Summary of opening sequences


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Summary of opening sequences

  1. 1. -By Rebecca Auguste Summary in opening sequences
  2. 2. <ul><li>In our groups we selected two news articles that can be adapted into opening sequences. We fount interesting news stories which can influence our opening sequences. </li></ul>What we had to do...
  3. 3. <ul><li>If a ninja is standing in front of a sign that says &quot;Fight Me&quot; and holding up a sword for you to take, you might want to take a moment and think it over before grabbing said sword. I'm sure some of these people wished they had (Taken from a CBS news article). The article fount has comical elements which means our opening sequence would fit into the comedy genre. To begin with our first opening sequence is inspired by a news article which showcases a ninja standing in a crowded setting with a sign saying ‘Fight Me’. A man is in a busy and modern location finds him in an odd situation when found face to face with a ninja holding up a sword. He pauses, bewildered and curious to find out what will happen if he picks up the sword. The man slowly picks up the sword only to be ambushed by a crowd of ninjas holding up swords. We decided to go for a comical opening sequence, with an odd ending that the audience did not see coming. If we carry out this opening sequence we intend to amuse and shock the audience. This would urge the audience to be more fully engaged. It also manages to capture the comical essence of the film is instantly established. It also raises questions such as, why is a ninja standing there in a middle of a crowded street? What will happen if the man picks up the sword? Why is he getting ambushed and chased away? </li></ul>Dare to fight?
  4. 4. <ul><li>The questions proposed compel the audience to continue to watch the film because they want the questions answered. However what is established is the nature of the film and the genre. The camera shots begin with a panning shot of the man walking in an industrial place. The camera will follow this man on its journey so the audience are aware that he is the main character. He would be dressed in a business attire to provide the impression that he is quite a serious and formal character. In addition, his facial expression would be serious and he would be sipping his coffee walking to his workplace. The use of camera, costume and facial expression will initially give the first impression that it is a serious film, until the man is confronted with a ninja which provides the comical element. Before the audience see the ninja, the man will pause and we will use close up to show his bewildered and confused facial expression. As soon as he picks up the sword a soundtrack will be proposed to reflect the action on screen. In conclusion, this opening sequence would be unexpected, shocking and comical. </li></ul>
  5. 5. <ul><li>A national memorial service is being held in Oslo for the victims of the 22 July attacks, marking the end of a month of mourning. (Taken from a BBC News article) The following opening sequence would consist of a young girl remembering the massacre victims in Norway. It begins with a girl playing with a toy, in a school were she in alone. Her mother enters and takes the girl out of school. The audience follow the mother and daughter to a memorial, which allows the audience to know that they have both lost a loved one. As the opening sequences progresses they carry flowers towards the memorial and lay them down. An image of the father is shown and the audience later gather that it is her father. The audience know that he is the father because the little girl places a teddy saying ‘Daddy’ on his memorial. Her sad expression is captured through the use of a series of close up camera shot. Throughout the opening sequence the main focus is on the little girl. The audience are made aware that the mood and atmosphere is bleak due to the opening sequence being edited in black and white to reflect what is happening on screen. The questions raised based on these particular opening sequences are where are the mother and daughter going? Why are they going to a memorial? Who is the man in the picture? However what they do know is that she has lost her father and the relationship the girl has with her mother. </li></ul>Norway remembrance
  6. 6. <ul><li>If this opening sequence was adapted into a opening sequence it would have high drama and emotion which would impact the audience. The storyline evoke emotion and the audience feel instantly empathetic to a girl who has lost her father in tragic circumstances. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Dare to fight?
  8. 8. Norway remembrance