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Updated weekly news

  1. 1. Updated weekly news (From Nov 8 to Nov 11) Posted by…………… Robin Inderpal Singh
  2. 2. Dell becomes number-one in desktop PC market in India • Dell became the No. 1 in the desktop segment for the first time with a market share of 9.8 per cent • clinched the top position in the India desktop PC market • The company is targeting both high and low-end users with the two smart phones, dubbed XCD28 • Dell had overtaken global rival HP for the first time in the Indian overall PC segment
  3. 3. China may match Obama support for India for UN seat • Chinese premier may announce a more evolved position on India's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council • Beijing may surprise New Delhi and belie critics who think the US support was meant to counter China's ascent on the global stage • Wen is coming to India amid a stressful period in bilateral relations that has been clouded by a host of issues, including the Chinese stapled visas for Indian citizens
  4. 4. Indra Nooyi keeps mystery alive on Tata top job offer • She said that she has not been made a job offer as Ratan Tata’s successor • “If Ratan had asked me, it would have been difficult to trade a great job for another great job”, said Indra Nooyi • Said Indra Nooyi “I love my job. I love being the CEO of PepsiCo... My job as CEO, PepsiCo, is not done”
  5. 5. Power Grid FPO fully subscribed in retail portion • Power Grid Corp of India's share sale worth up to $1.7 billion was fully subscribed in the retail portion • The strong response to the FPO is on the lines of that seen when the company had come out with its IPO in September 2007 • The fall in the share price was attributed to the wide discount between the current market price and the FPO price • Power Grid's FPO is part of the government's plan to raise Rs 40,000 crore in the current financial year through divesting stake in various PSUs
  6. 6. China steadily closing gap with India as top BPO destination • China's outsourcing industry is steadily closing the gap with leader India • China is gradually narrowing its revenue gap from India with a huge 30 percent growth compared with India's 14 percent • “While India continues to remain the leader, the rest of the offshore countries are now beginning to mature," Vives said
  7. 7. India OK with $70 bn capital inflows, eyeing QE2 • India can manage capital inflows of up to $70 billion and there is no need yet to impose curbs • The need to act on capital flows has not come yet, but we will need to watch capital flows," said C. Rangarajan • India's response to the move has been muted in comparison with other nations like China, South Korea and Brazil, offering some comfort for the United States • Asia's third-largest economy needs foreign inflows to bridge its widenining current account deficit