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  • currently using the Mozilla open badges framework to develop a digital badge as well as a traditional certificate which can be displayed wherever you have a digital presence like an e-Portfolio, blog or social network you might use – not quite sure if we’ll be I a position to do this by the end of the course Votes from 3 participants are necessary to receive the influencer awardContributed significantly to discussionProvided reflections and/or links and/or additional information pertinent to the course subjectEnhanced my course experience through their contributions
  • If this is the first Open Badge you have been awarded, you will need to create a Mozilla Persona account, which will in turn give access to your badge backpack. An email address is required as the username for a Persona account. This should ideally be an email address you will keep and will not expire after a period of learning or employment, so a personal email address is ideal for a username. Go to the Mozilla Backpack webpage to sign up for a Persona account. Please note, we recommend using Firefox and Chrome browsers for this process. 2.      Please send details of your persona email to openbadges@rsc-scotland.ac.uk before 27th September 2013. 3.      We will issue the Open Badge to the Persona badge backpack email address that you provide after the 27th September 2013 and then you will be sent an email with instructions detailing how to accept it.  
  • DLfDL final webinar

    1. 1. Digital Literacies for Digital Learning *Please test your audio settings before we begin at 12:00* Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard or use the icon at the top RHS of the audio/video window
    2. 2. 2 Digital Literacies for Digital Learning content communication creation
    3. 3. 3 Week 1: Content »Context setting & socialisation › Socialisation eTivity › Belshaw’s 8 elements »Discussion topics › Wikipedia! › Copyright & Referencing › OER › Evaluating information (CRAP/PROMPT)
    4. 4. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 Content Observations Discussion Questions 4
    5. 5. 5 Week 2: Communication »Communication Channels › Synchronous / Asynchronous › Underpinning pedagogies »Communication Tools › Social media › e-Safety & e-Safeguarding › ePortfolios
    6. 6. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 Communication Observations Discussion Questions 6
    7. 7. 7 Week 3: Creation »Animoto »Polleverywhere »Scoop.it »Flickr »VoiceThread
    8. 8. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 Creation Observations Discussion Questions 8
    9. 9. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 www.polleverywhere.com/joanwalker 9
    10. 10. Course Certificates Participant - reasonable participation in the course Completer - successful completion of all course activities to a satisfactory standard Influencer - peer awarded for substantial contribution to the course and learning of others Open Badges
    11. 11. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 Your badgepack! 1. Create a Persona Account 2. Send us details 3. We issue your badge 4. You accept your badge 11
    12. 12. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 Jisc RSC Scotland workshops Learning & Development 2013/2014 leaflet Download a PDF version at http://tinyurl.com/p26nowk 12
    13. 13. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 13 Jisc RSC Scotland Showcase Showcase www.rsc-scotland.org/