Nat west cricketforce 2011 newsletter february


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Nat west cricketforce 2011 newsletter february

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 2011 newsletter CURRENT2011 - OFFICIALLY OUR NUMBER OF REGISTRANTSBEST YEAR YET! In this issue… MICHAEL VAUGHAN 2 DDC COMPETITION 3 EASYSCORE 4 AUTOGUIDE COMPETITION 5 CLIMATE COVER 6 DURANT CRICKET 7 JOHNJAC CRICKET SUPPLIES 8Yes, it’s now official, NatWest CricketForce 2011 will have more registered clubs than anyprevious year and we still have two months to go until the launch weekend! Last year 1642 clubstook part in NatWest CricketForce and as you can see above we’re now at 1654 and counting.Thanks to you for registering and helping us to be well on our way to a target of 1800 clubs in2011.If you haven’t registered yet please go to and get involved andif you know any other clubs that are yet to register please give them every encouragement to do so!With two months to go there is still much you can do to ensure that your club has a fantasticevent. Have you visited our website yet to discover the fantastic online resources that we have tooffer? At you’ll find a fantastic Step by Step Guide, CaseStudies from clubs participating in previous NatWest CricketForce events, and our selection ofVital Materials including template letters to gather support, Top Tips, Health and Safety adviceand posters to download.By visiting our website you can also read about all of NatWest CricketForce’s Official Supporters -a large selection of businesses and services that offer exclusive discounts and special offers toNatWest CricketForce registered clubs. Have a look now to see what savings you could bemaking for your club!Don’t forget that if you have any queries about NatWest CricketForce or if you need help planningyour club’s event then please email us at and we’ll be happy tohelp.PAGE 1
  2. 2. MICHAEL VAUGHANMAKES AN EARLYSTART AT BASLOW showcase events at WithamCRICKET CLUB CC, Bognor Regis CC and Sawley and Long Eaton CC.Counting down to NatWest CricketForce “Hundreds of NatWest staff and2011, former England cricket Captain and people volunteering at clubsNatWest ambassador Michael Vaughan across the country is reallyvisited Baslow Cricket Club this month to find important because there areout how their preparations were coming lots of different types of jobsalong and also lend a hand. that need doing to ensure a club can continue running and“I live just over the hill from Baslow Cricket Club provide great facilities for its players and the localso it’s great to come down and find out what the community,” adds’s plans are for this year’s NatWestCricketForce,” said Vaughan. “This year we hope that NatWest CricketForce will inspire more people to find out what’s“2011 is set up to be the biggest year yet as over happening at their local club and get involved1,600 clubs have already signed up to get with everything from making the teas, preparinginvolved in the event. NatWest CricketForce is a the pitch and coaching junior teams to clubgreat initiative for grassroots clubs like Baslow to administration and fundraising. There’s still timeget the whole community involved in sprucing up for you and your club to get involved. Whateverthe club before the start of the season.” your skills are there is a job for everyone.” Leading by example, Michael As part of mucked in with some vital jobs NatWest’s long around the club that will be running support to familiar to all NatWest ensure the CricketForce volunteers. sustainable During the course of the day development of he set about painting the local cricket clubs, perimeter boards, raking the NatWest has hedges and even had time to produced an impartial financial guide, that can be give the mower a run out used by everyone from Chairpersons to across the outfield. Treasurers, Volunteer Coordinators toMichael said: “Having seen Andrew Strauss, Sponsorship Committees - every member, parentMike Gatting, Swanny, Charlotte Edwards and and player in between.thousands of volunteers rolling up their sleeves It provides practical, inspiring & informativeto help out at NatWest CricketForce last year, I guidance that will help you manage and boostthought I would head down to my local club and your club’s finances, with sections on fundingsee how their plans and preparations were sources, such as grants and sponsorship andshaping up for this year’s event.” guidance on how to make the most of fundraisingWith the vast majority of cricket clubs surviving opportunities and harnessing the skills andon a shoestring budget, NatWest CricketForce dedication of your members and also takes agives volunteers the chance to put something look at how NatWest CricketForce can benefitback into the game at grassroots level by your club.sustaining clubs and in turn benefiting local To download this useful guide, visit There will be more NatWest staff cricket & go to the Grassroots section.taking part than ever before this year, with threePAGE 2
  3. 3. OFFICIAL SUPPORTERDULUX DECORATOR FOCUS:COMPETITION Johnson Tiles, based inOnce again, our friends at Dulux Decorator Centre (NatWest CricketForce Stoke on Trent, are theOfficial Supporter) are offering all registered clubs the chance to get your UK’s foremost tilehands on some vouchers to spend in their stores. There is a £100, £50 and manufacturer, producing£25 voucher to be won by answering the simple questions below. wall and floor tiles, and their products are sold in continents all over the 1. In what year was the first international cricket match held? world where they are known for their high standards in quality. a. 1892 between England and India b. 1869 between England and Australia NatWest CricketForce c. 1883 between Australia and Wales registered clubs are entitled d. 1844 between Canada and the USA to a fantastic discount of 15% on their range of tiles 2. A right handed spin bowler spins the ball from a right handed and tiling products. batsmans off side to his leg side. How would you describe this For more information go to kind of bowling? 3. If the umpire bends one of his hands upwards and points with a finger towards the top of his shoulder, what is he indicating ECB STAFF 4. What is the name of the Dulux Decorator Centres Apprentice of GETTING the Year Award 2010? INVOLVED Every year as well as encouraging clubs and theirTo enter the competition please send an email (subject ‘DDC Competition’) volunteers to get involvedto and include your three answers, your in NatWest CricketForce,name and the name of your cricket club. The closing date for the we also do the same withcompetition is Friday 4th March 2011 and the winners will be announced in our own staff.the next newsletter. This year teams from the ECB’s Coach EducationThis competition is exclusively for NatWest CricketForce 2011 registered department and theclubs and only one entry per club is allowed. Association of Cricket Officials have alreadyFor more information on Dulux Decorator Centre please go to signed up to volunteer nearby clubs and so they will be at the ready with their paintbrushes and shovels to get to work on the 8th April! PAGE 3
  4. 4. BE SAFE FOR NATWEST CRICKETFORCEWhilst it is clearly the intention of everyone taking part in NatWest CricketForce 2011 to work to the benefit ofthe clubs taking part and to have an enjoyable time in doing so, it is important to ensure that everyone worksboth safely and smartly. Safety of all participants should be considered as paramount. Clubs may have a dutyof care to each of its participants and if any participant is injured, it is possible they may be able to sue theclub.To reduce the likelihood of any problems for all participants and, ultimately, each club, we wouldsuggest that each club: 1. Appoints a Project Manager who will supervise those tasks that are to be undertaken and will as- sign those tasks to the willing and most appropriate volunteers. The Project Manager should keep a record of who is assigned to a task and the experience of that person. 2. Check its current insurance policy(ies) to ensure that it has the appropriate cover to protect and cover all participants in relation to the tasks being undertaken during NatWest CricketForce. 3. Ensures that a safety officer and/or appropriate first aid assistance is available and that medical and first aid kits are available and fully stocked. 4. Undertakes a basic risk assessment of each of the tasks. The club should briefly analyse: what hazards exist in a task, who is at risk, whether the participant has the necessary experience and/or qualifications, whether an accident is likely, how serious the consequences of an accident could be, what steps can be taken to reduce accidents Generally, only low risk tasks should be undertaken. Where higher risks tasks are attempted you must ensure that adequate extra safety precautions are taken. 5. Ensures that the premises are safe before any tasks are undertaken. 6. Ensures that no tasks are attempted by participants who are not appropriately qualified or who do not feel comfortable, especially in relation to: electrical work, use of blades / sharp tools / heat / chemicals, use of heavy / complicated machinery working at height / on unsafe structures, working alone and/or unsupervisedPAGE 4
  5. 5. PAGE 5
  6. 6. CLIMATE COVER SYSTEM™ FLATGROUND SHEET STILL GOING STRONGAFTER SIX YEARS...If you’re looking for a flat ground sheet that will offer more than just basic protection and will prove areal investment, look no further than the Climate Cover System™.The Climate Cover System™ has evolved through the combined experience and expertise ofgroundsmen, agronomists and material specialists and, made from a unique material, it provides anextremely lightweight and practical waterproof cover that enables large areas to be covered easily andsafely with minimum labour. The cover fabric is extremely strong, translucent and breathable, whichimportantly allows light and air to pass through; protecting it from the rain whilst allowing vapour toescape ensuring the grass plant continues to grow underneath. If all this wasn’t enough, the quality of the system means that it really stands the test of time - Steve Rouse, Head Groundsman at Warwickshire CCC has six-year old Climate Cover System™ in his fleet of covers: “We have been using the Climate Cover System™ for the past six years and with great success. We protect all our cricket surfaces with it because we know that grass plant is encouraged and that we can trust them to keep things dry. To put it simply; I can trust the covers, I know we can get at least five seasons out of them; they are brilliant!”Climate Cover System™ in use at Warwickshire CCCThe great news for NatWest CricketForce Clubs is that they qualify for an automatic 10% discount onthe purchase of a Climate Cover System™ flat ground sheet.Combine this with the option to spread payments,meaning you can start reaping the benefit of yourcover now while spreading the cost over a 12 monthperiod*, the fact that this is the only ground cover tooffer a three year warranty as standard and the factthat you can purchase online quickly and easily and it becomesevident why Climate Cover System™ is such apopular choice with clubs of all levels; from localleague clubs and schools through to the ECBPAGE 6
  7. 7. PAGE 7