Git: a tool for wizards
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Git: a tool for wizards



Chris gives a great overview of git with a demos including comparisons to other CVS and some tricks at the end

Chris gives a great overview of git with a demos including comparisons to other CVS and some tricks at the end



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Git: a tool for wizards Presentation Transcript

  • 1. git: a tool for wizards Chris Mangus, [1]
  • 2. git is a version control system What is Version Control? Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later
  • 3. Why would you need version control? ● To save older versions of a file ● To review past changes ● To insure against mistakes ● To revert to older versions ● To maintain a history ● To put a name to who changed what
  • 4. So, what is git anyway? git is a distributed version control system, that is open source and made with speed in mind
  • 5. Quick git History ■ Linus Torvalds was using a DVCS named BitKeeper, but then BitKeeper withdrew the free version of its product ■ This inspired Linus to create his own DVCS to keep up with the demands of thousands of people working on the Linux kernel [2]
  • 6. Git and the competition And by competition I mean SVN and Mercurial
  • 7. ● Online vs Offline ○ No need to get on the company VPN if you only have to local work. Since git is a full repository locally, you don’t need a network connection to use source control ● Speed ● Branching ● Ease of Use Git vs SVN
  • 8. Git vs SVN Data Representation is different as well
  • 9. SVN Git
  • 10. Git vs Mercurial (Hg) ● Ease of Use ● Flexibility “Git is MacGyver, and Mercurial is James Bond” [4][3]
  • 11. One last big benefit of Git... You get to use!
  • 12. Cool projects on Github Node.js jQuery the Linux Kernel Ruby on Rails and many many more...
  • 13. Basic Git Mechanics ~live demo~
  • 14. Rebase is neat? [5]
  • 15. Now you can use git by yourself but lets work with others
  • 16. Git Workflows ● SVN style ● Integration Manager style ● and many many more...
  • 17. SVN Style
  • 18. Integration Manager style
  • 19. There are tools for that So you think the command line is scary?
  • 20. One of the quickest ways to get a GUI with git, is to just type in git gui into your console. It will pop up a basic GTK GUI to do most things with Git Git GUI
  • 21. SourceTree SourceTree is a fantastic full featured GUI client for Git It surfaces all the major git commands as large buttons so that there is no effort to use Git on a day to day basis. It also gives great visuals on the history of a Git repository to help find that pesky commit you are looking for
  • 22. Now its time for some tricks? git diff --name-status master..branch finds the differences between two named branches git log --pretty=oneline gives one line log history that looks great
  • 23. Tricks continued git stash - will save all uncommited changes into the git local repository. you can git stash pop to get these changes back at any time. git checkout -b branchname hash lets you create and switch to a new branch with the HEAD placed at the commit referenced by the hash
  • 24. Links for more knowledge Quick link to the free git book
  • 25. Sources [1] [2] [3] [4] martini.jpg [5] All the rest are from the Git book,