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Make a difference in the lives of children and the future of our environment.

Click here to see how you can make this experience available to more children. www.spiritofthesea.org/donations

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Spirit of the Sea

  1. 1. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose
  2. 2. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose OUR COMMITMENTOur Mission: To bring the spirit of the sea to youth with hands-on experiences aboard asailing vessel in order to educate and inspire new awareness, perspectives, and initiativeregarding the oceans, the environment, their communities, and themselvesOur Goal: To provide a meaningful marine experience to every middle- and high-school-aged youth in the San Francisco Bay area, but we especially seek to provide services at nocost to those who are at risk, disadvantaged, suffering illness, or who would uniquely benefitfrom or otherwise not have an opportunity to sail.
  3. 3. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose What we do:We inspire kids, create new awareness,empower, and teach them aboutthe marine environment from the deck of an ocean going64’ sailing research vessel.
  4. 4. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeWho we serve: We serve at-risk anddisadvantaged kids and kids with life threateningdiseases or other special needs, all at no cost totheir families or youth groups.
  5. 5. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose The Groups we serveWe have worked with a number of Bay Area Youth Groups (partial list)~ Berkeley Booster’s and Oakland PAL (Police Activities League)~ Nancy’s Club and Kaiser Permanente (children with cancer)~ SOAR For Youth (foster kids)~ Contra Costa Interfaith Housing (formerly homeless children)~ Tenderloin After School Program (inner city children)~ College Preparatory School’s Partner Program (inner city children)~ Youths Alive’s Teens on Target program (teen violence prevention)~ Sierra School of Sonoma (learning and emotionally challenged children)~ Alameda County Office of Education (truancy program)~ SLWRP Program with 27 Alameda County County School Teachers The children we serve represent a large range of cultural diversity
  6. 6. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeThe Challenge:Humans are dependent upon a healthy, productive ocean: it covers most of ourplanet, is the source of most life on Earth, regulates our weather and climate,provides most of our oxygen, absorbs half of the carbon put into the atmosphere,and feeds large parts of the human population.The health of our oceans is in jeopardy. Threats include overfishing, habitat destruction,pollution, oil spills, climate change invasive species, loss of biodiversity and more.Despite these increasing threats, most people remain unaware of the issues affecting anddamaging our oceans. The need to increase awareness and inspire action to save theoceans is critical.The Opportunity:Children are the key to reaching and teaching adults. While there is a strong push toimprove student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and math(STEM), ocean and aquatic sciences are among the most under-represented disciplinesin K-12 educational curricula. Research indicates that adults look to young people forguidance on environmental issues. And while adults remain the “decision makers”,children are increasingly becoming “opinion makers”
  7. 7. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeThe Solution:Provide~ well planned sailing and science activities on board Ocean Watch that are aligned with Ocean Literacy Principals, STEM standards and others~ a meaningful,outdoor marine adventure experience~ the latest in scientific discovery and research through our partnership with the SF State Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies~ trained on board educators (both crew and guest experts)~ hands on experiences that are not available in a class room in order to educate and inspire new awareness, perspectives and initiative regarding the ocean~ face-to-face opportunities to learn the basics of scientific inquiry , role models in the marine sciences and exposure to new career paths and opportunities
  8. 8. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeOur educational program is based on the following:~7 principals of Ocean Literacy :~ Experimental education~ Adventure education~ STEM Philosophy~ State and Federal Standards for Education~ Citizen Science~ Service Learning~ Action Research~ Guest experts and formal educators
  9. 9. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose Ocean Literacy is an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean.
  10. 10. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose Our Advisors and Partners: How we ensure that our science activities are valid and are up to date with the latest knowledge and practices~ San Francisco State Universities Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies (http://rtc.sfsu.edu/)~ The Marine Mammal Center (http://www.marinemammalcenter.org/~ Oikonos http://www.oikonos.org/)~ A group of Alameda County School District Teachers (27 or more) who are participatng in the Service Learning Waste Reduction Project (http://schools.stopwaste.org/)~ Assorted experts in their fields
  11. 11. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeWhy we teach: life skillsSpirit of the Sea cultivates critical thinking skill,perseverance, teamwork and leadership. Thisknowledge and experience will enable ourparticipants to make better choices in life. “If people feel they understand the world around them...(then they) feel that they can make a difference through their decisions and their activities --Exploratorium Founder, Dr. Frank Oppenheimer
  12. 12. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose “In the end, we will only conserve what we love. We will only love what we understand. We will only understand what we are taught.“ African environmentalist Baba Dioum
  13. 13. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeThe Benefits to our participants~ A new perspective and a new awareness and initiative regarding the oceans, the environment, their communities, and themselves~ An understanding of the ocean’s influence on us and on the world and our influence on the ocean~ An awareness that they have the ability to take action, be effective and influence their own lives, and assume responsibility for their own behaviors.~ Cultivation of critical thinking skills, perseverance and leadership and a broader sense of community, team work and self.~ Our goal as educators is to create life-long learners who are engaged, enthusiastic and interested in their surroundings, and connected to the world around them.
  14. 14. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeCaptain Richard Gillette~ 10 years as volunteer taking children sailing with a lifetime of working with children~ Director of Operations for the Pegasus Project (4 yrs)~ USCG Licensed 100 Ton Master w/ STCW Safety Sail & Tow endorsements.~ A passionate advocate who excites volunteers, partners, and children with his vision, enthusiasm, and humanity~ Founder, Executive Director and Board member of Spirit of the Sea~ Recently received the Bay Area Jefferson Award for his work with children and was featured on CBS TV and and radio segments and featured in newspaper articles~ Named an Unsung Hero by Latitude 38 Sail Magazine
  15. 15. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose How we do it:trained volunteer sailors
  16. 16. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose How we do it: Educators & Scientists Director Lisa Gentile, M.Ed. Sharon Trahan is a certified Waldorf teacherMike Dvorak Phd Stanford, lecturer UC Berkeley Wind Energy expert Erin Blackwood- education coordinator at the Romberg Tiburon Center Carol Keiper is a marine biologist
  17. 17. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose How we do it: Ocean Watch~ 1st American Sailboat to transit West to East through the Northwest Passage~ 1st sailboat to circumnavigate North, Central and South America an historic 28,000 mile passage through the Northwest Passage and around Cape Horn as part of the Around the America’s project-~ 64’ Steel, 44 ton seaworthy Research vessel that is ideal as a scientific and teaching platform
  18. 18. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose Spirit of the Sea’s Website A “Porthole” to knowledge and opportunity~ It helps us manage, coordinate, and inform our volunteers, partners, participants and supporters~ Provides important organizational information for our partnering youth groups, participants, volunteers, donors and media~ Participants and crew will be able to see voyage photo’s and blog about their trip and read about recent and upcoming activities and see a roster of our sponsors~ It will be a constantly evolving resource for our young participants, with follow up activities and ways to make a difference and get involved~ links to sites for ocean literacy, marine sciences, environmental news, career opportunities and other related topics for them to continue learning Sea Grant Marine Careers: http://www.marinecareers.net, Whale Sounds: http://www.whalesounds.com/
  19. 19. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose Facts:• Eighty percent of consumers say that corporate support of causes wins their trust in that company• Seventy-nine percent of consumers would switch brands to support a cause they care about (price and quality being equal)- and for Millenials (ages eighteen through twenty-four) it’s 88 percent.• Ninety two percent of consumers have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.• These trends are emblematic of a new economy- a social capital market- that appreciates the economic value of social change and is willing to pay for it. Cone, Inc. “Past. Present. Future. The 25th Anniversary of Cause Marketing (2008)
  20. 20. Ocean Adventures with a PurposeAccording to a recent survey by Kelly Services Inc.,• 90 percent of people surveyed said that they are more likely to work for anorganization perceived as ethically and socially responsible.• 53% of Baby Boomers, 48% of Gen Xers (30-47) and 40% of Gen Years (18-29) said they would be prepared to forgo higher pay or a promotion to workfor an organization with a good reputation. 31• 72% of employees expect their employer to do more to support a causeor social issue (up from 52% in 2004) 32
  21. 21. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose By donating todayYou Can Make a difference in the lives of deserving Children:
  22. 22. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose By donating todayWith Your generosityYou can influence their future as well as the futureof our ocean planet
  23. 23. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose What you can do~Join us in motivating and empowering children just like Jasmine to be ambassadors of environmental awareness and change in their families and communities~Join us in teaching and igniting a sense of curiosity about ocean literacy and marine science in children through hands on exploration and discovery~Join us in opening up whats possible for at risk, disadvantaged and ill children. Help give them the tools they need to become successful adults! By donating today
  24. 24. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose The Starfish Story"One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking somethingup and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, What are youdoing? The youth replied, Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and thetide is going out. If I dont throw them back, theyll die. Son, the man said, dont yourealize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You cant make adifference! After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, andthrew it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said I made a difference for that one."
  25. 25. Ocean Adventures with a Purpose Contact Information Captain Richard Gillette 2340 Powell St. #212 Emeryville, CA 94608 510-478-4600 CaptainRichard@SpiritoftheSea.orgIf have any questions, or if you would like to find out more about Spirit of the Sea or how youcan join us, please contact Captain Richard. He would love to talk to you about it.