCLUDE Pick up and drop off at your hotel with moderncar with air-conditioner A bottle of water/tour/person Bicycle English speaking tour guide Plenty of photo opportunities Lunch at a local family Entrance fees07 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.comOUR TOURS IN HANOI“The village is picturesque unspoilt and well worth a visit”Gary Yeomans - Australia
  8. 8. Itinerary- Picking up and dropping off guest at hotel by car.- Starting biking to the countryside throughout the rice paddle,enjoy the fresh air with the nature- Meeting the local farmer, talking with them about their localfarming daily life and having a cup of tea with them at their house- Wearing farming clothes before getting into muddy rice field like:Vietnamese authentic and traditional farmer clothes, conical hat,boost …- Listening to the tour guide introduced and explained about theprocess of the wet rice how to grow it.- Starting the farming works to learn how to grow wet rice with cowplough, use agricultural water system.- Transplanting baby wet rice at the rice paddle field- Enjoy herding cow around the village.- Back local family and enjoy lunch and cold beer or soft drink- Drive back to the hotel by carWET RICE GROWING TOURHighlights Join local farmers for working on the field Cycling in the countryside to experience village life andbreath fresh air Photo shoting with cow To be insight into Vietnam countrysideOVERVIEWRice is the staple dietinmanyAsiancountries,especiallyinVietnam.Perhaps, youhave seenricegrowinginmostof Asianrice paddyfields.However,youdo not know the sequence of rice cultivationinVietnam.Itisstill secretknow how forthe westerntourists.We wouldlike toorganize the wetricegrowingtourfor you.Throughthis tour, we instructyouhow to cultivate rice inthe fieldsandalsohelpyouexperience the hardshipsof Vietnamese farmers.Weare sure thistour will make yourtripan extremelymemorable experience inalifetime.Moreover, Youcomplete the dayleisurelycyclingalongcountrysideroad witnessinglocal Vietnamese life firsthandwithendlesschance forphotos.Youcan be sure thattheshort,easybike ride will be anawesome softadventure!TOUR INCLUDE Pick up and drop off at hotel Car English speaking tour guide Push bike Farming uniforms: Clothes, conical hat, boost,gloves 1 unit of soft drink A local rice meal witha local family farmerOUR TOURS IN HANOI08 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com“Please thank the host family for their generosity; it wasfantastic to share a day in their life”Melinda & Julie - Wagga Wagga, Australia
  9. 9. Mai Chau is a truly tranquil andpeaceful setting guaranteed to helpyou relax, slow down and connect withnature. The community gentlyembraces you and brings you intotheir fold.An explosion for all your sensesbeautiful scenery, fabulous exoticfood, peaceful silence in the fields tosounds of laughter, dogs chickens,cows in the village, gorgeous aromaswaft from the kitchen and there arethe crisp fresh odors in the fields andafter the rain.09 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.comMAICHAU
  10. 10. ItineraryDay 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau, Cycling (L,D)08h00:Pick up from your hotel and head westtowards Hoa Binh.(Refreshmentstop on the way)10h00:Leave Hoa Binh for Mai Chau Valley, about 2hrs away.12h00:Arrive in Mai Chau and have lunch in a familyhouse in the localvillage.14h00:Bicycle around the surrounding villages ofWhite Thai Ethnicpeople.On the way, we can visit Thai Museum to learn more abouttheirlives and culture of the local people with your guide.18h00:We will be introduced to traditional Vietnamese cuisine byhelpingto prepare the evening meal with the hostfamily, learning abouttraditional food and ingredients including “ruou can” (traditional alcohol)and sharing the meal your new family.Sleeping arrangements are unique to this tour. Accommodation in thevillage is in a large communal room in a stilthouse,which is the mostinteresting partof the trip. Stilt houses are unique to Mai Chau and youcannotfind this experience on any other tour.Day 2 : Farming in Mai Chau (B,L,D)Morning : You will start your day by experiencing working with localfarmers in their vegetable gardens.You will learn aspects ofgardeningsuch preparing the soil and planting vegetables. You will also learn howthe land is prepared,fertilized and how the vegetables are cultivated aswell as discovering how they are used in Vietnamese food.Otheractivities will include:raking,sowing,and watering etc…Afternoon : In the afternoon we will enjoy fishing nearbythe local familyhouse.We will show you how to prepare the bait and pick the rightlocation.We will also have an opportunity to work with the farmer to herdthe water buffalo to a different location for feeding.You can also have some free time to explore at your leisure or relax inthe family home.Overnight in local family home-stay.Day 3: Mai Chau – Hanoi (B,L)7h30:Breakfastin the village then walk to Mai Chau market,then climbto 1000 Step Cave. The cave is breathtaking and so is the view of thearea from the entrance of the cave.12h00:Have lunch in the village before getting on the bus back to Hanoi.17h00:Back to your hotel. Overnight in HanoiHOME-STAYAND FARMING TOURHighlights Gardening with the local villagers eg, watering plants,planting vegetables, hoeing the soil with local farmers Cycling around peaceful countryside of Vietnam Herding water buffalo Traditional music performance and enjoying “Ruou Can”with host family Plenty of photo opportunitiesOVERVIEWMai Chau is a truly tranquil and peaceful settingguaranteed to help you relax, slow down and connect withnature. The community gently embraces you and bringsyou into their fold.An explosion for all your senses beautiful scenery, fabulousexotic food, peaceful silence in the fields to sounds oflaughter, dogs chickens, cows in the village, gorgeousaromas waft from the kitchen and there are the crisp freshodors in the fields and after the rain.This is one of the unique places in the world where you cancome to recharge your soulThe home-stay and farming tour provides you with a close-up and intimate introduction to both the local farming andlocal life. Your accommodation will be in a local home witha family from Lac village who will be your hosts with warmhospitality.During the tour you will experience cycling leisurely throughlocal villages, watching Thai traditional dance in the stilthouse, gardening with the local villagers eg, wateringplants, planting vegetables, hoeing the soil with localfarmers and herding water buffalo. A highlight of the tour isto go fishing near the village to catch fish for dinner.The fresh and clean rural surroundings also have manyinteresting places to visit eg. The 1000 Step Cavewhereyou will enjoy the magnificent view of the district.TOUR INCLUDE Round trip transportation Bicycle and Fishing equipment English speaking tour guide Meals as indicated in the itinerary (B = Breakfast, L =Lunch, D = Dinner) Homestay Traditional dance & Can wineOUR TOURS IN MAI CHAU10 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com“This is one of the unique places in the world where you cancome to recharge your soul.”Alexander Taulelei - Samoa, New Zealand
  11. 11. ITINERARYDay 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau, Cycling (L,D)8.00 am: Pick up from your hotel and head w est tow ards Hoa Binh. Stop forrefreshments.10.00 am: Leave Hoa Binh for Mai Chau Valley, approximately 2hrs.12.00 pm:Arrive in Mai Chau. Lunch in a family house in the local village.2.00 pm: Cycling expedition around the surrounding villages of White ThaiEthnic people w ith your guide. Visit the Thai Cultural Museum on the w ay.6.00 pm : Prepare and cook the evening meal w ith your host family, learningabout family-style Vietnamese ingredients and cooking techniques andparticipating in the nightly group meals.8.30 pm: Be entertained by Thai traditional dance in a stilt house, enjoyinga taste of traditional alcohol (ruou can) w ith the community.Sleeping tonight in a traditional stilt house, unique to Mai Chau.Day 2 : Farming and Fishing in Mai Chau (B,L,D)Morning : You w ill start your day by experiencing a day of w orking w ith localfarmers in a vegetable garden. We w ill take a short w alk around the gardenand learn how to prepare the soil and plant some vegetables. Here w e w ill beintroduced how to do cultivation of the vegetables as w ellas discovering theuse of vegetables in Vietnamese food. We w illtake a trip around thevegetable garden and join the farmers in preparing the land and fertilizing itw ith seed in the garden. Other activities w ill include: raking, sow ing, andw atering etc…Afternoon : You w alk to the stream and listen to the tour guide introduce andexplain about the process of using the net. You learn and try your hand atlocal traditional fishing techniques using round and cast nets. You also have achance to scoop fish out of w ater. it ‟s absolutely amazing to experience raftrow ing on the stream.We enjoy fishing nearby local family house. We w ill show you how to preparethe baits and pick up the right location . More over, you can herd of w aterbuffalo and a breath of fresh air around the village. You are at leisure.Overnight in local family homestay.Day 3: Mai Chau – Hanoi (B,L)7h30: Breakfast in the village then w alk to Mai Chau market then climbto 1000 Step Cave. The cave is breathtaking and so is the view of the areafrom the entrance of the cave.12h00: Have lunch in the village before getting on the bus back to Hanoi.17h00: Back to your hotel. Overnight in HanoiFISHING AND FARMING LIFE IN MAI CHAUHighlights Learn how to use local traditional fishing techniquesusing round and cast nets Coming to a organic vegetable field, watering andplanting vegetable, hoeing a soil with local farmer Preparing meals with local family Experience raft rowing on the stream (Only available inMarch, April, May, June)OVERVIEWThis tour is specially designed for people who likehome/farm stays with a particular focus on traditionalfarming and fishing life of the „White Thai‟ ethnic familiesof the region.Mai Chau is a 139km trip from Hanoi throughmountainous terrain, in a valley about 10km from theSong DaRiver and only 150 metres above sea level. Thevillage of Ban Lac is in an idyllic and charming, ruralvalley which is nestled between two towering cliffssurrounded by emerald green paddies and is anenchanting sight as you wind down the cliff side.The „homestays‟ in a stilt house are run by families whohave lived on and worked the land for generations. Enjoyhands-on experiences with your guide such as traditionalnet fishing, rowing on a traditional raft in the river andworking in fields with the local farmers. You will be ableto live amongst the locals and participate in their dailyroutines surrounded by breathtaking scenery in apeaceful setting.TOUR INCLUDE Round trip transportation Bicycle and raft on the stream English speaking tour guide Plenty of photo opportunities Meals as indicated in the itinerary (B = Breakfast,L =Lunch,D = Dinner) HomestayOUR TOURS IN MAI CHAU“I met great people and did amazing things every day!”Joe - United States11 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com
  12. 12. Halong BayThe great natural wonder which is mustsee destination to all visitors coming toVietnam is Halong Bay.Halong bay is the breathtaking beauty,a vision of more than 2000 incredibleislands in many shapes rising from theemerald water of the Gulf of Tonkin.Cruising on this majestic andmysterious bay will make your tripunforgettable.HALONGBAY12 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com
  13. 13. ItineraryDay 1 : Hanoi – Halong Bay (L,D)8.00 : You w ill be picked up at your hotel and have 4 hours drive through thepeaceful scenery and farmlands in Red River delta. On the w ay, you w illhave a short break about 25 minutes to relax and unw ind.12.30 : Upon arrival, you w ill be w elcomed by our crew members at cruise‟soffice w here you can get some coffee and tea and prepare to check-in. Youw ill be transferred to our cruise by a tender. After that, you w ill set out on ajunk cruise on the bay w hile lunch is served. We sail through Bai Tu LongBay enroute to magical Halong bay, w here thousands of sculpted limestoneislands rise from the w aves like dragons‟ teeth.15. 00 : : You w illbe transferred by a tender to visit one of the most beautifuland the largest limestone cave in Halong bay call Sung Sot Cave (SurprisingCave). You w ill be amazed .16.30 : Early evening We get back on board, enjoy the sunset w ith eveningcocktails and fresh fruit.18.30 : It‟s a good chance to take part in Vietnamese cooking demonstrationenjoying cooking class and eating class.19.15. Dinner w ill be served w ith set menu.20.30. We are at leisure to join the follow ing activities : Film entertainment,board games and playing cards. You might also try your luck at squid fishingfrom the boat.Day 2 : Kayaking – Fishing (B,L,D)08.00 Enjoy the fresh air and gentle breezes of the bay in the morning w hilsthaving breakfast on board.09.00 : Afterw ard, you reach Soi Sim island w here you are able to enjoysw imming, relaxing on the beach as w ell as climbing up to top of the islandand take spectacular view of Halong bay, you may feel lost in a mysteriousland and don‟t forget to take as many photos as possible.10.30 : We keep cruising to kayaking camp to discover Light Cave , the mostremote point in Lan Ha Bay and bordering the Gulf of Tonkin. Visit its quaintfishing village and lagoon. Possibility of kayaking through an amazing tunnelunder a karst mountain (time permitting).12.30 : BBQ lunch is served on boat14.00 : Cruise to Vung Vieng fishing village15.00 : Fish w ith the local people and learn about local fishing techniques16.30 : Cruise back to Cong Do and stay overnight.19.00 : Have dinner on board.Day 3 : Cong Do – Vung Vieng Fishing Village – Hanoi (B,L)07:30 Enjoy the morning on the bay w hilst having breakfast.8.00 : Visit Vung Vieng fishing village. Disembark and travel on the sampansrow ed by the local people. They w ill be your guides through their fishingvillage w here you can meet the locals, visit the school and pearl farms asw ell as learn how to row bamboo boat. See at first-hand w hat life is like livingon the w ater.9.15 : Upon return to the cruise, w e take half an hour to freshen up and finishpacking.10.00 : Please take all your belongings outside the cabin for checking out.You may leave your heavy luggage outside the cabin and our staff w illbringit back to the habour.10.45. You w ill enjoy a light brunch at the dinning room. After brunch, w eclear all bills. We may unw ind on a sundeck or in the dining room to enjoybay view before disembarking at the pier.11.45 -12.00. We w ill be transferred by a tender to Hon Gai Habour. You canhang out at the office to enjoy free tea or coffee as w ell as relax for returntransportation.17.00 – 17.15 : You w ill be back to your hotel. Say goodbye t0 unforgettabletrip.-Halong and Bai Tu Long cruiseHightlights A small group cruise with interesting flexible itineraries,friendly services Discover Bai Tu Long bay, cruise off the beaten track andvisit Vung Vieng fishing village by kayaking. Enjoy kayaking through the hidden lagoons Swimming and mountain view on the beach Visit one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay -Sung Sot (Amazing Cave) Fishing with local peopleOVERVIEWThis three days two nights cruise to Bai Tu Long Bayis absolutely unique and impressive with manyactivities. You will kayak to get closer to smalllimestone islands, fishing with local people, enjoy aBBQ lunch on board…Keeping you off the beaten track with 2 nights stayingin the Bay, you will be guided to admire thespectacular nature and get into local life in the floatingvillage. The crews follow you during the trip anddedicate to personal service.Inclusions Welcome drink Entrance and sightseeing fees Luxurious Cabin and Suites with AC and en-suite bathroom. Kayaking Complimentary mineral water in room Complimentary morning Tea & coffee All meals on board( Breakfast : B, Lunch L:Dinner : D) Fishing equipment In-house English speaking guide“It is an unique experience and something we will take backto Australia and tell our family and friends.”Alex – Australia13 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com
  14. 14. Contact usHanoi Eco-tourAdd: No. 20 - Living Quater 49B, Yen Hoa Ward Cau Giay District, Hanoi,Vietnam.Tel: 84-4 6292 2679 - Fax: 84-4 6292 2675.Email: info@hanoiecotour.comHotline 24/7: +84 974 313 104 - Mr. David NguyenWebsite: www.hanoiecotour.com14 HANOI ECO-TOUR www.hanoiecotour.com