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21 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Oppslagsverk og beslutningsstøtte – hva har brukerne våre i dag og hva trenger de? Arne Jakobsson UBO Bibliotek for medisin og helsefag 8 juni 2009
  • 2. Google erstatter PubMed
    • While using Medline is likely to give more accurate results, its use is generally too time consuming to be of value to answer clinical questions at the time at which they arise
      • Goram PN, Ash J, Wykoff L. Can primary care physicians’ questions be anwered using the medical journal literature? Bull Med Libr Assoc 1994;82:140-6 Link
    • Google is replacing PubMed as first port of call
      • Steinbrokk R. Searching for the right search: reaching the medical literature. N Eng J Med 2006;354;4-7 Link
  • 3.  
  • 4. Kan helsefaglig oppslagsverk slå ut Google
    • Answers to Questions Posed During Daily Patient Care Are More Likely to Be Answered by UpToDate Than PubMed
      • Hoogendam A, Stalenhoef AF, Robbé PF, Overbeke AJ . Answers to questions posed during daily patient care are more likely to be answered by UpToDate than PubMed. J Med Internet Res. 2008 Oct 3;10(4):e29 Link
  • 5. Kan helsefaglig oppslagsverk slå ut Google
    • An electronic clinical knowledge support system (UpToDate) was associated with improved health outcomes and shorter length of stay among Medicare beneficiaries in acute care hospitals in the United States
      • Bonis PA, Pickens GT, Rind DM, Foster DA. Association of a clinical knowledge support system with improved patient safety, reduced complications and shorter length of stay among Medicare beneficiaries in acute care hospitals in the United States. Int J Med Inform. 2008;77(11):745-53. Link
  • 6. How Evidence Based i UpToDate really ?
  • 7. University of California Library, Health and Life Sciences Point-Of-Care Resource Evaluation Task Force Final Report February, 2008
    • Ranking:
      • Zynx Evidence (78,5)
      • ClinicalResiources@Ovid (71,5)
      • ACP PIER (70,5)
      • MD Consult (68)
      • DynaMed (67,5)
      • Clinical Evidence (67)
      • Clinical Knowledge Summeries (57,5)
      • UpToDate (55)
      • InfoPOEMS/InfoRetriever (53)
      • DISEASEDEX General Medicine (52)
      • Evidence Matters (45.5)
      • eMedicine (43.5)
      • Harrison's Practice: Answers on Demand (41)
      • Isabel (37.5)
      • DXplain (33)
      • http://uchls.wetpaint.com/
  • 8. Evalutation of e-textbooks Dynamed, MD Consult and UpToDate
    • Conclusion: More GPs reported a non statistically significant preference for UpToDate as their textbook of choice (43%).
    • There was no clear ‘winner’ between the three e-textbooks
      • Goodyear-Smith F, Kerse N, Warren J, Arroll B. Evaluation of e-textbooks. DynaMed, MD Consult and UpToDate. Aust Fam Physician. 2008;37(10):878-82 Link
  • 9. UpToDate - Dynamed
    • Bibliotek for medisin og helsefag har både UpToDate og Dynamed.
    • UpToDate brukes mye mer enn Dynamed