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Lab work servlets and jsp

Lab work servlets and jsp



Lab work servlets and jsp

Lab work servlets and jsp



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    Lab work servlets and jsp Lab work servlets and jsp Document Transcript

    • Labs work: Servlet & JSPExcercise 1Purpose : hello world applictionsHello World ServletServlet that produce nice HtmlHello World JSP :printing current date and time
    • Exercise-2Purpose: form processingCollecting three parametersJob entry formShow request header
    • Exercise-3Purpose :form processingCustomer RegistrationVote applicationExercise-4Purpose: Connection pooling jdbc programmingPurpose: Connection pooling jdbc programming using Listner for loading driver and stroing connectionStep1: create an mysql database exp121CREATE TABLE BOOKS( ISBN VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL , TITLE VARCHAR(70) NULL , AUTHOR VARCHAR(50) NULL , PRICE FLOAT NULL , PRIMARY KEY (ISBN));INSERT INTO books VALUES (123, JAVA, foo, 2500.00);INSERT INTO books VALUES (456, SOA, bar , 3000.00) ;Step2: create an html form
    • Step3: Put connection pooling information in context.xmlMention connection pooling infromation in web.xml of projectStep 4:create AddBookServlet.java servletNote: Don’t forget to put mysql connector jar in lib of tomcatExercise-5Purpose: Understanding Session MgtHttpSession Object Cookies UrlRewriting
    • Simplest shopping cart Cookies approach Url ReWriting approachExcercise 6Purpose: Understanding MVCAdd two no program using mvc
    • Book Advice Application Using MVCExample 3: Simple bank applicationExercise 7Purpose : Understanding FiltersFilter for basic securityExercise 8Purpose : understanding scriptlet, expression and decleration tagSimple login application
    • Exercise 9Purpose : understanding useBean tagsExcercise 10Purpose : Understanding EL and JSTLForcing scriptless jsp pagesDemo EL
    • Using database JSTLExcercise 12Simple Book Shopping cart applicationExercise 13Simple bank application
    • Excercise 11Purpose : Understanding Custom tagWhat if I want to print “I love india” ten times?What about this approach:-We need custom tag……….Steps: 1. Create tag class NameTagHandler ie extends SimpleTagSupport 2. Override doTag method accordingly 3. Create tld file ….Case study:Create an dynamic web application using servlet jsp such as book management system or employee mgt system etc.Application must use: 1. MVC 2 model 2. Connection pooling 3. Filter for securityScriptlet should not to be used at any cost,use JSTL and EL