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Citing websources


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Citing websources

  1. 1. CitingWeb Sources forEssay #3
  2. 2.  Maps Information found on websites and either quoted or put into your own words
  3. 3. General Overview
  4. 4. General Overview
  5. 5. General OverviewName of page/article Name of website Name of publisher
  6. 6. Citing When maps are used as part of a document, theA Map maps must be referenced (cited) in two places. First, maps must be given a caption. Use Fig. 1 (and later Fig. 2 and so on if you have other visuals…). Caption Fig. 1 “Idaho Rivers” Works Cited“Idaho Rivers.” Map. Visit Idaho. Idaho Department of Commerce, n.d. Web. 3 March 2010.
  7. 7. Citing A Google Map (with no title) If you give the map a title, place brackets so the reader knows that it is your name.Caption Fig. 1 [“Maplewood, NJ”]
  8. 8. Citinginformationfrom awebpage
  9. 9. Citing information from a webpageAuthor of Site: Cornell University LibraryTitle of Article/Section of Site: “Introduction to Research”Name of Website: Cornell University LibraryName of Publisher: Cornell UniversityDate put on Web: 2009Date information was retrieved by the author: June 19, 2009
  10. 10. Originalsource: As paraphrased with parenthetical citation: According to the Cornell Library, students should be aware that there are systematic ways to approach research that can always be used even when the specific demands of particular assignments vary (Cornell). Works Cited entry:
  11. 11. Citing information from a webpage:Can use for Census Bureau info