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MSE Around the Rink - May 2010


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MSE Around the Rink - May 2010

  1. 1. ISSUE 4 • VOLUME 3 • MAY 2010 Minnesota Wild Sports Marketing Partner Summit The Minnesota Wild Sports Marketing Partner Summit is quickly approaching!! The event will take place starting at 8:00 am on Wednesday, May 19th at Xcel Energy Center. Carson McKee, Owner of Direct Contact and Trevor Turnbull, Co-Founder of Sports Fan Connect will be two of our featured speakers that will discuss the social media revolution. Carson McKee is a National Sales Trainer at Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. and owner of Direct Contact, a consultation and training tool for professional sports organizations. Trevor Turnbull is an online entrepreneur with experience in social media, online marketing and business development. His consulting company works with sports teams, brands and events to help improve the connection between and add value for clients, their fans and sponsors. Tom Reutter, Account Manager for Scarborough Research will also be speaking and taking an in-depth look at the “Wild Fan” regarding lifestyles, demographics and their use of social media. If you haven’t done so already, please click here. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Summit! What the goal means: What the goal means: We are reducing the trash generated by RiverCentre/Xcel We are reducing the carbon footprint of RiverCentre/Xcel Energy Center campus by 50% and increasing our recycling Energy Center campus by 80%,and making our buildings 20% rate to 50%, over a two-year period. more efficient than average, over a three-year period. How are we doing? How are we doing? - This quarter’s recycling rate was 44%, bringing YTD to - The benchmark assessment showed that both buildings over 38% (53% in February alone) were already better than average. - Costs this quarter were reduced by more than $17,000 -Today they are operating 10% more efficiently than the compared to two years ago original measurement 2 years ago - Trash reduction is up to almost 900,000 lbs – 300K more - RiverCentre Parking Ramp upgraded 1,000 lights, which will and we reach our goal this year! reduce RiverCentre’s carbon footprint by 12% and save - We have recycled over 120 tons of cardboard and almost $60,000 per year in energy costs 77 tons of compost - Other projects in the queue: RiverCentre marquee, loading - Recently started construction recycling and composting dock lights, solar thermal for RC roof of restroom paper towels
  2. 2. History of Hockey: Ice Rinks The success of modern ice rinks owes a lot to Lester and Joe Patrick, two brothers who created hockey leagues in Canada in the early 1900s. On Christmas Day 1912, the brothers opened Canada's first indoor ice rink in Victoria, Canada. The arena cost $110,000 to build and seated 4,000 people. Three days later, the Patrick brothers opened another arena in Vancouver, Canada. This was a more expensive arena -- $210,000 to build -- and it could hold more than 10,000 people. Underneath the ice was the world's then-largest refrigeration and ice-making system. Over the next few decades, the Patrick’s were responsible for creating arenas all across the northwest United States and throughout western Canada. Today, the United States has more than 1,700 ice rinks. New arenas today can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. In any climate, an arena ice surface can be installed in a properly built space. This consists of a bed of sand, or occasionally a slab of concrete, through (or on top of) which pipes run. The pipes carry a chilled fluid, usually a salt brine or water with antifreeze, which can lower the temperature of the slab so that water placed atop it will freeze. The ice is built up to a thickness of 2-3 centimeters, about 1 inch. An official NHL rink measures 200 feet (61 m) in length and 85 feet (26 m) in width, with corners rounded to a 28-foot (8.5- meter) radius. The end zone width is 11 feet (3.4 m), and the In honor of the Minnesota Wild’s 10th zone between the center blue lines is 50 feet (15.2 m). Anniversary, fans can vote online for their “Top Ten Moments in Franchise History.” Fans can also vote for the players that Interesting Facts: will represent the 10th Anniversary team There are 266 indoor hockey rinks in the state of starting on May 17th. Visit Minnesota – more than any other state! to cast your The Guidant John Rose MN Oval in Roseville, MN is vote! the largest outdoor refrigerated skating facility in the world. Rink, a Scottish word meaning 'course', was used as the name of a place curling was played.
  3. 3. Xcel Energy Center Upcoming Events Events highlighted in red have suites available! For more information, visit If you are interested in purchasing a suite for one of the upcoming events, please contact Kathleen Borschke at Brooks and Dunn May 14 – Suites Available Carole King and James Taylor May 25 – Suites Available Sting June 21 – Suites Available Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers June 22 – Suites Available Carlos Santana June 30 – Suites Available Tool July 1 Star Wars: In Concert July 11 Lady Gaga August 30 & 31 Jonas Brothers September 8 Dave Matthews Band September 15 – Suites Available