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Essay2 argument figrevrev

  1. 1. Composition I: ENG 160 / Business FIG Essay 2: Argument/Genre Essay with Research andLength: Approximately 500 words (editorials and reviews tend to be short)Requirements: Address your essay to a specific audience (see directions below) Use at least threeoutside sources / Follow MLA formatting/ Include a works cited page / Use in-text(parenthetical) citationsChoose one of the following topics. You must include at least three outside sources.  One source must be found via an electronic database or print source from the Sojourner Truth Library. You may use an article found in a magazine, news paper or encyclopedia as a source.  One source may be an essay from our textbook.  You must bring up and address the opposing side’s argument  You may not use Wikipedia as a source.  You may use the personal pronoun “I.” Topic Choices:1. “The Case Against College” by Caroline BirdWrite an essay in which you agree or disagree with Caroline Bird’s central thesis.Audience: Write an open letter to high school students at your former high school. Assume thatthey are entering senior year. This is the type of letter which may be shared with groups meetingwith counselors from the guidance office.2. “We’re Number One . . .” by Reynolds/NadlerWe should stop demonizing the rich and emulate them instead. Agree or Disagree.Audience: Write an editorial that will appear either in the NY Times or in the Wall Street Journal(take your pick).Avoid using “I” in this editorial.3. “Maybe Money Does Buy Happiness After All” by David Leohardt and “The High Price ofMaterialism” by Tim KassnerYoung people today should not place so much value on achieving economic success. Agree orDisagree.
  2. 2. Audience: Write an editorial piece for The Oracle (the SUNY New Paltz newspaper) or anothernewspaper or magazine.4. “Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price” by Matt RichtelWrite an essay in which you agree or disagree with Richtel’s mostly negative assessment ofmultitasking.Audience: Write an editorial piece for The Oracle (the SUNY New Paltz newspaper) or anothernewspaper or magazine.5. Write a film review of a business-related movie that you either hated or loved. Incorporate atleast two reviews by professional critics. Your third source may be another review or it may bebackground information about the film. Try to find at least one critic with whom you disagree.Convince your reader either to avoid the movie or to go see it.Audience: Write your film review for the NY Post, NY Times, etc. (Choose one)