FREE Website Audit: The Pre SEO Analysis Checklist
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FREE Website Audit: The Pre SEO Analysis Checklist



The Pre SEO Analysis Report from Just Say ON is a comprehensive reporting system to check the current health of a website....

The Pre SEO Analysis Report from Just Say ON is a comprehensive reporting system to check the current health of a website.

Check your website for harmful blackhat SEO tactics like cloaking scripts, doorway pages, bad neighbourhoods and high keyword densities.

You can also determine search engine positioning with this free website audit checklist.

It's a word document, so there's no need to install anything.



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FREE Website Audit: The Pre SEO Analysis Checklist FREE Website Audit: The Pre SEO Analysis Checklist Document Transcript

  • PHOTO BY CHRIS METCALF Website: Report Date: April 28, 2009 Prepared by: Your Name [ Go ahead and change the font settings and color configuration to your liking, just be sure to remove the instructions in the squared brackets. Also feel free to remove sections you don't think apply to you or your client. If you feel something is amiss on the Pre SEO Analysis Report, please share and help improve it. Your opinion is highly valued. Drop me a line at ] Current SEO Status [ In this section, you want to determine the search engine positioning of your most sought after keyword phrases. I recommend opening up a free account at ExactFactor to get these reports. Rank Checker is another option: ] Search Engine Positions: Keyword(s): [ How many websites are linking to your website? Who are they? Find out with Backlink Watch A viable alternative (at the time of this writing) is Note the "External Backlinks not from own assets" part. Only list third party websites and not your own website assets. They shouldn't
  • count. ] Backlinks: [ insert # ] External Backlinks not from own assets: [ insert # ] [ In this section, you check to see if your domain name ip had it's reputation sullied. Usually it's due to over-agressive emailings that have been reported as spam, but there are a myriad other reasons. Use MXToolBox at If it's reported as listed, contact your webhost. Note that the bolded answer is the desired outcome ] Blacklist Domain name check: Server IP / LISTED / ok [ In this section, you look for any duplicate content that might be hurting your search engine rankings and confusing your visitors. The site you're testing may have been listed as in some places and in others. Do a google search using the site and intitle operators: intitle:”The article or web page title –” If there are urls with the exact same title, there's a good chance you have duplicatecontentitis. Use URL canonicalization and 301s to remedy the problem. Watch the Slideshare presentation “How to Use the Canonical URL Tag to Avoid Duplicate Content”: and “URL Canonicalization - Correct Your Home Page URLs" : for more information ] Duplicate Website URLs: No / Yes URL Canonicalization: Yes / No Implementation of Meta Data and Alt tags: Yes /No
  • Check for Blackhat Tactics [ Cloaking is when a website misrepresents itself to a search engine, and actually sends visitors to other, usually seedier content. Websites caught implementing cloaking scripts are banned. Use or ] Cloaking: No / Yes Description: [ Doorway pages are web pages loaded with keywords to drive in traffic, but have no informational value for the visitor. Offending websites are often banned. ] Doorway pages: No / Yes Description: [ Hidden text is keywords that are the same color as the background (or close). Keyword stuffing is multiple keywords jammed into image alt attributes, css code and hyperlink titles, to name a few. This is a simple visual check. ] Hidden Text / Keyword Stuffing: No / Yes Description: [ In this section we check for Keyword Spamming to ensure keyword densities aren't out-of- whack. The general rule is about seven keywords per 300 words of copy. I've been using Linkvendor for this duty: List as many keyword phrases as you wish; I've left four fields by default. Be sure you reference the websites analytics to capture any keyword opportunities the website might be missing (which would be noted under opportunities). ] Keyword Density: Page: index Keyword(s): count density Opportunities: Keyword Density: Page: page-two.html Keyword(s): count density
  • Opportunities: Keyword Density: Page: page-three.html Keyword(s): count density Opportunities: Keyword Density: Page: page-four.html Keyword(s): count density Opportunities: [ A bad neighbourhood refers to one or more websites using blackhat SEO tactics, to which the whole I.P. is penalized with low page rankings (which could include your rule abiding website). To check to see if the website in question is in a bad neighbourhood, and what other sites your sharing your IP with, use the Majestic SEO Neighbourhood Checker: ] Bad neighbourhood: No / Yes Physical Location of server: Neighbours sharing IP [ insert IP # ] include: # Domain 1
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  • Internal / Saftey Checks [ Registration info (Domain name ownership and expiry date):] Registration info (Domain name ownership and expiry date): Domain Name: Created Expires [ Robot.txt aren't absolutely necessary, but they are best practice. You'll find it at the root of the domain: . You can verify the validity of it's syntax here: ] robots.txt file check: Yes / ok [ In this section, you can verify the validity of the sitemap (which may be off-site, so check the robots.txt file). Get the test done at the Validome: ] XML Sitemap: Yes / ok [ Finally, check for CSS errors that might be hurting page rankings, and look for any other outstanding issues with Xinu Returns: . Some things to look for: •If the website is listed with DMOZ. If it's not, it should be. •If it's been bookmarked on any social bookmarking sites like •If there are any CSS validation warnings ] CSS Errors: 0 URI : [ Write any final remarks to your client (or yourself, if this is who it's for) ] Final Comments: [ Be sure to remove any copy within the square brackets. This is instruction specifically for you, the SEO advisor. When your report is finished, I recommend converting this .doc into PDF format for the client. It looks more professional. An easy way is with Open Office, free open source office software: ]