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Using Git to Organize Your Project


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Using Git to Manage, Track and Collobarate Your WordPress Project.

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Using Git to Organize Your Project

  1. 1. Using GitHub to Organize Your Project
  2. 2. How I lost a Client
  4. 4. Not Only For Programmers. Also For Bloggers and Writers. Check Out Live:
  5. 5. What is Git? • Distributed Version Control System (VCS) • Created by Linus Torvalds
  6. 6. Git is all about composing and saving snapshots of your project and then working with and comparing those snapshots.
  7. 7. Tools Required To Use GitHub • Basic CLI (Command Line Interface) Commands • Basic Git Commands • Setup and Use a Repo
  8. 8.
  9. 9. GitHub Graphical User Interface Available for Windows and Mac
  10. 10. VS
  11. 11. Track All Changes, Who Made it & When it Happened
  12. 12. See Exactly What You Changed & Roll Back Changes
  13. 13. Collaboration Friendly
  14. 14. Organized Workflow
  15. 15. Branching is easy, which makes it easier to develop features in parallel
  16. 16. High Availability: You Can Work Offline
  17. 17. Most Importantly…. • It helps in project management and organization, which solves the biggest pain point for developers.
  18. 18. From now onwards, Github and WordPress will work together for pull requests on plugins and themes. #wcsf14 #StateoftheWord
  19. 19. Beginners: Basic Git Commands • git status: See your changed files • git add: Queue up files • git commit: Make a commit • git push: Push commits to • git pull: Pull latest changes from repo
  20. 20. git status: What has been changed & modified
  21. 21. git add: Add file contents to the Staging Area
  22. 22. git diff: Display what code/contents you’ve changed
  23. 23. git commit: Record snapshot of the content
  24. 24. git push: Push your new branches and data to a remote repository
  25. 25. VS • Git is a revision control system, a tool to manage your source code history. • GitHub is a hosting service for Git repositories. • Git the tool, GitHub the service for projects that uses Git.
  26. 26. A short example of a Local Folder Pushed to
  27. 27. Let’s Create a Folder named ‘WordCamp Nepal’ on our Desktop
  28. 28. Creating “WordPressInfo.html”
  29. 29. So now we have ‘WordPressInfo.html’ inside ‘WordCamp Nepal’
  30. 30. Uploading the ‘WordCamp Nepal’ folder to GitHub
  31. 31. Go to and Create a New Repository
  32. 32. Give Repository a Name And Fill in the Details
  33. 33. Grab the code and push WordCamp Nepal folder to GitHub
  34. 34. You’ll Need to use these commands on your CLI to upload to GitHub. • git status: See your changed files • git add: Queue up files • git commit: Make a commit • git push: Push commits to
  35. 35. WordCamp Nepal Folder on GitHub
  36. 36. WordPressInfo.html on GitHub
  37. 37. WordCamp Nepal Folder on your Local Computer
  38. 38. WordCamp Nepal Folder
  39. 39. WordPressInfo.html on your Local Computer
  40. 40. WordPressInfo.html on GitHub
  41. 41. Check Out WordCamp Nepal Repository Live on GitHub WordCamp-Nepal/
  42. 42. Git Resources
  43. 43. Pro Git: k
  44. 44. Git Immersion: m
  45. 45. Learn Git in your browser: try.github.i o
  46. 46. Git Reference:
  47. 47. Note: GitHub Doesn’t Offer private repositories for fre e.
  48. 48. Some Alternatives To
  49. 49. Social /manishsuwal /manishsuwal Web /manishsuwal /manishsuwal